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#93 - Down to Earth (Season 4)
Screenplay: Bruno Regeste - Synopsis: Sophie Decroisette & Bruno Regeste
First aired in France on 3 November 2007 (France 3)

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Official summary
The Lyoko Warriors return to Siberia in an attempt to finally free William from Xana’s clutches. Using data culled by Aelita from the last teleportation of the youth Jeremy is able to create a program to find their imprisoned friend. But in order to bring him home, our heroes will have to accomplish a multitude of tasks in synchronization—no small feat when also faced with the Kolossus… and an entire army of robots!

Detailed summary
A number of allusions in this episode are linked to episode 92 “Cold Sweat”… For a better understanding, it’s preferable to have seen or read about this episode.

We find our heroes in front of the drink machine where Odd is expressing his confusion about Jeremy and Aelita’s behaviour as they spend their time studying. The girl defends herself and to illustrate his argument, Odd says that they’re worse than Yumi and Ulrich. The conversation turns to Jeremy: Aelita’s afraid he’ll become sick because since they learnt XANA is using hundreds of Supercomputers scattered all over the world, Jeremy has shut himself in his room or in the lab. Speak of the devil, Jeremy arrives. He has some important news: he may have found a way to defeat XANA…

The solution? A multi-agent system. His friends are sceptical, Aelita reminds him that XANA itself is a multi-agent system and that the last time he tried such a program, the Marabounta, it didn’t go too well. Jeremy reassures them by explaining them that he’s only going to test it when he’s perfectly sure that it’ll work, also, the program isn’t ready yet. On the other hand, he discovered a flaw in XANA’s plan: it committed an error by Teleporting William during their last mission, and now thanks to the data Aelita got in the tower, Jeremy was able to concoct a program that will allow them to free William. According to Jeremy, Aelita just has to launch the program from the Supercomputer maintaining the Ice Sector Replika at the moment when the others devirtualise William. The only hiccup: XANA is going to do everything it can to stop them, including send a monster like it did last time, the Kolossus. Jeremy doesn’t seem to realise that this monster is far more dangerous than the others. Aelita, enthusiastic about the idea of saving William, proposes they test the program immediately. The five friends then go to the factory.

In the playground, Jim bellows after William who, as usual, gives an unusual response. The sport teacher announces that his parents are waiting for him in the principal’s office, to which William responds, “My parents? Who are they?”
The reunion is looking promising…

In Delmas’ office, the principal explains to Mr and Mrs Dunbar that their son has changed a lot, especially after his trip. His parents, never having heard of this trip, are a little intrigued but William’s arrival cuts the principal short. After telling the clone three times to come in, William’s double spouts some more nonsense, showing his parents just how much he has changed. Mr Dunbar then turns to the principal, suspicious. Indeed, he has changed a lot…

In the cafeteria, our lovely Rosa is doing her best to give the students and the parents what they want (while the latter are more difficult to cater for than the former). William, still dazed, begins to seriously worry his parents. Jim then comes to speak to them as they’re about to start eating and calls William “quite a piece of work,” to which the clone replies that it’s “not just any piece of work. To be specific, I’m a digitally-generated random polymorphic energy field controlled by a basic, non-evolving behavioural program” …which panics Mr and Mrs Dunbar.

Returning to Lyoko, our heroes anchor the Skid on the Replika. Jeremy Teleports Odd and Aelita, and they land at the same base as the one before and have no trouble getting inside.

In Mr Delmas’ office, Mr Dunbar rages at the poor principal that the boy they were with is not their son. He says the “real William” is a “dynamic and rebellious youngster, who was expelled from the last school he attended for gluing stickers all over the school, including on the principal’s windshield.” This clone, who adds to the conversation with a foolish smile, doesn’t match their description. Delmas admits that William has been behaving strangely for weeks. Mr Dunbar brings up the mysterious trip the principal mentioned earlier, which suns him because he thought William had gone on this trip with his family, and it was now being disputed by his parents. The trip he had made just before catching a nasty flu.
His parents are more and more suspicious…

Ice Replika, Yumi and Ulrich talk about how they’re going to find the real William. Yumi seems thrilled, Ulrich less so…the Japanese girl asks the Lyoko Warrior if he won’t get too jealous if William starts hanging around her again. Ulrich replies that either way, they decided that they were “just good friends…didn’t we?”
Yumi doesn’t seem convinced…
Speak of the devil, William arrives on the back of his Manta. Yumi and Ulrich’s orders are to slow him down. At the factory, Jeremy finds that XANA has mobilised the energy of all its Replikas again.

In Siberia, where Odd and Aelita are, they notice that the empty room William was Teleported into last time is now full of a robot army. This must be XANA’s plan: a robot army to enslave mankind…
The door to the Supercomputer room is once again locked. While Jeremy opens it, Odd turns to Aelita and jokes that he saw one of the robots move. But he was only crying wolf when there was none to be seen, which wasn’t very clever either, as Aelita refuses to believe the clown when he tries to assure her that this time, the robots are really beginning to move…

On the Replika, the combat begins, Ulrich manages to knock William from his Manta.

On Earth, the two Teleported friends aren’t coping well against the robot army firing at them, as soon as they destroy one another takes its place. An infinite army.

Ulrich and William are still fighting when suddenly, William, using Supersmoke, dives into a lake, confusing Ulrich and Jeremy. But the reason reveals itself quickly…
The Kolossus is back, with William on its shoulder…

In Siberia, Odd and Aelita just outside the door to the Supercomputer, the army of robots still on their heels.

In the Ice, Ulrich, thanks to his Supersprint, manages to jump onto the Kolossus. Clinging onto it, he remarks that the new monster has two eyes of XANA to hit: one right in the middle of its face, the other on its left arm. Yumi throws her fan into the first target, without any effect. Jeremy gets in on the action, using his multi-agent program to immobilise the Kolossus by creating a layer of ice around it. The strategy works, to William’s annoyance.

At the base in Siberia, Aelita accesses the terminal near the Supercomputer and starts the program to bring William back.

On the Kolossus, William and Ulrich re-engage in their fight, though high in energy, Ulrich tries to stay virtualised until Aelita finishes her program. During this time, Odd is deteleported and comes back to the Replika while the Kolossus frees itself from the multi-agent system’s grip, catching Yumi by surprise and devirtualising her. Aelita isn’t in a good position, as the robots have entered the terminal room, luckily she’d finished the program but Ulrich, ready to devirtualise William, is devirtualised by the Kolossus…and Aelita is deteleported.
All seems lost, the Kolossus walks towards the Skid Aelita and Odd are in and William yells a victory cry…
…before being devirtualised!
One of Odd’s arrows to the back, complements of the chef!

At the factory, Jeremy sees with relief William’s digital card being scanned…
In the scanner room, one of the tubes opens…
…revealing William, winded but alive…and free!
But on Lyoko, things are going sour, the Kolossus is near the Skid, which Aelita is inside, and starts to attack it. Franz Hopper’s daughter can’t do anything, the digital submarine is soon badly damaged… The Skid can’t resist the Kolossus’ repeated assaults…and disappears into the Digital Sea…
Still in the scanner room, Aelita reappears in one, to Jeremy’s relief. On the other hand, William darkens the atmosphere by asking how well he did. Annoyed, his friends don’t respond.

In the principal’s office, Sissi agrees with Mr Dunbar’s concerns about William’s bizarre behaviour. The girl is certain Jeremy used him as a mini-pig (read guinea-pig…) and James Dunbar should take to Jeremy.
We find them outside Jeremy’s room who obviously isn’t there. William’s father loses his temper, saying they will have tests done to prove if the clone is his son. On Yumi’s signal, present at the scene with Odd and Ulrich, Jeremy devirtualises the clone and William, the real one, appears, to everyone’s general amazement (especially Jim who saw the clone disappear before the other appeared).
William calms them down and brings his relieved parents to the playground.

Not far away, the group recounts their day: they got William back but they lost the Skid, which will take months to reprogram. And without the Skid, they can’t traverse the Digital Sea, so they have no way of destroying XANA’s Replikas…not to mention the robot army in Siberia which is almost certainly awaiting XANA’s signal to enslave the world…
Their last hope: the multi-agent system.
Shot of William giving Yumi a thumbs-up as she smiles back. Ulrich looks at them both worriedly…

- This episode references many events in the previous episode. It's necessary to have seen or read about it first.

- Attack: None.
- Virtualisations: Aelita/Yumi/Ulrich/Odd
- Visited Sectors: Digital Sea; Ice Replika
- Teleportations: Aelita/Odd
- Enemies met: William; black Manta; Manta (1); the Kolossus

- We discover that XANA is preparing robot armies to invade the world.
- William is released from XANA and returns to Earth. Disappearance of his clone.
- Destruction of the Skidbladnir and the Navskids by the Kolossus.


About the characters

- First appearance of William's mother.
- Third time Odd devirtualises William.
- At one of his old schools, William glued stickers to the prinipal's car.

About errors

- The door to Jeremy's room is dark blue instead of grey before the heroes leave.
- The principal's moustache is grey when he asks if William's parents are who they say they are.
- The marks under Aelita's eyes disappear when she turns to see the robots marching.
- The sleeves of William's undershirt are absent when Yumi puts her hand on his right shoulder.
- The marks under Odd's eyes are absent when he uses his shield, in front of the door where he and Aelita fight the robots and before Aelita leaves him.
- The door to Odd and Ulrich's room opens towards the outside instead of the inside when Ulrich, Yumi and Odd open it to see William's parents, and it's blue instead of grey.
- In the robots' reflection as Aelita and Odd walk past, Odd is in front of Aelita. In the following shot, Aelita is in front.

About the series

- French title: Retour

- First use of Odd's shield during Teleportation.
- Mr Dunbar alludes to episode 27 “New Order” when William arrived at Kadic after being expelled from his old school, which he spoke to Yumi about.
- The principal alludes to the trip William supposedly returned from, which Jeremy lied to him about using his voice manipulator in episode 66 “William Returns” and the flu he contracted in episode 67 “Double Take”.
- Aelita: “And don't forget what happened with the Marabounta.”
Aelita alludes to episode 36 “Marabounta” when Jeremy used Franz Hopper's notes to create a multi-agent system designed to afflict XANA, but unfortunately the Marabounta came after Aelita after mistaking her for one of XANA's monsters.

About references

- Odd: “Open up Grandma, it's little red riding hood!”
Little Red Riding Hood is a popular traditional story.


Ulrich: Einstein a comedian? Hm, you were right to be worried about him, I don’t think he’s all there!

Odd (about a Replika mission): What? Like, now? But they’ve got tuna casserole, sauerkraut and sausages for lunch today!
Jeremy: You can have lunch tonight, let’s go!
Odd: Anyone ever tell you you eat dinner at night?!

Jim: Didn’t you hear me call you, Dunbar?
William clone: No. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a phone.
Jim: Trying to be clever, huh? I’m not that dumb. If you think you can pull the wool over my ears, you’re wrong!

Ms Dunbar: You seem to be a little out of sorts.
William clone: That’s right, but I never had any sorts to begin with.

Rosa: So William my boy, how’s it going?
William clone (sliding his tray around): It goes in any direction I want it to.

Rosa: This’ll stick to your ribs!
William clone: I can’t eat it if it’s on my ribs!

Jim (to William’s parents): You know, that son of yours, he’s really quite a piece of work.
William clone: I’m not just any piece of work. To be specific, I’m a digitally-generated random polymorphic energy field controlled by a basic, non-evolving behavioural program.

Ms Dunbar: Your father and I were wondering, William…why you don’t call us much at the moment.
William clone: You’re right here in front of me. If I called you, you wouldn’t be home.

Principal: Are you trying to tell me he isn’t your son? But you are the parents of William Dunbar…?
Mr Dunbar: Of the real William Dunbar! Our son is a dynamic and rebellious youngster, who was expelled from the last school he attended for gluing stickers all over the school, including on the principal’s windshield.
Principal: I don’t recall you ever telling me that when you enrolled him here at Kadic.

Jeremy (dismayed): So that could be XANA’s secret plan, to use an army of robots to enslave all of mankind!

Odd (to Jeremy): Open up Grandma, it's little red riding hood! (looking at Aelita) Uh, pink, that is!

Aelita: It’s scary looking at all those robots standing at attention.
Odd: It sure is! … Hey! One of them just moved!
Aelita: Where?! Which one?
Odd: Will you relax? I was just kidding!
Aelita: Oh! Dumbbell!
Odd: Huh? Hey, one of them just moved!

William: I did a pretty good job, didn’t I?

Sissi: After all, I am your daughter, so I'm always right!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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