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#57 - Aelita (Season 3)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Bruno Regeste
First aired in France on 7 October 2006 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 11 October 2006 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Aelita can’t accept that her father is gone. She confides in Jeremy, telling him of her gnawing obsession: what if Franz Hopper is still alive somehow, somewhere on Lyoko? What if there was a way to bring him back? But Jeremy, preoccupied with other problems, refuses to bite: to him, Aelita’s father is dead and gone. Disappointed, Aelita stubbornly decides to take matters into her own hands, forsaking Jeremy’s help. Rallying Odd to her cause, she and Odd go to the factory and virtualize themselves into Sector 5. Aelita hopes to uncover information there as to the possible whereabouts of her father but the pair’s entry doesn’t go unnoticed by XANA, who immediately begins an assault.

Detailed summary
The episode starts in Aelita’s head, when she remembers fleeing with her father from the Hermitage to the factory. We see Franz Hopper launching the transfer procedures and going down to the scanner room, telling Aelita he’ll see her in a minute…
For the first time, we discover Aelita’s arrival on Lyoko. Her father is in the form of small floating white spheres, and doesn’t have a proper virtual envelope. Not allowing Franz Hopper to give an explanation, Kankrelats relentlessly attack Aelita while she runs to hide in the Forest Way Tower…
She’s brought out of her reverie by Mr Fumet calling her, asking her to sleep at night rather than during class.

Later a debate occurs over the smell of Odd’s feet. He learns that the entire school knows that his feet stink and the young joker sees it as a threat to his reputation as a super stud, especially when Emilie, who he dated once, says she doused herself in perfume so she wouldn’t have to smell the horrible stench of his feet… He does to consult Yolande, who tells him of a solution Odd decides to keep a secret until he uses it…

In the cafeteria, a new problem comes to light: after seeing her memories again and remembering the moment Franz spoke to Aelita, exposing that he must contact XANA to persuade it of the possibility of coexistence, the girl asks Jeremy if there’s any chance of rematerialising her father… Jeremy responds that it’s impossible, because by bringing Aelita back to life, Hopper used up all of his energy. Obviously, he has disappeared from Lyoko…
When he asks Aelita to concentrate on the future more than her past, she gets annoyed and declares she can’t forget her father, and that Jeremy can’t understand. He hadn’t spent ten years of his life as a computer program…

She runs crying to the Hermitage, remembering the day when Franz returned, chased by Hornets, and told his daughter that XANA was too powerful, that he must turn off the Supercomputer to preserve humanity and that Aelita must never forget him, her father…

It’s Odd who finds and consoles her… She then proposes that they go to Sector 5 together to find data on her father. He accepts and the two kids virtualise into the Desert Sector, awaiting the Transporter Aelita programmed in. In Sector 5, the kids don’t have much difficulty reaching the key: the Creepers seem surprised to see them there…

At the same time, XANA activates a tower in the Mountains. Jeremy and Ulrich arrange to be kicked out of the library and rush to the factory, joined by Yumi who raced through her maths test.

They go to the Mountain Sector and engage in an immediate fight with Tarantulas and Hornets. Jeremy can’t reach Aelita and Odd, because the two friends are in the middle of activating the key… The brainiac localises then in Sector 5 and contacts them, exposing their situation… Vexed, Aelita accepts that they must go help their friends. Those same friends are already in front of the activated tower fighting with Bloks. However when the kids in Sector 5 pass by the south pole of the dome on the Overboard, they notice that there are Mantas guarding the entrance to the Core Zone… Jeremy checks: XANA has in fact launched an attack on the Core of Lyoko; the attack in the Mountains was just a diversion…

Odd is devirtualised while fighting the Mantas and Aelita makes it inside, destroying the monsters attacking the Core. She’s joined by Yumi and Ulrich. The trio basically massacres the enemies. Once the cleaning up has been done, Jeremy proposes to Aelita to go deactivate the tower, after she’s made a detour at the interface to find data on her father, if she wants to of course…

That evening, Odd reveals his cure for his bad foot smell… It makes Ulrich even more nauseous than the old smell did…
In Jeremy’s room, he and Aelita have reconciled and are examining the data from Sector 5, and find a fragment of genetic code belonging to…Franz Hopper…

- Attack: None on Earth. Activate a tower in the Mountains as a diversion and attack the Core of Lyoko.
- Virtualisations: Odd/Aelita; Yumi/Ulrich
- Visited Sectors: Forest (Aelita’s flashbacks); Desert; Mountain; Sector 5
- Enemies met: Hornets (3); Tarantulas (2); Bloks (2); Mantas (6); Creepers (9)

- We learn a number of things after Aelita and Hopper’s first virtualisation: Aelita had a virtual form but Franz Hopper was in the form of small, white, floating spheres, able to talk to his daughter. As soon as they arrived on Lyoko (in the Forest), Kankrelats attacked Aelita who sought refuge in a tower.
Franz Hopper then tells her he’s going to negotiate with XANA, his multi-agent program, to convince it they can live in peace side by side.
When he returns to Aelita, he tells her he failed, that XANA has become too powerful and that he needs to turn the Supercomputer off to save the world. While being attacked by Hornets, he asks Aelita never to forget him.
- Aelita found a strand of Franz Hopper’s DNA in Sector 5, proving he’s still alive on Lyoko.
- First appearance of Franz on Lyoko, in the form of spheres (flasback).


About the characters

- First time Yumi uses her telekinesis on Ulrich’s sabre.
- Second time Odd is hit in the tail.
- William studied geography (American history in the English dub) instead of maths.
- Emilie doused herself in perfume so it could cancel out the smell of Odd’s feet when the two went out together.

About errors

- The manhole cover in the park is brown when Ulrich removes it.
- During two scenes, Yumi’s outfit on Lyoko is inversed.
- When Ulrich and Jeremy are trying to tell Odd what the problem is with his feet, Odd’s belt and undershirt keep swapping colours.
- The photo of Albert Einstein disappears from Jeremy’s book after Jim asks him to be quiet.
- The buttons on Jeremy’s pyjamas disappear when he tells Aelita he found nothing on Franz.
- Jim’s band-aid is on the wrong cheek when he asks Ulrich and Jeremy to leave the library.
- During a scene in the Core Chamber, the Core of Lyoko appears completely intact, however the Forest Sector had already disappeared since episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One”.
- During one scene, Yumi’s bag is pink instead of black and when she’s with her friends to go to the cafeteria she doesn’t have her bag anymore while she was wearing it earlier.
- During Mr Fumet’s class, we notice Matthias Burel of year 10 behind Odd, and Mohamed Kantaoui, Emilio Rodriguez and Pierre François of year 8.
- We notice Julien and Emilie of year 9 when William enters class and just before Yumi leaves for the factory we see students from all different classes.
- The flashbacks to when Franz took Aelita to Lyoko have slightly different dialogue to in episode 52, “The Key”. For example, when Franz says “See you in a minute, honey” Aelita replies “Alright, Daddy” instead of “See you in a minute, Daddy.”

About the series

- French title: Aelita

- Aelita effectively spent around 10 years as a computer program.
- New scenes from Aelita’s memories. They’re a continuation from those in episode 52 “The Key”.
- Second episode along with 55 “Tidal Wave” in which the episode title screen doesn’t picture a tower, but a Holomap with the Forest Sector absent after its destruction was in episode 54, “Lyoko Minus One”.
- Fourth episode beginning with one of Aelita’s dreams.
- Aelita’s mobile phone number is (33) 655-321-258!
- The key that must be deactivated in Sector 5 is the same as in episodes 29 “Exploration” and 44 “Vertigo”.
- Jeremy: “Your father sacrificed himself for you, Aelita.”
Jeremy alludes to episode 52 “The Key” when Franz gave his life to save his daughter.
- Ulrich: “It wasn’t easy for her to learn that she was human.”
Ulrich alludes to episode 51 “Revelation” when Aelita discovered her terrestrial origins.
- Franz: You possess the Keys to Lyoko, Aelita. XANA must never get his hands on them.”
Allusion to episode 52 “The Key” when Jeremy discovered the Keys which XANA found in Aelita’s memory, Franz’ fears being realised.

About references

- When Jeremy is in the library, he’s reading a book with a photo of the physicist Albert Einstein – a famous physicist from the 20th century – on the back. Jeremy also has a poster of Einstein in his room.

- Mr Fumet: “In Scandinavian mythology, a natural disaster brings about the end of the Norse gods’ world, scorching the Earth, before a new, peaceful world can arise from the ashes, called Ragnarok.”
What more is there to say?


Aelita: Daddy? Daddy where are you?
Franz: Here I am, Aelita.
(Balls of light float around Aelita)
Aelita: Daddy!
Franz: I can’t materialise myself into human form yet as you can, Aelita. I still have more work to do on Lyoko. This world needs to develop more.

Mr Fumet: You know, young lady, most of us go to sleep at night!

Mr Fumet: In Scandinavian mythology, a natural disaster brings about the end of the Norse gods’ world, scorching the Earth, before a new, peaceful world can arise from the ashes, called Ragnarok.
Odd: And roll! Hehehehe!
Mr Fumet: What was that?
Odd: Ragnarok and roll? Hehe! It was just a joke, sir…
Mr Fumet: Very funny, Della Robbia. And now, would you kindly leave this room?
Odd: Uh, is that a joke?
Mr Fumet: No, it’s an order!

Odd: I guess as jokes go, it wasn’t very funny.
Yumi: So how was history class?
Ulrich: Who cares? It’s history now!
Sissi: Well, miss Einstein, better get a good night’s sleep! A super brain like yours needs a little shuteye, and most of us, as you know, go to sleep at night!
Odd: Of course you don’t have that problem, Sissi, ‘cause your brains are in your feet!
Sissi: Isn’t Odd a riot? Look who’s got the nerve to talk about my feet, especially after what Heidi Klinger told me about yours!
Odd: What did she mean by that? What’s wrong with my feet? Huh?
Ulrich: Well uh, to put it tactfully…when you take your shoes off, it’s a little bit like…um…
Jeremy: Like a pile of very fresh manure that we just can’t seem to get away from!
Ulrich: That’s it!
Odd: Oh, come on, you’re nuts! Well, what do you know, there’s Heidi! Now we’ll find out! Hey, Heidi! Is it true my feet smell a little?
Heidi: A little?! Just make sure you and your sneakers don’t come within fifty feet of me!
(Yumi, Ulrich, Jeremy and Aelita burst out laughing)

Odd: This is a disaster! My reputation as a super stud is at stake! No girl is gonna wanna go out with a…uh…
Jeremy: A walking pool of toxic waste?
(Ulrich laughs)
Odd: Some friend you are, Ulrich! You could’ve said something, y’know! Given me a little hint, at least!
Ulrich: It’s hard to talk when you’re holding your nose, good buddy!
Odd: I thought you were trying to be funny!
Yumi (putting her arm around his shoulder): Don’t worry, Odd! Modern medicine must’ve found some kind of cure for it!
Jeremy: Well there’s…amputation, for example!

Odd: Uh, Emilie, can I ask you something? When we went out together, did you notice that uh-
Emilie: That your feet smell? Better believe it! Why do you think I kept dousing myself in perfume?

Odd: Yolande! I’ve got a real problem! It’s awful, I have-
Yolande: Yes, yes! Yes, I know. You suffer from severe plantar perspiration.
Odd: Say what?
Yolande: Your feet smell badly, Odd.
Odd: D’you mean to say that everyone in school knows?!
Yolande: No! There’s, um…well yes, everyone does know.

Franz: Aelita, I have to make contact with XANA, persuade him that we can live in peace with him.

Aelita: Do you think my father’s still alive?
Jeremy: Huh?!
Aelita: My father, Franz Hopper. Do you think it’s possible to rematerialise him?
Jeremy: No! Uh…what I mean is…well, there’s no way to.

Jeremy: Aelita, I’ve been working really hard on a way of getting into the World Wide Web, so that we can fight XANA. (he puts his hands on Aelita’s) And you should think the way I think! I mean…think about the future!
Aelita (pulling her hands away): And just forget my past, huh? You think it’s easy?! You didn’t spend ten years of your life as some sort of computer software! (she leaves the table) I wish I’d never recovered my memory…

Franz: You possess the Keys to Lyoko, Aelita. XANA must never get his hands on them. Do you understand?!

Franz: I’ve got to shut down the Supercomputer…
Aelita: But does that mean we’ll die?
Franz: No…but you mustn’t forget me. Ever! Never forget, Aelita…

Odd: But diplomatically he’s…um, uh…
Aelita: A total lame-o…
Odd: But he really likes you, you know that.
Aelita: And I really like him to, I just wish he would understand this…

Aelita: So? We don’t need Jeremy, do we?
Odd: Um, “we”?
Aelita: Just us! Just you and me.

Ulrich: Better talk to her-
Jim: No! You shouldn’t talk to anybody!
Jeremy: Huh?
Jim: There’s no talking permitted in a library! Anybody I find talking from now on is gonna have a little conversation with me! And if you haven’t had enough, after our little chat, you can just walk down the hall and have a talk with the principal! No talking!

Yumi: Hey William, did you study hard?
William: Yep! Just ask me anything you want about American history!
Yumi: Uh that’s great, but uh…the test is in math…
William: Uh-oh…

Ulrich: Talk plan?
Jeremy: Mhm.
Ulrich (yelling): I’m telling you the recipe calls of eggs, vinegar, whipped cream, a little wheat germ and peanut!
Jeremy: And I say you gotta use hazelnut!
Ulrich: You don’t!
Jeremy: You do!

Jeremy: Hey Ulrich, what was that recipe for anyway? It sounds totally gross!
Ulrich: It’s one of Odd’s concoctions!

Jeremy (sniffing): Hey, do you smell that? It’s weird, it smells as if Odd has been here!
Ulrich: Forget it, Jeremy. Odd hasn’t been here since yesterday. His feet smell, but not twenty-four hours later.

Odd: They’re not attacking. It must be a game!

Ulrich: Your telekinesis thing is really cool!

Aelita: It’s suicide!
Odd: You’re kidding! This is a snap, Aelita!

Ulrich: So then you’re not mad at them?
Jeremy: Not a chance! In fact, as soon as they get here they’re each gonna get a big kiss!

Jeremy: Are you at the extreme edge of the Sector?
Ulrich: Sir, yes sir!

Odd: These guys are tough to get a handle on!
Aelita: You know, you might try throwing one of your shoes at them!

Jeremy: Aelita? Where are you?
Aelita: In trouble!

Ulrich: Did we miss much of the show?
Aelita: No, just the opening act!

Ulrich: So what’s this “miracle cure” that Yolande gave you?
Odd: Hold on, I did tell you it was a surprise! Now close your eyes, Ulrich.
Ulrich: I’d rather close my nose, I think.

Ulrich (noticing the odour): Ohh! What’s that foul odour?!
(Kiwi jumps off the bed away from the smell)
Odd: It’s a cream! Pretty effective, huh? Now my feet don’t smell at all!
Ulrich: That’s because the stench of that cream is so horribly strong! (Odd doesn’t smell anything and Ulrich runs to the door) Ohhh! Help, open a window or I’ll die!

Jeremy: What’s this?
Aelita: What have you found?
Jeremy: A fragment of a DNA code sequence…that belongs to…Franz Hopper!
Aelita: Oh!
Jeremy: You were right, Aelita!
Aelita: My father might still be alive somewhere on Lyoko!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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