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#5 - Big Bug (Season 1)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Alain Serluppus
First aired in France on 1 October 2003 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 23 April 2004 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
X.A.N.A has created a computer virus and sent it out on the internet. All the city’s data-bases have been damaged. Although the problems this causes are quickly solved without major incident, the railway control centre has been hit very hard and can no longer stop two of its trains which are on a collision course. Our heroes are faced with an urgent situation . They must counter X.A.N.A’s evil plan and stop this deadly collision from occurring. And to think that Sissi is going to go after Ulrich again and make our dream team’s mission even more difficult!

Detailed summary
An average morning beigns at Kadic, a beautiful sunny day. Milly and Tamiya watch Ulrich with admiration as he walks in the playground…Sissi doesn’t miss her chance to tease them, rubbing in the fact that the age gap leaves them no chance with him…but when Ulrich approaches she puts on a nicer personality and tries to win him over…
Vexed, she gives up after adding that he only behaves nastily towards her in the presence of others, and this comment worries Yumi.

While Jeremy sweeps Yumi’s fears away and Ulrich and Odd prepare a prank for Sissi, a tower is activated in the Desert Sector! A shadow moves through the city, each electrical object it touches going into overdrive, from communications systems to the metro and traffic lights. The shadow contaminates everything at phenomenal speed. A bug provokes a modification in the routes of two trains on the rail system, and a train ends up going in the wrong direction. It risks a frontal collision with another train, and no conductor can stop them; they’re automatic! One of the trains is transporting toxic chemicals! A catastrophe is in the making.

Ulrich and Odd set a trap for Sissi, organising a rendezvous in the garden shed, supposedly with Ulrich, but the two put Odd’s dog in the shed instead of the boy. When the victim opens the door, it’s Kiwi who jumps out and licks her face, provoking laughter from the two pranksters. Spiteful, Sissi decides to announce the dog’s presence at the school to Jim and earn Odd a detention.
Meanwhile Jeremy has detected the activated tower, and learned of the news of the incoming disaster; the heroes are forced to go in without Odd.

He is trapped under the watchful eye of Jim. Ulrich and Yumi find Aelita. The trains are getting dangerously close and monsters appear right in front of the red tower. The heroes are defeated and lose a lot of life points, all while Jeremy shouts worriedly.
Ulrich is devirtualised in battle with the monsters; Yumi picks off the last of the Bloks with her telekinesis, but a Megatank sends her back to Earth.
Odd virtualises, then with the combined efforts of both him and Aelita, they finish off the infernal machine.

Aelita enters the tower and deactivates it, and Jeremy launches a Return to the Past; the trains come to a halt, just before they collide…

Odd and Ulrich, stubborn, recommence their prank, but this time instead of Kiwi, they put Herb in the shed, having sent him a false SMS to trick him. Sissi is again furious when she sees the acne-covered boy jump at her lovingly, and Herb receives much berating from the girl he worships.

The moment is immortalised in a nice photo, which would probably make an issue of the Kadic News.

- Attack: Infect the electricity network and cause two trains to collide, one of which is carrying toxic chemicals…
- Virtualisations: Ulrich/Yumi, Odd
- Visited Sector: Desert
- Enemies met: Bloks (4); Megatank (1)

- Jeremy makes an anti-catastrophe alarm system which classes unnatural catastrophes on a scale of 1-10 to more easily identify any trace of XANA activity.


About the characters

- Second time Jim discovers Kiwi.
- Milly finds Ulrich attractive.
- Kiwi sleeps in the drawers of Odd’s closet.
- Ulrich thinks that Kiwi eats like Nicolas in the cafeteria.

About errors

- One of the two XANAfied trains passes a station which it has already passed though before.
- When Jeremy enters the lab, the buttons on the lift disappear.
- The tower activated before XANA attacks the two trains isn’t the same as the one deactivated at the end.
- Sissi’s bag disappears from her right shoulder after Kiwi jumps on her and appears when Herb does the same thing after the RTTP.
- When Kiwi throws himself at Sissi, the shed door is open towards the outside, when it’s meant to open towards the inside.
- The Yumi’s outfit is inversed when she is devirtualised and when she tells Jeremy that there were no problems with the transfer.
- It’s not Aelita’s icon (yellow) that we see on the factory computer during one shot but one of the others’ (green) before using her Creativity on the Megatank.
- We can see Kiwi approach his master’s feet during one sequence. But in a closer shot, we see that the dog doesn’t move towards the feet of his master, but those of Sissi.
- Odd’s pants are completely dark at the moment when Ulrich says “I think she’s hallucinating,” then the colours are inversed during his transfer and finally they become the lighter shade of purple when Ulrich says that Milly and Tamiya will have a good scoop for the paper.
- The marks under Nicolas’ eyes disappear when he (and Herb) join Sissi in mocking Milly and Tamiya, when he says Tamiya is dumb, when Sissi says she can have any boy she wants, and when Sissi stops him from trying to attack Odd.
- The factory computer microphone often changes (wired or wireless) and disappears from Jeremy’s ear just before Ulrich enters the scanner, before he says “Transfer Yumi,” when he tells Odd that Ulrich only has 10 life points left, the time remaining before the train collision, when Yumi says she did what she could, when Ulrich tells Aelita to save herself from the Megatank, when Jeremy says he knew Aelita would use her Creativity, when Ulrich, Yumi and Jeremy watch to see if the XANAfied trains will crash, just before the code is entered and at the moment Ulrich says “just in time.”
- The shot of Aelita entering the tower was reused from episode 1, “Teddygozilla”.

About the series

- French title: Big Bogue

- Animals are forbidden at Kadic.
- First time the three heroes are all virtualised.
- First use of the Blok’s ice beam, which shows that some monsters have more than one weapon.
- Ulrich says something prophetic to Jeremy when he says” "Great idea, only how do you suggest we do it? Sprout wings, huh?”
In season 4, Aelita has wings as part of her new combat outfit.
- Odd was hit by a blast from the Megatank without being devirtualised, which is the only time this happens in the series…


Milly: Hold it a second, it’s Ulrich! Just look at him! Ohh how could anybody be that handsome?
Sissi: Hello, little ones. Aren’t you a bit wet behind the ears to be looking at boys? I don’t believe it, look at yourselves! You’ve even got a drop of milk from your bottle on your cheek!
(Tamiya wipes her mouth)
Nicolas: Hehehe, she believed you, Sissi! Not only is she a baby, but she’s also dumb!
Sissi: Hey Nicolas, you should defend her, not insult her! You dumbbells ought to stick together! Besides, girls, you’re setting your sites much too high! Ulrich’s way out of your league. Why don’t you just go back to your dolls and stop dreaming?

Sissi: I don’t think; I know! There isn’t a boy in school who isn’t dying to go out with me!

Sissi: Hi, how are you?
Odd: Well what do you know? It’s Miss Conceded in person!
Sissi: Nobody asked you, creep! So, Ulrich…when are you going to stop being so shy and finally tell me how you feel about me, huh?
Ulrich: You’re wrong, I’m not shy. Not at all; I’m just allergic to anyone who’s stuck up! And in that category, you win hands down.
Odd: I’ll bet she’s been telling you how nobody can resist her charm. She’s right, too! Just take a look at the two nobodies she’s always hanging out with!

Ulrich: Wow! You ought to be a dog trainer when you grow up!

Sissi: Go on, laugh all you want! Show your friends how clever you are! But I see the way you look at me when they’re not around!
Ulrich: I think she’s hallucinating.
(Yumi looks at Ulrich questionably)
Odd: Oh no! Speaking of dogs, I have to go and feed Kiwi!

Jeremy: What’s on your mind?
Yumi: Well, i-i…it’s Ulrich. I wonder…do you think he likes Sissi?
Jeremy: Sissi?! You’re kidding! Come on! You know, I never would’ve believed it, but you’re really jealous, aren’t you?
Yumi: What?! You’re kidding! How could you think for a minute that I could be jealous of that dimwit?! That is ridiculous!

Ulrich: Hey, eat a little slower, Kiwi, will you? You look like Nicolas in the lunchroom! Hahaha!
Odd: Don’t insult my dog, huh? His manners are ten times better than that sloppy airhead! Haha!

Yumi: What’s going on with them?! Come on, one of you’s gotta be able to answer!

Odd: Irresistible Sissi!
Ulrich: You were right, not even a dog can resist your cxharms!
Odd: Hey, don’t knock it, Ulrich! This is a step up, huh? ‘Cause Herb and Nicolas are no match for Kiwi! Haha! Sorry to drag you away, Kiwi!
Sissi: You’ll pay for this!
Odd: That’s ok. As soon as you’re all dry, send us the bill!

Sissi: I seem to recall a school rule that says pets are strictly forbidden on campus! Rules are made to be obeyed!

Sissi: That’s it, go beddy-bye now, you horrible little mongrel!

Odd: Sissi’s got herself a boyfriend! Although “boy”’s not exactly the right word, anyway, they’re in love!

Odd: Oh, no, no, no! As if we didn’t have enough problems!
Jim: So, it seems you forgot the rules here at school, huh? Pets are not allowed!
Odd: Yeah, we know that, Jim, but…you’re not going to make a big deal out of a little dog, are you?
Jim: That’s for the principal to decide! Follow me!
Ulrich (to Sissi): You’re even a worse pain in the neck than I thought!

Jim: You heard the principal! You’ve gotta stay in the study hall until your parents get here and pick up that mutt!

Odd: Dogs have, well, they have certain needs! If you know what I mean…
Jim (looking at Kiwi): Forget it. What he needs is to get some sleep…(dozes off)

Yumi: That’s too easy.
Ulrich: Yeah, looks like a real XANA trap.

Odd: I warned you, if I don’t take him out for a walk, you’re gonna have some mopping up to do!
Jim: You think I’m stupid, huh? As soon as you’re outside you’ll take off, right?
Odd: Me?! I wouldn’t do that, Jim!

Jeremy: Yumi, Ulrich! Get out of there now, you’re losing too many life points!
Ulrich: Great idea, only how do you suggest we do it? Sprout wings, huh?

Sissi: Alone at last, Ulrich! Just the two of us!
Herb: Sissi! I love you too!
Sissi: Y-you what?! Cut it out! Are you out of your mind or what?!

Sissi: Just keep dreaming, you creep! In the meantime, you’ve got some explaining to do when my father hears about this!

Yumi: That’s really such a shame! We’ve just seen the beginning and the end of a beautiful romance!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

Comment from William_fan - Posted on 22-07-2011 à 10:48

Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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