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#31 - Mister Pück (Season 2)
Screenplay: Jean-Rémi François & Bruno Merle - Synopsis: Sophie Decroisette
First aired in France on 28 September 2005 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 23 September 2005 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Ever since the day Aelita set foot in the Hermitage, she has been plagued by increasingly frightening visions. For a few days now, she hasn’t been able to sleep a wink. Jeremy suggests going back to the house to put a stop to her nightmares once and for all. Once at the house, Aelita’s visions lead her to a strange, familiar-looking plush toy. When Aelita takes the toy to class, Sissi tries to snatch it from her and the two girls end up tearing it in two. A small key falls to the floor. Later on, our heroes discover to their delight that it’s the key to a locker containing Franz Hopper’s journal in the form of 13 CDs! Unfortunately, the CDs are encrypted. Jeremy has his work cut out for him now…

Detailed summary
Aelita wakes screaming after dreaming about a strange wolf, which is becoming more and more frequent. The next day, Aelita goes to take a shower but again her hallucinations appear before her: the wolf in her dreams is in front of her, terrifying despite it not being real. During recess, the group meets next to a bench and discusses the problem. Our friends decide to go to the Hermitage, because that’s where Aelita had her first visions. Aelita has even more visions while there and follows them, tearing down a poster on the wall and finding a toy elf who lives in her nightmares. She instantly calls it Mister Puck without ever having seen this toy before.

In class, the group discovers that inside the toy is a key, which Jeremy believes to open a train station locker. The group then travels to the station, opens locker 167 and finds a black case with the initials FH inscribed on the front. It contains CD-ROMs. Jeremy takes one and inserts it into his laptop. He comes across Franz Hopper’s journal, but finds out that it’s encrypted, therefore unreadable, and he’ll need some time to decrypt it.

Night passes and the next morning at 7am, our heroes’ wake-up time, Ulrich goes to take a shower. Meanwhile, one of XANA’s spectres attacks Odd to try and possess him, but it doesn’t work. A few moments later, it’s after Ulrich. It fails again. The two heroes go to warn Jeremy who checks to see if a tower is activated. But everything is calm; XANA’s attack must have been aborted. But no sooner do Odd and Ulrich leave the room does the spectre try to take control of Jeremy, this time successful.

During PE class Jim is making the students run around the track one after the other to evaluate their speed. Jeremy seems to have a sore leg and asks if Aelita can take him to the infirmary. Jim accepts but as soon as Jeremy and Aelita are out of his sight, he attacks Aelita and carries her into the park. Luckily, Yumi is washing her hands when she sees them out the window. She warns Odd and Ulrich who ask Jim if they can go to the restroom. Yumi passes by Jeremy’s room to check the co-ordinates of the tower, but she also notices that the CD-ROMs are completely wrecked. Meanwhile, Odd and Ulrich head to the factory the usual way and run into Jeremy. Throwing lightning and using other supernatural abilities, he gets rid of everyone without much difficulty. Yumi arrives and whacks Jeremy with a wrench, then gives Aelita the co-ordinates. She virtualises herself with Ulrich and Yumi while Odd distracts of Jeremy.

Meanwhile on Lyoko, Bloks leap out of the ice and a fight begins. Odd is stunned by Jeremy who heads down to the control room and devirtualises Yumi. Ulrich is alone against the Bloks and the Scyphozoa that arrives and starts to steal Aelita’s memory. Luckily, he gets rid of it while Odd comes back to confront Jeremy again. On Earth, Yumi arrives and stops Jeremy from hurting Odd badly, but she herself is soon knocked out. Jeremy prepares to kill his friend in an immense vortex of violet lightning, staring with eyes of rare emptiness.

Finally Aelita deactivates the tower. Jeremy becomes himself again. When he wakes up, the others talk to him and tell him he was under XANA’s control, and that he destroyed Franz Hopper’s CDs. However Jeremy reassures them: as soon as he got back from the station he popped over to the factory and copied all the CDs to a restricted-access part of the Supercomputer’s memory that only he can access. Then the question arises of why XANA succeeded in controlling Jeremy and not Odd and Ulrich. Yumi gives her hypothesis: apart from Jeremy, everyone who fights on Lyoko has gained a sort of protection against XANA’s spectres through virtualisation.

Jeremy then experiences his first trip to Lyoko, and comes back not at all pleased. The only people to have seen his appearance are Ulrich and Odd. They’re both in agreement: he looks ridiculous in the virtual world…

- Attack: XANAfy Jeremy to destroy Franz Hopper’s journal and bring Aelita to Lyoko.
- Virtualisations: Yumi/Ulrich/Aelita; Ulrich/Odd/Jeremy (but we don’t actually see them on Lyoko)
- Visited Sector: Ice
- Enemies met: Bloks (4); the Schyphozoa

- First successful virtualisation of Jeremy (off screen)
- Going to Lyoko provides protection against XANAfication.
- Discovery of Mister Puck, and the key which opens a locker at a train station containing Franz Hopper’s journal.
- Jeremy copied all of Franz Hopper’s CDs to an ultra-protected part of the Supercomputer’s memory that only he can access.


About the characters

- First episode in which Aelita virtualises someone else.
- First mention of Jim’s surname!
- Second time Aelita wakes screaming.
- Fourth time Ulrich is frozen by a Blok and first time for Aelita.
- According to Ulrich and Odd, Jeremy looks ridiculous on Lyoko.
- XANAfied people can now shoot lighting from their hands and jump very high.
- Jeremy is the only person in the group to have been XANAfied with the use of a spectre.

About errors

- The door to Sissi’s room is beige instead of grey.
- Yumi’s outfit is reversed in one shot in the Ice Sector.
- During Ulrich’s virtualisation he wears his normal outfit instead of his sport clothes.
- The lift is on the ground floor again when Odd confronts XANA-Jeremy, which shouldn’t be the case.
- The manhole cover is in place when Ulrich and Odd arrive despite it having been embedded in a tree.
- After Odd enters the boy’s showers, he wears his sport clothes when he should be in his pyjamas.
- We see XANA-Jeremy in his regular clothes (instead of his sport ones) in one shot where he’s typing on the factory keyboard.
- At the moment when XANA’s spectre tries to XANAfy Odd, the door to his room is light brown instead of grey.
- When Ulrich and Odd walk out of Jeremy’s room after telling him about the spectre, they’re shown walking out of double doors, like the scenes in which they’re walking to the boy’s showers. Ulrich is also wearing slippers when he wasn’t before.
- When XANA-Jeremy breaks the lift control panel and Odd says he’ll regret it because he’ll be the one who has to fix it later, Odd is wearing his regular clothes instead of his sport ones.
- When Ulrich’s leg is frozen by a Blok, the activated tower’s halo disappears, as well as when Aelita is caught by the Scyphozoa and when it steals her memory, and the tower disappears when the Scyphozoa drops Aelita.
- In two scenes, Aelita doesn’t have her pink marks under her eyes and her outfit is reversed, when she uses her Creativity and when the Schyphozoa is stealing her memory.
- After Ulrich jumps and stabs the Blok’s eye with his sabre, he lands with the sword in its sheath.

About the series

- French title: Mister Pück

- First use of the Blok’s fire ring eye.
- Second episode starting with an Aelita dream.
- Sissi’s room is directly opposite Aelita’s.
- Odd: “What? Back to that hold house?! I’m not sure if you remember, but last time, we were attacked by a cupboard, a lamp, and a gang of forks!”
Odd makes an allusion to XANA’s attack in the Hermitage in episode 27, “New Order”.

About references

- In the episode, Mister Puck is presented as an elf. The name Puck is used in William Shakespeare’s piece “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”; the character is a fairy.

- Ulrich: "It’s not a gnome, it’s an elf."
Gnomes and elves are two imaginary creatures often associated with faerie folk.


Aelita: Um…um…well…you are!

Sissi: Out of our way!
Aelita: Don’t go in there! There’s a huge wolf inside!
Sissi: Oh, really?

Sissi: A four-eyed wolf!

Odd: It’s a shame you didn’t dream about me, Aelita! Because you know me, I’m a real dream come true!
Ulrich: More like a nightmare to tell the truth, Odd!

Odd: What? Back to that hold house?! I’m not sure if you remember, but last time, we were attacked by a cupboard, a lamp, and a gang of forks!

Aelita: My legs are shaking! What’s happening to me?
Odd: You’re scared, it’s nothing to worry about. It happens to Jeremy all the time!
Jeremy: Come on, we’ll see who’s scared!

Odd (to a book): There! There! Stay down, boy!

Jeremy: Did you have another vision?
Aelita: Yes, but it was different this time. It’s as if something…or someone…was leading me to…there was something in a tree, that this one!

Aelita (taking the toy): Mister Puck!

Jeremy: So to make a long story short, Aelita’s never seen this toy? No, but she’s been dreaming about it for days and she knows it’s called Mister Puck.
Ulrich: It’s not a gnome, it’s an elf.
Odd: Well, whatever it is, this whole story’s definitely paranormal!
(Sissi takes Mister Puck)

Sissi: So Aelita, still playing with dolls?

Sissi: Go fetch!

Sissi (to Ulrich): Ok, you can have it! But only because it’s you.

Ms Meyer: Do I have a volunteer to demonstrate this?
Jeremy (talking loudly without paying attention to what Ms Meyer’s saying): Hey! A locker! It’s the key to a train station locker!
Ms Meyer: Jeremy? I’m listening.
Jeremy: Um, a complex number is called transcendent only if a rational coefficient polynomial route is a polynomial zero.
Ms Meyer: Yes, indeed. That is a Sierpinski-Mazurkiewiczi paradox, but it is not the answer to our problem! So, zero!
(Sissi, Nicolas and Herb laugh)

Ulrich: F.H., what does that stand for?
Odd: “Fuzzy Hands,” “Fifty-cent Hotdogs,” “Fried egg”!
Ulrich: “Egg” doesn’t start with an “H”.
Odd: Just testing to see if you were on your toes!

Odd: Oh wow, music!
Jeremy: Certainly not! Let’s see what we can come up with… (puts a CD into his laptop) Franz Hopper’s diary!

Jeremy: But not right away, everything is encrypted. I’ll have to decode it first.
Ulrich: How much time do you need? One, maybe two hours?
Jeremy: More like one or two years! (4 months to be precise)

Ulrich: JEREMY! Jeremy!
Jeremy: Huh? What?
Odd: XANA’s ghosts attacked us, me and Ulrich!
Jeremy: Uh…what?!
Ulrich: Don’t worry, no harm done. They ran away.

Jeremy: XANA’s attacked failed. That’s weird, XANA can possess humans, but not you two…
Odd: It must have something to do with sex appeal! Haha!
Jeremy: Yeah right, I’m sure of that!

Jim: Running is the noblest event in athletics! Well, except maybe for the long jump, or the shot put, javelin, high jump, pole vault…

Jim: Jeremy! Uh, let’s see how powerful your strides are! Hmph, for those of you with short memories, let me remind you that…uh…wh…what was I gonna say? Er, right, uh, may I remind you that we start when I say “go”. Not on “get set” and not on “ready”. I mean…well, after “ready”…“get set” is when…I say “go”…right! Ok! On your marks, get set, go!

Jeremy: Aaah!
Jim: Yeah, of course you did! You don’t get strong muscles sitting in front of a computer! Herb, take him to the infirmary!
Jeremy: Jim? Would you mind if Aelita came with me instead?
Jim: Ugh, ok, whatever, go on then. Take him far away from me!

Aelita: Jeremy! You’re not limping anymore! Has your ankle stopped hurting?

Yumi: Ulrich! I think Jeremy’s been possessed by XANA!
Ulrich: You sure? This morning Odd and I were almost possessed by a couple of ghosts, but they didn’t succeed. Why would it work on Jeremy?
Yumi: No idea!

Jim (to Azra): Pitiful! A slug could’ve made it around faster! Ulrich, I’m counting on you to raise the level!
Ulrich: Uh…ok!

Aelita (pleading): Jeremy? …Jeremy, no! Listen to me, please!

Odd: So, you going down too?

Odd: Boy, it’s totally weird to be fighting against Jeremy! I mean, I don’t wanna hurt him, but…

Odd: You guys go ahead, I’ll take care of him! Grrr! Ok, over here, twinkle fingers! I have a good feeling we’re really gonna hit it off!

Aelita: He who runs well goes far!
Yumi: Is Odd the one who teaches you nonsense like that?
Aelita: No, as a matter of fact it’s Jim!

Odd: Whoa! I’m sure glad that post was there and not my face! Are there any other tricks up your sleeve?
(XANA-Jeremy punches and breaks the lift control panel)
Odd: Uh-oh! That wasn’t very smart, was it? Especially since you’re the one who’s gotta fix it!
(XANA-Jeremy growls)

Ulrich: Keep your eyes open, huh? We don’t have Jeremy to warn us about monsters this time!

Ulrich: Uh-oh, I don’t like the sound of that!

Odd: How can you have a decent discussion with someone who has no sense of humour?! Whoa, easy does it! Haha! Not so clever now, huh?

Odd: Hey sparky, scared of heights, huh?
(XANA-Jeremy jumps up to where Odd is…)
Odd: Ok, so you’re not scared of heights…!

Ulrich: I’m gonna knock your block of, you dumb blockhead!
Yumi: Sounds like you miss Odd! Your jokes are worse than his!

Odd: Tut tut tut, uh-uh! It’s not nice to devirtualise your best friends!

Aelita: Thanks, Ulrich.
Ulrich: No sweat. Head to the tower, I’ll take care of this overgrown bug!

Odd:Yaaah! (pokes XANA-Jeremy’s glasses with two fingers, aiming for his eyes) Oh, never trust a guy with glasses! Ah!

Yumi: Well? How are you feeling?
Jeremy: Deeehh…strange…I remember talking to Odd and Ulrich, and then after that, nothing. Just a black hole!
Aelita: XANA took control of you!
Jeremy: Oh!
Ulrich: He destroyed all of Franz Hopper’s CDs! Apparently he had a problem with his notes.
Jeremy: Phew!
Odd: What do you mean, “Phew”? It’s a disaster!
Jeremy: No it isn’t!

Aelita: You’re a genius, Jeremy!

Ulrich: There’s something I don’t get. How come XANA’s ghosts take control of Odd and me, and then have no trouble controlling Jeremy?
Jeremy: No idea!
Yumi: I might have an explanation: apart from you, we’re all used to fighting on Lyoko! Maybe that gives us more resistance to XANA!
Jeremy: Maybe…but then how can we protect me?
Odd: Hm…I just might have the answer!

Odd: Well?
Jeremy: That’s the last time I ever set foot on Lyoko!
Ulrich: Why, just because of a couple of Megatanks?

Jeremy: You know, I think I’d rather be possessed by XANA than go back there! I’ll just keep a look out for ghosts, that’s all!

Aelita: Well, what did he look like on Lyoko?
Odd: He looked…how…how can I say this tactfully?
Ulrich: Ridiculous.
Odd: That’s the word!

Aelita (young): Come on Mister Puck, let’s go for a walk in the garden!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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