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#82 - Distant Memory (Season 4)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Bruno Regeste
First aired in France on 31 August 2007 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 29 September 2007 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
All of the Lyoko Warriors are headed back to their respective families for the winter holidays… except for Aelita, whose past remains a painful subject, and who chooses instead to stay alone at the academy to better keep an eye on Xana. But just as the young Aelita is alone in her room, she receives a message from her father: he has recreated the family chalet in a “reality bubble” on Lyoko, so that he can finally spend a moment together for the holidays with his daughter.

Detailed summary
A flashback opens the episode. Aelita remembers the scene in snowy winter when she was playing outside. New memories are revealed. The wolf returns to haunt Aelita, then a squeal of tires, and two men in black appear. Aelita’s mother disappears into the darkness, as Aelita cries… She wakes in her bed near Mister Puck and dries a tear.

Later on, Aelita talks to her friends about her nightmares, but insists it shouldn’t bother them: she’s used to them. The heroes are leaving Kadic to spend the holidays with family. Jeremy proposes that she stay at his house, but she declines the invitation; she’ll stay at Kadic and her friends will spend time with their families!
Ulrich leaves, not very happy to see his parents again. Jeremy is picked up by his dad, who comments on Aelita. Odd heads to the airport. Yumi suggests that Aelita spends the holidays with her, but again she insists that she can’t impose on Yumi’s family!

When she gets back to her room, Aelita looks at Mister Puck and remembers the day she got him… She has a heavy heart, thinking about her father. Her computer then lights up and a chat window opens…with her father! Confused, she reads the message. Franz asks her to come to Lyoko, where he’s waiting for her! The conversation and computer then freeze. Aelita is a little dubious but goes to the factory anyway. When she gets there she finds another chat window open: Franz gives her the virtualisation co-ordinates, warning the girl that they don’t have much time. “See you in a minute” is the final message he leaves her. The same phrase he said to Aelita when they first virtualised together! She goes down to the scanner room. In the Ice Sector, Aelita lands and notices a virtual bubble: a “ghost channel”.

On Earth, Yumi can’t reach Aelita! She warns Jeremy. He tries to improvise an excuse for his dad, and the man understands that he wants to return to Kadic for Aelita, doing a U-turn! Yumi runs to Aelita’s room. Ulrich is dying to leave the car where he’s being criticised by his father and made nervous by traffic jams. He leaves his two parents stuck in the traffic and goes to Kadic on foot, while Odd hurries back from the airport, telling his sisters he missed his flight over the telephone.

Yumi and Jeremy arrive at Kadic first. Yumi discovers the message left by Franz on her friend’s computer and runs to the factory with Jeremy.

Aelita enters the bubble. She finds herself on that sunny winter afternoon covered in snow. She enters the wooden chalet and discovers her father playing the piano. The two embrace, happy to be together again.
Aelita asks how Franz made all this possible. He explains that he was hiding in the Network from XANA but that he needed to talk to her, and created the bubble for this reason. Aelita is happy that everything is how she remembers. They then talk about the fight against XANA. Franz reveals that he can’t be rematerialised until his enemy is vanquished, but that the heroes much first save William. Aelita then mentions the Skidbladnir and Franz comments on the unusual name. Aelita then tells him that it’s the name of a ship in a story he read to her himself when she was young. Doubt then descends on Aelita. Is this really her father?

Yumi is virtualised and approaches the bubble. Tarantulas intervene, not allowing her to enter.

Aelita now has her guard up. She traps her “father” by asking him why, in his attempt to create a perfect simulation, didn’t recreate her mother inside the bubble. Hopper can’t respond. Aelita orders her fake father not to move and tries to flee the house. She opens a door and runs into William!
At the moment when Odd and Ulrich are virtualised and start attacking the Tarantulas, Aelita escapes William and runs away, followed by William and her father, now changed into a wolf. She then destroys the bubble with her power of Creativity.

She finds herself against William in virtual form flanked by a Blok, and needs to escape from them! The Tarantulas destroyed, Jeremy programs the vehicles to allow Ulrich, odd and Yumi to help Aelita. Yumi is unfortunately devirtualised by a new Blok!

Aelita finds herself cornered at the edge of the Digital Sea. William easily dodges her energy fields and sends his Manta and a Blok to take care of Odd and Ulrich! Aelita uses her wings, unsuccessfully, as she’s knocked back down by a powerful shot from the Blok! William attacks her with smoke and she plunges into the Digital Sea!
Furious, Ulrich charges angrily at William, while Odd takes care of the Manta! William doesn’t get involved in the fight. He seems to be waiting for something.
Jeremy then receives a signal: from the Digital Sea, a large sphere of light emerges and floats up to the platforms. William shouts a powerful “Victory!”
The two Bloks start to attack the sphere! Jeremy orders the others to protect it, this sphere is an ally: it’s Franz Hopper!

The sphere drops Aelita, safe and sound on the floor of the Ice Sector and tries to return to the Digital Sea. The monsters won’t allow this to happen! They continuously fire at the sphere! Odd destroys one of the Bloks then goes back to attacking the black Manta. Ulrich continues fighting William! Lying on the ground, Aelita wakes and recognises her father.
Jeremy grinds his teeth, the sphere has lost an enormous amount of energy!

Odd destroys the black Manta at the same time William devirtualises Ulrich with a powerful backhand with his sabre! The XANA-Warrior then sends a wave of energy that violently sends Odd back to the scanners. He Supersmokes towards Hopper. Aelita’s leg is frozen by the final Blok when she tries to protect her father! She manages to strike William with an energy field, allowing her father to dive back into the Network. Furious, William devirtualises her with a powerful cry of disappointment!

Upon returning to Earth, the heroes discuss what they have learnt. Franz Hopper voluntarily escaped Lyoko to hide from XANA. The AI then wanted to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea because it knows that was the best way to lure Franz out, coming to the aid of his beloved daughter!

When they get back to Kadic, the heroes give out their presents! Jeremy then announce that Aelita is invited to his place for the holidays. Aelita is happy, while she thinks of her father… When they left the Digital Sea together, she felt his warmth, as if she had been held in his arms…

- Attack: None.
- Virtualisations: Aelita; Yumi; Ulrich/Odd
- Visited Sector: Ice
- Enemies met: Tarantulas (2); Bloks (2); black Manta; William

- Franz Hopper finally reappears when he leaves the Digital Sea to save Aelita from falling into it. This was XANA’s objective: to lure Franz out of the Sea and destroy him.
- New flashback of Aelita’s past that confirms the men in black are responsible for Anthea’s – Aelita’s mother’s – disappearance.


About the characters

- First mention of Odd’s sisters’ names: Adele, Pauline, Elisabeth, Marie and Louise. The youngest of them is Yumi’s age, and they’re all bigger than Odd.
- Second time Aelita is frozen by a Blok.
- Jeremy has talked about Aelita to his father. Michael finds her very pretty, and invites her to spend the holidays at his place.
- Aelita wishes more than anything to see her mother again.

About errors

- The strap on Odd’s shoulder bag disappears in three shots.
- The strap on Ulrich’s bag disappears from his shoulder when he talks about his parents.
- When Ulrich receives a call from Jeremy, it’s not his phone he answers but Odd’s.
- Yumi’s bag disappears from her back in one shot when she proposes that Aelita stay with her.
- The factory microphone disappears from Jeremy’s ear when he says that Aelita’s in a virtual bubble.
- During a shot in Ulrich’s parents’ car, the teen’s seatbelt disappears without him having taken it off and just before he gets out of the car, the seatbelt is blue instead of black.
- During one of Aelita’s flashbacks, we see the day she and her father virtualised: she wears her season 4 clothing despite her not owning them then, and Franz wears his lab coat though he didn’t wear it in the flashbacks in episodes 52 “The Key” and 57 “Aelita”.
- The blue stripe on Jeremy’s pants is missing when he says he’ll tell his dad he’s staying at Kadic.

About the series

- French title: Mémoire blanche

- New extracts from Aelita’s memories, continuing on from episodes 52 and 57.
- First time we see Franz Hopper’s eyes.
- Fifth episode starting with one of Aelita’s dreams.
- Final appearance of Ulrich’s parents and Jeremy’s father.
- Jeremy’s father’s car is the same model that served as the training car in episode 39 “A Bad Turn”.

- Jeremy: “XANA’s pulled this on us before.”
Jeremy refers to episode 49 "Franz Hopper" when XANA sent a clone of Hopper to trick the gang into believing it was the real deal.
- Ulrich: “No, in Japan, you never open a present in front of the person who gave it to you.”
Allusion to episode 78 “Lab Rat” in which Yumi mentioned this.
- Yumi: “Do I ask you about Milly Solovieff?”
Allusion to episode 77 “Lost at Sea” in which Hiroki wants to date Milly.
- Aelita alludes to the book on Vikings her father read to her as a child (seen in episode 70 “Skidbladnir”).
- This episode shows some similarities to a number of other episodes.
The virtual bubble is similar to the one in episode 24 “Ghost Channel” and is destroyed in the same manner.
XANA lures Aelita to Lyoko using her memories like in episode 46 “Déjà Vu”.
- Also an allusion to episode 65 “Final Round” in which Mr Stern came to Kadic to have a discussion with Ulrich about his grades. This conversation is mentioned by Mr Stern.

- We also see reappearances of many characters: the psychologist from episode 11 “Plagued” who is driving the car behind Ulrich’s car, the bus from episode 4 “Log Book”, the delivery man from episode 32 “Saint Valentine’s Day” driving the truck next to Ulrich’s car.
At the airport, we see the newspaper vendor from episode 35 “The Chips are Down”, the photographer from episode 34 “Missing Link” as well as the policemen from episode 3 “Holiday in the Fog”.

About references

- Odd: “May the force be with you!”
This is a line from the well-known film and book series Star Wars.

- Ulrich’s parents’ car is probably inspired by a Peugeot 406.


Yumi: What? You’re still having nightmares?
Aelita: Well yeah, they keep coming back now and then. And what’s more, they’re always the same. But don’t worry Jeremy, I’m used to them!
Jeremy: No Aelita, it’s not your nightmares I’m worried about!
Aelita: I told you that it’s no big deal! Yumi won’t be far for the holidays and I’m staying here to keep an eye on XANA, so there’s no need to worry!
Jeremy: I’m no worries about XANA! I just don’t like leaving you here all alone! I’m going to tell my dad I’m staying here!
Aelita: No you’re not! You should spend the holidays with your families. For me, it’s…it’s not the same thing…
Yumi (watching her): Hm…
Ulrich: At holiday time my dad gets more stressed out than ever, which makes my mum hysterical. I think I’d rather stay here.
Odd: Yeah, me too! My sisters drive me nuts. Last year they locked me in the bathroom all night just because they thought it was funny!
Yumi: They did? But…that’s even worse than my kid brother! I thought they were older than you, Odd!
Odd: They are. And they’re a lot bigger than me too, that’s my problem…
Aelita: Hey Ulrich, isn’t that your dad’s car over there?

Ulrich (seeing his parents): Well the show must go on, see you soon everybody.
Odd (high fiving Ulrich): May the force be with you!
Jeremy: See ya!
Yumi: It’s not all that long.
Aelita: Try and have some fun!

Odd: Uh, speaking of Kiwi, don’t feed him any cheese at all. It gives him gas. And that’s more powerful than your energy fields!
Aelita: Hahaha! Thanks for the tip!

Mr Stern: I see you’re still hanging around with that gang of good-for-nothings!
Ulrich: And I see you forgot your happy pill again!
Ms Stern: Ulrich!

Michael: That girl with the pink hair, is that Aelita, the one you’re always talking about? She’s very pretty! And I get the impression she likes you!

(Aelita’s flashback)
Aelita: Oh he’s so cute, I love him! What should I call him?
Franz: how about Mister Puck? It’s the name of an elf!
Anthea: Do you like it?
Aelita: Oh yes, thank you, Mummy!

Mr Stern: You’ve disappointed me again, as usual Ulrich! I thought after the talk we had last month that you would try at least to make some kind of effort! Instead there’s been no improvement at all! Plus, all those unexcused absences!
(Ulrich laughs)
Mr Stern: And you find that amusing…!

Ms Ishiyama: Yumi, could you please give me a hand in here?
Yumi: As soon as I’ve finished calling my friend!
Ms Ishiyama: Your phone call can wait! I need you to help me right now, if now I’ll never finish all the housework in time!
Yumi: But Mum you’ve got a whole week to do it!
Ms Ishiyama: Yes, and as usual, your father’s not going to lift a finger so a week may not be enough!
Mr Ishiyama: Huh? What did I do this time?
Yumi: Ugh!

Aelita: Daddy?
False Franz: Aelita…we’ve so much catching up to do, and there’s so little time!
Aelita (crying): I thought you were lost on the network!
False Franz: Lost? No, dear…when XANA destroyed Lyoko I managed to escape. I have information to give you. But first, I wanted so much to hold you in my arms!

Yumi: Aelita come on, pick up, will you?
Hiroki: HIYAAAA!
Yumi (stunned): Hey! What’re you doing in here?! Get out!
Hiroki: Calling Ulrich?
Yumi: Mind your own business! Do I ask you about Milly Solovieff?
Hiroki (blushing): Grrrrr!

Yumi: Hello Jeremy?
Jeremy: …for how long of a time? …her phone battery might be dead, that’s all. Think you can go over there and check it out? Keep me posted, ok?

Yumi: Hello Jeremy?
Jeremy: …for how long of a time? …her phone battery might be dead, that’s all. Think you can go over there and check it out? Keep me posted, ok?

Mr Stern: Oh, this traffic’s horrible! (he beeps the horn)
Ms Stern: Getting all tense won’t get us there any faster, dear!

Yumi: Aelita? (reading the message on the screen) “Expecting you here on Lyoko”…?

False Franz: No, as long as XANA hasn’t been defeated, I can’t rematerialise myself. But you, however, should be able to free your young friend. What was his name again?
Aelita: William.

Yumi: Hurry Jeremy, Aelita virtualised herself onto Lyoko!
Jeremy: What? But why did she do that?
Yumi: Her father asked her to…

Aelita: It’s true, everything’s here, nothing’s missing, except for one little thing…
False Franz: Oh really? What’s that?
Aelita: My mother!
False Franz: But…you remember, dear, your mother disappeared…
Aelita: Yes, and I want to see her again more than anything else in the world, and you know that! You’ve always known! And since you’re a perfectionist, you’d have recreated her here in the simulation bubble, THAT IS, unless you weren’t really my father!
False Franz: Aelita!
Aelita: Stay away from me, XANA!
XANA-William: Hello, Aelita!

Yumi: Hm…what if it was Hopper who contacted Aelita?
Jeremy: XANA’s pulled this on us before. I don’t think Hopper would risk this with his own daughter!

XANA-William: Better give up, Aelita. You can’t beat me!

Yumi: Good to see you again. How’s your vacation?
Ulrich: Short. Good to be back though! Where’s Aelita?
Yumi: Somewhere inside that bubble thing…


Yumi: It looks like he dropped something off…!
Jeremy: You’re right, he did! It was Aelita!

Jeremy: Hopper’s losing energy! Take out that Blok, and make it snappy too!
Odd: We’re doing all we can, Einstein!


Jeremy: You see when Lyoko was destroyed, Hopper wasn’t spread out over the network – he managed to escape!
Yumi: He disappeared on purpose, is that it?
Jeremy: That’s right, to get away from XANA! Which is why he’s constantly trying to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea all the time, he knows that’s the only thing that can get Hopper to come out of hiding!
Ulrich: In order to destroy him!
Aelita: As long as my father’s still alive, he’ll always be a big threat to XANA.
Jeremy: And our friend XANA knows it!

Ulrich: No, in Japan, you never open a present in front of the person who gave it to you.

Jeremy: What’choo thinking about?
Aelita: About my father. When he saved me, even in his virtual form…I could feel his presence, like he was holding me in his arms…


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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