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#40 - Attack of the Zombies (Season 2)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Bruno Regeste
First aired in France on 23 November 2005 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 4 October 2005 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
X.A.N.A. uses Kiwi to spread a virus which turns people into zombies. The zombies are all obsessed with doing our heroes in. The Academy becomes the scene for a real-life horror movie in which the character’s true personalities are revealed. Jeremy and Aelita are stuck inside the cafeteria, as much by the zombies as by William (who takes his role of protecting his fellow pupils a little too seriously). They must escape and get to the factory and deactivate the tower before it’s too late!

Detailed summary
A tower is activated in the Desert Sector, and on Earth, XANA’s smoke takes control of Kiwi, Odd’s dog. XANA uses him and bites Tamiya, the journalist of year 6, and she turns into a zombie, under the influence of a virus transmitted through Kiwi. The “zombified” student attacks her friend Milly who escapes in time. Running to the cafeteria, she screams for help and our heroes ask if XANA might be behind it. When Ulrich leaves with Sissi to look for the principal, they run into a pack of “zombified” students and teachers affected by the virus through the dog!

The few survivors take refuge in the cafeteria, except for Sissi who flees into Kadic’s park and Ulrich who tries to catch up. William tries to contact the police over the telephone and Ulrich warns Yumi.

Trying to escape the cafeteria, Jeremy, Aelita and Odd are held back against their will by William who forbids anyone to leave the building! Having faced a few zombies in the park, Ulrich orders Sissi to return to the cafeteria, where she’ll be safe. In that same cafeteria, Kiwi sneaks in and Odd, unawares, is bitten by his dog. The boy begins to transform in front of the other kids, who jump on him and bind him firmly.

The police sent to the school interrogate the groundskeeper, who says he hasn’t seen anything suspicious, and at the moment when the policemen leave, the zombies take the poor man by surprise…

Despite all their explanations, William refuses to let Jeremy and Aelita leave.

At the same time, Sissi and Ulrich get back into the factory, while the zombies grab William by the shoulders and drag him outside… Taking advantage of it, Jeremy and Aelita get out of the cafeteria via the back door while Ulrich stays to hold the fort. The couple of runaways find Yumi in the park, where more zombies are still roaming, and reach the manhole. Arriving at the factory, the two girls of the group virtualise into the Desert Sector. XANA, having reached its goal of getting Aelita to Lyoko, sends a group of zombies to the factory, led by Kiwi…

Worried about the idea of being “zombified” before launching the Return to the Past, Jeremy urges his friends to hurry. Yumi handles three Krabes but the Overwing is destroyed by a Kankrelat. In addition, XANA hides the tower by making it and the surrounding terrain invisible. Aelita detects it with her sixth sense and Yumi transports her over the digital void with her telekinesis.
On Earth, the doors give way and the cafeteria is invaded, only Sissi and Ulrich survive, forming a formidable defence.
Not noticing the Kankrelat again, Yumi is devirtualised and surprisingly, Aelita lands on the invisible ground; XANA’s deception is now obvious. Aelita reaches the tower while on Earth, Jeremy is bitten by Kiwi. It’s while he’s being “zombified” and with a hoarse voice that Jeremy launches the Return to the Past.

The heroes, met up at the cafeteria again, realise in remember William’s responsibility and Sissi’s tenderness towards Milly, that you can never truly know someone’s true colours…

- Attack: Use Kiwi to spread a virus that “zombifies” people bitten, which XANA can then control. On Lyoko, render the tower and surrounding area invisible.
- Virtualisations: Aelita/Yumi
- Visited Sector: Desert
- Enemies met: Krabes (4); Krankrelat (1)

- Return to the past to erase everyone’s memories and get rid of the zombification virus.
- Discovery of Aelita’s sixth sense (allowing her to see the invisible tower).


About the characters

- First episode in which Yumi uses her telekinesis to move a person.
- Odd is gifted in Italian, unlike Jeremy.
- In this episode, Aelita uses one of Yumi’s fans.
- Sissi is subscribed to a magazine called “Pretty Girl” and sleeps with a stuffed moose.

About errors

- In the English dub, Milly asks Sissi what she thinks about her father setting up a language exchange programme with France, which is silly because they live in France.
- The factory microphone changes often (wired or wireless).
- The cafeteria doors change colour often (grey, green).
- Christophe M’Bala’s headband is black during one shot in the cafeteria.
- Aelita’s outfit is reversed when she enters the tower!
- When Yumi leaves her house to go to the factory she’s carrying her bag, and when she arrives she doesn’t have it anymore.
- Herb’s glasses aren’t the same when he tells William that Jeremy and Aelita are trying to get out, and his hair is entirely black after Milly says that she wasn’t lying about Tamiya attacking her.
- The people under XANA’s control, including zombies, have great physical abilities. But why they didn’t simply break a window pane to attack the students in the cafeteria… We do however see Jim smash a chair with one hit, so breaking a window or a door shouldn’t be so difficult to do…
- In the very first shot of the cafeteria, we see that it’s daytime even though the kids are having dinner.

About the series

- French title: Contagion

- First time XANA makes an activated tower invisible, which it does again in episodes 47 “Tip-Top Shape” and 74 “I’d Rather Not Talk About It”.
- Only episode in which we see Aelita’s sixth sense (allowing her to see the invisible tower).
- New allusion to Dr Schrank from the series Hospital of Horrors.
- XANA’s spectre leaves the lamp on Odd’s desk just like in episode 31, “Mister Puck”.
- Yumi says a precognitive phrase about the vehicles: "Soon we’ll be landing right on top of them!"
16 episodes later, she and Aelita virtualise directly above the Overwing.
- This episode suggests that a majority of staff sleep at Kadic as well as Jim. Rouiller, Fumet and other teachers are present when this episode takes place at night.

About references

- Odd: “The better to pig out with, my dear!”
This references the French/European fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, originally written by Charles Perrault. In most recent adaptations, when Little Red Riding Hood questions her “grandmother” (the wolf)’s strange eyes, ears, teeth, etc. the wolf replies “all the better to see/hear/eat/etc. you with.”

- Odd: "Oh great, William thinks he’s Bruce Willis, that’s all we needed!“
Bruce Willis, an American actor, has played three roles in films in which he’s humanity’s saviour.

- Odd: “Hey, Jackie Chan, so you think you’re the boss around here or somethin’?”
Jackie Chan (born Chan Kong-Sang) is a well-known actor, martial artist and stunt performer (among other things) from Hong Kong. He’s starred in many films and had his own animated TV series Jackie Chan Adventures.

- XANA’s technique is directly inspired by modern films about zombies in which the monsters infect healthy people through biting them.
The most prominent examples are the “Resident Evil” video games, adapted for cinema.


Yumi: So how’d the Italian test go?
Jeremy: I couldn’t string two words together!
Odd: Sei veramente nullo in italiano mio caro Jeremy!
Jeremy: …huh?
Odd: It means you’re really lame at Italian, Jeremy old buddy!
Jeremy: You see? I didn’t even get that!

Sissi: And anyway, I don’t need the whole school knowing what I think, understand?!
Odd: No danger of that, Sissi, you’d need a brain to think!

Jeremy: But I didn’t say that Kiwi was stupid!
Odd: Oh no, you said he was brainless!
Jeremy: Yeah, well if you throw a stick, he won’t run and fetch it! (wrong, he’s done that before)
Odd: Well neither would you! Does that make you brainless?!

Odd: So you’re not going to be finishing your chocolate pudding?
Aelita: Isn’t that your fourth one?
Ulrich: Odd is like a cow, he has more than one stomach!
Odd: The better to pig out with, my dear!

Jeremy: Who’s Dr Schrank?
Odd: The psycho TV brain surgeon in Hospital of Horrors!

Hiroki: Was that Ulrich, your boyfriend?
Yumi: Hiroki, for the hundred thousandth time, he is not my boyfriend!
Hiroki: Yumi’s in looooove! Yumi’s in looooove! Yumi’s in looooove!
Mr Ishiyama: Hiroki, leave your sister alone!

Rosa: Hey, what’s goin’ on?
Odd: Oh, nothing! We’re surrounded by zombies, ma’am!
Rosa: Zom…whoa…ohhh…
(Rosa faints and Christophe catches her with a chair)

Nicolas: The problem with the living dead is that you can’t kill them. Because they’re already dead, hehehe!
(Rosa faints again)

Odd: Oh great, William thinks he’s Bruce Willis, that’s all we needed!

William: A Supercomputer that lets you go into a virtual universe where you have to battle an evil enemy called XANA?
Jeremy: Uh, yes…when you…put it that way, I admit it sounds a little weird…
Aelita: If you want to stop this zombie attack, Odd, Jeremy and I have to get to the factory right now.
William: Look, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you, so we’re all staying together!

Odd: Hey, Jackie Chan, so you think you’re the boss around here or somethin’?
William: Yes! And I want us all to get out of this unharmed!
Odd: You’ve gotta stop watching those superhero films! They’re getting to your head!

William: You’ll thank me when you get out of this safe and sound!
Jeremy: Safe and sound? Yeah, thanks a lot!

Yumi: What in the world have you guys been up to? I’ve been waiting for you at the factory!
Ulrich: Haven’t you heard? It’s a living dead convention over here!

Ulrich: Kill the zombieeeees! Come on, you deadheads! Nyeh nyeh nyeh!!!

Sissi: Open up! It’s me, Sissi! Hey, open up, I said! I’m not one of them!
Herb: She’s lying. Prove it!
Sissi: Um…I uh…I have a subscription to Pretty Girl and I still sleep with Ninin my stuffed moose!
Herb: That has nothing to do with it, that just proves you’re a lame-o!
Sissi: You open this door you bunch of pea-brained dorks!!!
Nicolas: Ok, that’s Sissi, alright!

Ulrich: That one’s on me!

Jeremy: Virtualisation! And here’s the Overwing!
Yumi: You’re getting better, Jeremy! Soon we’ll be landing right on top of them!

Aelita: Oh, Krabes also in sight!

Jeremy: But now XANA doesn’t need me anymore…
Yumi: What do you mean?
Jeremy: You’ve gotta deactivate the tower fast! If I get zombified, I won’t be able to launch the return in time, and then…tch…I don’t wanna talk about the mess we’ll be in!

Sissi: Don’t you touch Milly, you hear?!

Ulrich: It’s true that she’s a pain, but you know, deep down, I think she really likes you.
Aelita: And I really think that she can be very brave and a real nice person, when she wants to be!
Milly: What?!
Jeremy: Yeah! In fact, you never can guess a person’s true colours, can you?


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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