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#34 - Missing Link (Season 2)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Karine Lollichon
First aired in France on 19 October 2005 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 28 September 2005 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
In an attempt to save Aelita from the Scyphozoa, Yumi finds herself engaged in a brutal combat against the monster. Shortly afterwards, Jeremy sees that, as a result of the combat, Yumi can no longer be devirtualized. In fact, it looks like a vital part of her is missing -- her virtual DNA code! How can he get it back to her? After numerous attempts at finding a solution, our heroes realize that the only way to help Yumi is to go inside of X.A.N.A. and look for the “missing link” -- in Sector 5… danger ahead!

Detailed summary
We’re at the factory. Our heroes are impatiently waiting for Yumi before they can be virtualised and go to Sector 5. She arrives late and apologises before joining the others on Lyoko. Ulrich is convinced she was with William, and they start to fight.

Kankrelats then start attacking and Yumi is grabbed by the Scyphozoa which starts to drain something from her, something strange… Ulrich saves her, but she feels shaken. Jeremy decides to devirtualise the group and abort the mission but Yumi’s transfer seems impossible. After a few checks, Jeremy then discovers that the Scyphozoa took her human DNA code, rendering her unable to return to Earth. If she’s devirtualised by a monster, she’ll be deleted…

A problem arises: today is Yumi’s class’s photo day, and absences are punished by suspension; how can Yumi get there? Our heroes decide to disguise someone to take Yumi’s place. They then ask Sissi, who strangely accepts, without asking for anything in return.

Aelita then has an idea and asks Jeremy to virtualise her. Meanwhile, Ulrich goes to Yumi’s house with Odd to grab a dress to better disguise Sissi. On Lyoko, Aelita finds Yumi and decides to transfer her human DNA code to her. Jeremy refuses, so she cuts the connection and starts the transfer. Jeremy warns Ulrich and explains that the transfer would allow XANA to access Aelita’s memory at will if the girls go through with it. Odd and Ulrich then arrive at the factory and are virtualised. Once on Lyoko, they stop the transfer and Aelita asks for an explanation, which doesn’t take long: the only way to get Yumi’s code back is to go to Sector 5.

On Earth, Sissi is recognised by William and the boy next to him, which provokes an outcry, quickly stopped by the principal who recognises Sissi and demands an explanation…

Our heroes run into difficulties in Sector 5: in fact, Odd is devirtualised after being crushed by one of the blocks falling from the ceiling while trying to reach the key. Once out of the sphere Mantas arrive. Aelita searches for Yumi’s codes on the screen while Yumi sheepishly explains to Ulrich why she was late that morning: she was buying tickets to the Subsonics concert. A Manta then attacks Yumi and devirtualises her. Luckily, Jeremy had the time to give her human DNA code back and the whole gang returns to Earth.

Sissi explains to them that she was caught but Yumi won’t be punished because she spoke to her father, so only she would take the punishment. As thanks, Yumi gives her the two concert tickets so that Sissi can go with Ulrich. Odd wonders what goes on in Sissi’s head, and Aelita explains that Sissi might just be a good person underneath.

- Attack: No activated tower. Steals Yumi’s human DNA code to stop her from returning to Earth.
- Virtualisations: Aelita/Ulrich/Odd; Yumi; Aelita; Ulrich/Odd
- Visited Sectors: Forest; Sector 5
- Enemies met: Kankrelats (7); Mantas (3); the Scyphozoa

- The Scyphozoa can steal a fragment of a person, rendering rematerialisation impossible.


About the characters

- Yumi is the second character to be attacked by the Scyphozoa!
- Ulrich and Yumi argue because he, seeing Yumi arriving late, assumed she was with William.
- Mr Ishiyama’s first name is Takeho and is from Tokyo, coming from an underdeveloped area of lower Japan.
- Odd believes he’s a great actor, he knows that an unjustified absence will result in suspension, he finds it strange that Sissi was so helpful, and finds that being crushed by a pillar in Sector 5 is like being run over by a steamroller.
- Sissi accepts to be punished on Yumi’s behalf and asks nothing in return.

About errors

- Yumi’s outfit is reversed during one shot in the Celestial Dome.
- The door to Sissi’s room opens towards the hallway instead of the inside when she comes out.
- The colours of Odd’s pants are inversed when Ulrich asks Sissi if she has time to listen.
- The factory microphone is in Jeremy’s right ear when he turns to see Yumi coming in late.
- When Jeremy decides to abort the mission because of the Scyphozoa, he says “Why would they go after you?” when he should’ve asked why would “it” go after Yumi.
- Odd’s undershirt is missing from his torso when he takes the dress from Ulrich outside Yumi’s house.
- The countdown timer keeps changing from the standard digital clock font to a more rounded one.

About the series

- French title: Chaînon manquant

- First appearance of the GameBoy game Tutur 2000! Odd plays it.
- First of two episodes in which the Scyphozoa attacks someone other than Aelita (Yumi)!

About references

- Mr Ishiyama: “I’ll have another shiro-an. You did a very good job on the white bean paste!”
Shiro-an beans are a key ingredient in white bean paste, a sweet bean paste of Asian origin. White bean paste is commonly used in sweet dishes such as pastry.

- When Yumi’s mother talks about her husband as a city man, she makes an allusion to the immense megapolis that extends the east coast of the archipelago. It’s present between two landmarks: the cities of Fukota and Tokyo. Mr Ishiyama therefore lived in one of these ultra-urbanised zones, Kanto housing more than three quarters of the Japanese population in a small area. Ms Ishiyama prefers the regions of the Japanese west coast, almost desert-like.

- When Ulrich walks on tiptoe in Yumi’s house, he steps on a console inspired by the GameBoy Color.

- The episode title comes from two things: one is the fragment XANA stole from Yumi, the other is more scientific…
It’s a missing step in the evolutionary process of human beings; a stage which did indeed occur but we cannot find historical proof of: the missing link of our evolution.


Jeremy (looking at his watch): What can Yumi be doing? We have to get some data out of Sector 5!
Ulrich: It’s not like her to be late!
Odd: Maybe she’s with William!
(Ulrich glares at Odd)
Odd: I said “maybe”!

Odd (to Yumi): A little longer and we would’ve started the party without you!
Ulrich (bitter): Where were you?
Yumi: I had something to do.
Ulrich (aggressive): Yeah right, like being with William?
Yumi: Huh? Hey, don’t you get tired of being jealous all the time?!
Ulrich: Ha! I knew it! You were with him!
Yumi: You can believe whatever you want! Be a jerk if you want, too!
Ulrich: You must think I’m really dumb!

Odd: I’m gonna give ‘em a little Odd acupuncture!

Odd: Laser arrow!
(A Kankrelat explodes)
Odd: One down! Great way to start off the morning!

Odd: Pretty interesting welcoming committee!
Jeremy: What do you expect? XANA hates it when we go fishing in Sector 5!

Jeremy: Oh no! The Scyphozoa!
Ulrich: Huh?! Yumi!
(Ulrich Supersprints and cuts the monster’s tentacles)
Ulrich: Yumi! Are you ok?
Yumi: Oh…I don’t know…I feel kinda funny!
Odd: Well anyway, it seems to have scared the Kankrelats away.
Jeremy: Why would they go after you? We’ll abort the mission! Materialisaition Yumi! Materialisation Odd! Materialisation Aelita!
(Odd and Aelita get out of the scanners but not Yumi!)
Odd: You must’ve tripped on your fingers, Einstein, Yumi isn’t here!

Jeremy: I must’ve made a mistake! I’ll reboot the program. Materialisation Ulrich! Materialisation Yumi!
(Ulrich comes out of his scanner)
Odd: Missed again!

Jeremy: Don’t worry, I’ll find the bug! You’re safe in the tower!
Yumi: It’s not XANA I’m worried about, Jeremy, it’s the principal!
Ulrich (frightened): Oh no, I almost forgot! Today’s the class picture!

Odd: Hello, the ninth grade picture? It’s this morning! One day suspension for any unjustified absence! Thanks a lot, Delmas!
Yumi: Can you just picture my parents’ faces if…if I get suspended?
Odd: Hey, I have an idea! You know what a great actor I am, right? With a wig, a dress and a little make-up, I could take your place in the photo and bam! Signed, sealed and delivered!
Yumi: Signed, sealed and suspended is more like it! No way!
Ulrich: Hang on a second, huh? That’s not a bad idea!
Odd: There, you see? Ulrich finally admits that I’m a great actor!
Ulrich: You? You stink! But I know a really great actress!

Ulrich: Hi Sissi! Say, can I talk to you for a second?
Sissi: Uh well, yeah, of course!
Ulrich: I have something really important to ask you…
Sissi: Who, me?
Ulrich: And in exchange, I’m ready to do whatever you want!
Sissi (interested): Anything?
Ulrich (realising the gravity of that proposition): Well…almost anything!

Jeremy: The Scyphozoa’s stolen the sequence code for your human DNA!
Yumi: Oh! What’s that!
Jeremy: Well when you’re virtualised, you keep your human DNA sequence code. You can’t do without it! It defines your molecular structure, which is the-
Yumi: Ok, ok! Just get to the point!
Jeremy: No DNA, no way to get back to Earth.
(Yumi hangs her head in despair)

Ulrich: Well, since Yumi can’t be here this morning, I’d like you to stand in for her, erm, in the ninth grade class photo…hehe…
Sissi: Hm. Ok!
Ulrich: Huh? You…y-you’ll do it? And um…what do you want in exchange?
Sissi: Oh, what do you think I am? I don’t want anything at all! Just call it a personal favour to you, and that’s that!

Yumi: Oh, this can’t be true! What about my parents? And school? And my brother? You have to find a solution, Jeremy! My whole life is on Earth!

Aelita: Send me to Lyoko.
Jeremy: What are you going to do?
Aelita: Just trust me this time!

Ulrich (exasperated): A quarter of an hour to put on a dress and a wig, unbelievable!
Sissi (crushing Odd and Ulrich against the wall by opening her door): There you go! What do you think?
Odd (genuinely surprised): Not bad! The hair looks like Yumi’s!
Ulrich (expert mode): Yeah, but she doesn’t dress like that! She always wears black! And her dresses are longer, and less…
Sissi: Less sexy? Well why don’t you bring me one of her dresses?
Ulrich: Right! Good idea, we’ll try!
Odd: Sissi’s being uh…strangely helpful!
Ulrich: Yeah, I suppose! Weird, huh?

Ulrich (from a balcony at Yumi’s house): Cool, it’s open! I’m in, piece of cake! Warn me if you see anyone coming!
Odd (standing guard outside): I read you loud and clear, general!

Mr Ishiyama: I’ll have another shiro-an. You did a very good job on the white bean paste!
(Ulrich steps on a GameBoy Color)
Ms Ishiyama: You know, Takeho, I’ve been feeling depressed lately. You don’t pay any attention to me! It’s almost as if you never listen to me anymore!
Mr Ishiyama: Mmm, delicious! Oh, sorry, what were you saying?

Jeremy: Watch out for monsters! Aelita, now will you tell me what your idea is?
Aelita (determined): No!

Aelita: The process of transferring my DNA sequence code to your virtual structure!
Jeremy: WHAT?! Are you crazy?!
Aelita: Jeremy, Yumi’s place is on Earth! If anyone should stay on Lyoko until we find a solution, it’s me!
Jeremy: I don’t agree with that! Aelita, stop at-!
(Aelita cuts the communication and turns to Yumi)
Aelita: I knew he was going to say that!

(Odd plays his GBA SP)
Ulrich: Odd! Is that how you stand guard?
Odd: I didn’t see anyone go by! You got the dress?

Jeremy: Listen to me. Aelita is on Lyoko transferring her DNA sequence code over to Yumi.
Ulrich: Uh, so what? You mean that’s not a good idea?
Jeremy: No! Aelita doesn’t know that when she transfers her code over, her memory will be exposed!

Sissi (taking Yumi’s dress): Ok! I wouldn’t exactly call it glamorous, but it’ll do! You can count on me!

Odd: Girls! You leave ‘em alone for five minutes and it’s mess after mess after mess!

Matthias: That’s the principal’s daughter, it’s Elisabeth! Too weird!
Sissi: Uh, listen, first of all the name is Sissi, and second of all, just shut up, ok?!
Matthias: Ok, Elisabeth!
(Sissi slaps him!)

Odd: You’re turning into a real human being! You’re beginning to confuse generosity with stupidity!

William: Why are you dressed up to look like Yumi?
Sissi: It’s not your business!
Matthias: Anyway, that dumb haircut of yours is really old-fashioned!
Sissi: I never look old fashioned, understand? Everything looks fashionable on me!

Photographer: Quiet down!
Sissi: He’s right! Shut up, will you?!
Principal: What’s all this noise about? Yumi? Is anything wrong? Yumi, I’m speaking to you! (recognising his daughter) Sissi?!
Sissi: Uh, I can explain everything, Daddy darling!
Yumi’s class: Daddy darling! Daddy darling! Daddy… (photo taken) Hahahaha!
Principal: That’s enough!

Odd: Looks like a trap to me! But when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Odd: Timbeeeer! Arg! (crushed by a pillar)
Jeremy: Odd, are you ok?
Odd (getting out of the scanner): Well…oh…

Ulrich: Here comes our taxi!
Aelita: We’d better not miss it!

Ulrich: The flying Manta’s nest is about to hatch! We don’t have much time left! Uh, Yumi…I wanted to apologise for this morning, it was none of my business what you’d been doing…
Yumi: That’s true, but I’ll tell you anyway. I was buying two tickets for the Subsonics concert. And it wasn’t easy, bad Internet connection!

Jeremy: How about you, Odd? How’re you feeling?
Odd: Ever been flattened by a steamroller?
Jeremy: No…
Odd: It’s simple, just get yourself devirtualised in Sector 5!

Ulrich: Your father caught you?
Yumi: Oh, am I gonna get suspended?
Sissi: Don’t worry, I saved your day! I’ll get punished, but not you. Anyway, I know how to talk to my father!

Yumi: Sissi, uh, wait! How would you like to go see the Subsonics with Ulrich?
Sissi: Are you kidding? Great!

Odd: Something’s really Sissi about the way Sissi’s behaving!
Aelita: Maybe deep down she’s a very nice person!
Jeremy: Or she’s really crazy about Ulrich!
Odd: What a mess!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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