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#63 - Triple Trouble (Season 3)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Jean-Rémi François & Bruno Merle
First aired in France on 6 November 2006 (Canal J)
First aired in the USA on 19 October 2006 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Odd is frustrated: on Lyoko, Ulrich, Aelita and Yumi all have special powers while he has nothing but his lousy laser darts. In an attempt to cheer his buddy up, Jeremy cooks up a new special power just for Odd: teleportation. Now thanks to Jeremy, Odd can instantly transfer himself across short distances in the virtual world. But the program still has a bug in it: when odd returns to the scanner room after the initial test, there is not just one Odd but … THREE! Fortunately, Jeremy finds the solution to the problem: he must put all three Odds in the scanners and “fuse” them back into one. But this turns out to be more complicated than he initially anticipated: the terrible triplets don’t get along so well and they have split up in town. And to top it off, XANA goes on the attack…

Detailed summary
The heroes are dealing with Bloks in the Mountain Sector. Aelita approaches the activated tower but runs into a problem: the Scyphozoa is blocking her way, the Bloks forcing her towards it. Odd flies past on the Overboard, but doesn’t manage to destroy a single monster.
Yumi, Ulrich and Aelita fight using their powers in an impressive display of teamwork, getting rid of the Bloks and chasing off the Scyphozoa.

Upon returning to Earth, Odd can’t stand hearing his friends brag about their monster kill streaks. He doesn’t hide his discontent; he feels frustrated. Ulrich has Triplicate and Supersprint – which can even combine into Triangulate – Yumi is a master of telekinesis; Aelita can create matter with her mind. He himself has no superpower, just his laser arrows and shield. He doesn’t even have Future Flash anymore after Jeremy decided not to reprogram it after a Supercomputer update because he thought it was useless. In the lab, the brainiac feels guilty.

While Odd lets his anger out on the malfunctioning drinks machine, Jeremy announces to him the good news: he’s concocted a power just for him, teleportation! Thanks to it, the catboy is capable of displacing himself over short distances on Lyoko.

Keen to get started, Odd and Aelita go back to the Mountains, ready for a practice session! Odd quickly gives it a shot and teleports himself to the peak of a mountain, then teleports again next to Aelita. The girl seems terrified! When Odd asks why, she shows him! At the top of the mountain Odd just left stands…Odd. And there’s another, at the spot where Odd started. There are three Odds!
When Jeremy devirtualises them, each Odd ends up in a scanner, pretending to be injured. The situation seems somewhat complicated…

True to himself, Jeremy stays at the factory to analyse the bug. The heroes return to their everyday life, except for Odd who must bend the rules a little! Two of them stay in their room while the third follows routine as normal! Trips to the cafeteria are taken in turns, but the third Odd ends up with hardly any food. Fights break out and Jim starts to notice the boy’s new ability to be everywhere at once, running into him constantly. When the three discuss who will attend PE class, another fight occurs and the three separate. One of them goes to relax in the park, another goes into town and the third, caught by Jim, is sent to class!

This wouldn’t be too problematic, but two major details need to be factored in!
Firstly, Jeremy discovers that, like most problems linked to the scanners, the structures of the Odds’ bodies aren’t stable, and the three risk disintegration. They need to be reassembled in the three scanners to be fused during virtualisation.
Secondly, as usual, XANA attacks. A spectre dives into Kadic’s soil and a vast amount of smoke starts to form and expand. Jim becomes the first victim, he’s petrified as soon as the smoke makes contact with him.
A number of students try to flee in panic but are turned to stone, one of them being Odd. Yumi, Aelita and Ulrich escape and run to the factory to be virtualised into the Mountain Sector. The Odd who grabbed the mobile phone begins his search for his twins.

Following a trail of wrongdoing, he catches up to the one who went into town. The two of them then organise a rescue mission from the roof of the science building to save the petrified Odd.

On Lyoko, Yumi is devirtualised in the blink of an eye, surprised by a Megatank. The monster blocks the path to the tower with repetitive shots. Aelita and Ulrich combine forces and powers to try and take care of their formidable adversary. However, another one joins in the fight and Ulrich is flattened by the first.

He and Yumi leave quickly to help the two Odds carrying their petrified brother, XANA’s smoke on their tails! Yumi and Ulrich take the petrified Odd like a baton in a relay and run for it.

Each Odd is placed in a scanner and fused into one and only Odd on Lyoko. The Lyoko Warrior assists Aelita in destroying the remaining enemies in a brilliant display of skill! The tower is deactivated at the moment when the smoke invades the lab.
Not wanting to leave Kadic as a garden full of statues, Jeremy launches the Return to the Past.

Back in the cafeteria, Jeremy tells Odd that he’s debugged the teleportation, however, Odd affirms that he doesn’t want the power anymore. He justifies it with a long eulogy to himself, to his talents, to he who is…one of a kind!

- Attack: Create smoke that petrifies anyone it touches!
- Virtualisations: All; Aelita/Odd; Ulrich/Yumi/Aelita; Odd/Odd/Odd
- Visited Sector: Mountain (3 times)
- Enemies met: Bloks (3); Scyphozoa; Megatanks (3); Bloks (2)

- Return to the past to undo the petrifactions.
- Jeremy programs Odd a teleportation power, which is buggy right from the start! In the end, Odd doesn’t accept the new power, saying he gets along fine without it.
- Odd lost his power Future Flash. It was removed by Jeremy, probably between seasons 1 and 2.


About the characters

- Second time Ulrich’s sabre is devirtualised by a Megatank.

About errors

- The manhole cover is brown instead of green.
- When Odd’s listing the powers the others have, he says “you can all make stuff appear” but Aelita is the only one who can do that.
- Emilie’s undershirt sleeves are the same colour as her skin just before Odd goes to the drinks machine.
- The antenna on Odd’s phone is on the left instead of the right.
- The halo of a tower in the Mountains is blue instead of white.
- The door to Odd and Ulrich’s room is brown instead of grey.
- One of the three Odds’ pants are entirely purple during a scene in Jeremy’s room.
- On the factory computer screen, Aelita’s icon is green instead of yellow when we see “Aelita vs Megatank”.
- The doors in the hallway are blue instead of grey when Jim turns to see the second Odd.
- The microphone in the factory is absent when Jeremy explains how to use the teleportation power, it’s in his right ear when he says “Transfer Ulrich” and it changes nonstop (wired or wireless).
- When Odd 2 reads the movie magazine, he singles out Wheelchair Zombie 4. When Odd 1 reads the magazine later, he sees Surfer Zombie 4.

About the series

- French title: Triple sot
- Original English title: Three is an Odd Number

- Jeremy deliberately didn’t reprogram Odd’s Future Flash after it was wiped while he was updating the Supercomputer, saying it was useless.
- First mention of a film: Wheelchair Zombie 4!
- First time a Megatank destroys its partner by accident.
- First time one of the heroes (Ulrich) is run over by a Megatank.
- One of the three Odds reads the same comic as in episode 24 “Ghost Channel”.
- The access code to the lift from the scanner room is 7309.
- The problem Odd starts to have is similar to the cellular degeneration Odd and Yumi experienced in episode 42 “A Fine Mess” and the problem Aelita’s ‘antivirus’ caused in episode 44 “Vertigo”.
- The newspaper stand from episode 35 “The Chips are Down” is in this episode, and the person behind the counter is reading the same magazine as the hospital receptionist in episode 60 “Temporary Insanity”.
- When one of the three Odds is petrified near the science building, Ulrich says a precognitive phrase to Aelita: “You wouldn’t happen to have a pair of wings on you?”; 4 episodes later, she gains wings with her new Lyoko outfit.

About references

- The pose Jim is petrified in is similar to Discobolus, a famous statue from the Roman empire representing an athlete throwing a discus!

- Odd: “Well if Tarzan can do it, so can we, right?”
“Tarzan” is a Disney film based on the books Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The story tells the tale of a boy who was adopted by apes as a baby when his parents died, and raised as an ape, unaware that there was an entire species that looked like him. In the film version Tarzan is skilled in “tree surfing” and swinging on vines, which he learnt from various other animals in the rainforest.
The cry Odd makes when he jumps off the building towards the trees, and the one Odd 2 makes when he slides down the hose, is very similar to Tarzan’s cry in the film.


Odd: Oh…oh no, missed again!

Odd: Hey! What am I here, a groupie?!

Ulrich: That makes twelve for me! Anyone top that?
Aelita: I got ten. Yumi?
Yumi: Oh, not many. Only fifteen. Odd? How many of XANA’s monsters did you wipe out this week?
Odd: Two…

Odd: You know darn well! You all got superpowers: telekinesis, Supersprint, Triplicate, you can all make stuff appear. Me? I’ve got zilch. The only power I ever had was Future Flash, and it got wiped out when Jeremy was updating the Supercomputer. And he never reprogrammed it because it was, I quote, “useless.” So just knock it off with your high scores and low scores, ok?

Jeremy: Hey…look, I’m on your side. I put a little something together that’s bound to cheer you up!
Odd: I hope it’s nothing to eat because you’re an awful cook!
Jeremy: No, it’s a special power just for you and nobody else! Teleportation!
Odd: You’re the best, Einstein! If I were a girl, I’d propose to you immediately!

Odd: Yoohoo! Aren’t you happy to see me?
Aelita: Yeah, but honestly one of you would’ve been enough! Look up there!
(Shot of a second Odd on the mountain)
Aelita: …and there…
(Shot of a third Odd where he first teleported from)
Odd: Jeremy, I take back my marriage proposal!

(The scanner opens on an Odd seemingly in terrible condition, moaning. He falls into Jeremy’s arms half unconscious)
Odd: Ooohhhh…
Jeremy: Ah! What’s wrong?!
Odd: I…I…fooled you that time, didn’t I?! Haha!
Ulrich: Unbelievable…what a total meathead!
(A second scanner opens and a second Odd comes out, seeming to be in as bad a condition as the first)
Odd 2: Aaaaaaaaaaaahh! Aaah! Aaaaah!
Jeremy: …we know, fooled us that time.
Odd 2: How’d you know what I was gonna say?
(The third scanner opens and a third Odd comes out making the same performance as the two others, but stops in the middle of it seeing his display has had no effect)
Odd 3: What’s wrong? What’s going on?
(Sees the two others and is startled)

Odd: Look on the bright side: now you’ve got two more great buddies!
Odd 2 and 3: That’s right!
Ulrich: Get real! That’s three times as many bad jokes!

Odd 2: No way José! It’s lunch time, and we’re starved It’s meatballs and gravy time!
(The four others look appalled)
Odd: What if we hid in my room, and went to the lunchroom one at a time?
Odd 2 and 3: Great idea! Nice one, Odd!
Odd: Thanks a lot, guys!

(In the dorm hallway)
Odd 2: Yo Jimbo, how’s it going?
Jim: Fine! Thank you, Della Robbia! But watch your toe, don’t get too familiar, the name’s Jim!
Odd 3: Yo Jimbo! How’s it going?
Jim: Fine! Thank you, Della Robbia! But watch your toe, don’t…huh?!
(In the cafeteria)
Odd: Hey Jimbo! How’s it going?
Jim: Uh…I’m…not that great…actually I think I might even…go lie down for a little while…

(Rosa serves Odd a portion of meatballs and gravy)
Odd: Rosa! You look beautiful today! Have you ever thought of becoming like, like a model or something? Because you’re-
Rosa: Save it, will ya, Odd? I’ll give you an extra helping, just spare me the baloney!

Odd 2: Rosa, you look beautiful today!
Rosa: Don’t push it, Odd! You already got a huge plate of meatballs! I’ll give you some more potatoes, but that’s it. Move on!

Odd 3: Rosa!
Rosa: Alright, not another word! That’s it! If the other kids ate as much as you do, the lunchroom would’ve gone under a long time ago!

Jim: Della Robbia? I must’ve seen you everywhere today, except in gym class! So listen up, young man: get to the gym now and work up a sweat or you’re gonna have something else to sweat about!

Jim: Contrary to what some of you smart alecs might believe, throwing a discus has nothing to do with throwing out a CD that you’re tired of listening to! No, it is an Olympic discipline, that requires strength, skill, muscular co-ordination and, above all, a discus!

Odd 2: Hello. Uh, what do you have in cheap movie guide magazines?
Vendor: Well, the cheapest one is a buck and a half. I’ve got one left.
Odd 2: Nothing for seventy-five cents?
Vendor: Uh-uh.
(Odd 2 goes to leave but stops short, taking one of the magazines in question. He opens it and skim reads)
Odd 2: Wheelchair Zombie 4 beginning at 2:30, great!
Vendor: What do you think you’re doing? This isn’t a public library!

(Lounging against a tree, Odd 1 takes his time answering his phone)
Odd: This had better be important, Jeremy.
Jeremy: I found how to solve this teleportation bug problem: the three of you each have to get into a scanner together, in order to fuse you back into one during the virtualisation.
Odd: Ok, I get it. For once it sounds really easy!
Jeremy: I wish it was, but…there’s a little problem. Your three entities are unstable. At a certain point, all three of you could disappear into thin air, understand?!
Odd: That’s horrible! What do we have to do?!

Aelita: We have to get him out of here!
Ulrich: Ok! You wouldn’t happen to have a pair of wings on you?

Odd: Movie or Prestoburger? Movie or Prestoburger? Movie or Prestoburger?
Vendor: Not you again! Get over here! I wanna give you a piece of my mind!
Odd: What’s that, you mean I’ve been here already?
Vendor: Well yeah! And if you’re planning to read another movie magazine for free, you’d better think again!
Odd: You mean like this magazine here?
Vendor: Yeah! You’d better cough up the money, because you’re not going to scam me again!
Odd: Surfer Zombie 4 at 2:30 at the Majestic…!
(Odd puts the magazine back and runs off)
Vendor: Hey! Where are you going?! GET BACK HERE!

Odd 2: Can’t I have two minutes on my own?!
Odd: No, because we need each other’s company!

Odd 2 (seeing the smoke and petrified people): Well, they say smoking’s dangerous for your health!

Odd: Well if Tarzan can do it, so can we, right?
Odd 2: Just what I was thinking!

Odd: I’ve got an idea!
Odd 2: I think I just read your mind!

Odd: Better than Tarzan!

Ulrich: Superspri- ah!
(Ulrich is run over by the Megatank)

Jeremy: Transfer Odd! Transfer Odd! Transfer Odd! Scanner Odd! Scanner Odd! Scanner Odd! Virtualisation!

Jeremy: Well, Odd?
Odd: I suddenly feel a little lonely! But that’s cool, you’re the best, Einstein!
Jeremy: Of course I am! Did you have any doubt?

Jeremy (to Odd): I’ve finally understood what went wrong with the teleportation process. If you want, I could reboot the program, with no bugs this time!
Odd: No thanks!
Jeremy: Are you sure?
Odd: Yep! I sure am! You saw that last battle of mine, huh? I am a top gun, a real fighting machine! I mean, a guy like me doesn’t need special powers!
Yumi: Yeah, you’re strong, very funny and handsome, but most of all, you’re modest!
Odd: Right! You hit the nail right on the head! In fact, you might say that I’m…one of a kind!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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