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#8 - End of Take (Season 1)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Laurent Turner
First aired in France on 22 October 2003 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 28 April 2004 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
A movie director is planning on filming his next movie in our heroes’ factory. What a catastrophe ! What will happen if they discover the lab, the super-calculator, and Lyokô ? After a vain attempt to dissuade the director, Ulrich succeeds in getting a job on the film. Just the thing to be able to keep an eye on the director and his team and protecting the lab at the same time. Unfortunately for him, Sissi has managed to get herself cast in a minor role in the film and won’t let him out of her sight. Bad luck always comes in threes, and in this case, X.A.N.A wakes up and takes control of the film’s leading-man: a plastic alien with huge tentacles. Its goal is to get rid of Ulrich and our other heroes. The director, believing the alien has been stolen, gets messed up in all this to try and track down the thief, namely Ulrich, and get his creature back. Get ready to see breath-taking chase scenes in the factory and our heroes in grave danger.

Detailed summary
Kadic Academy is visited by a science fiction film director, James Finson. He announces in front of the school that he’s going to do some scouting in the region for his new film, and that he’s particularly interested in an abandoned factory in the area. The heroes are worried; the Supercomputer is at risk of being discovered!
Improvising a plan at the last minute, Ulrich asks the director if he’s willing to take Ulrich as a guide of the factory, as he knows it by heart. During the visit, the teen makes up all sorts of reasons to change the director’s mind (ceiling potentially collapsing; radioactivity; presence of rats and ghosts). Unfortunately, the more Ulrich pushes the limits of his lies, the more enthusiastic the director gets about the filming spot. He recruits the boy as a technical advisor.
The situation changes in the heroes’ favour, Ulrich can observe Finson. Unfortunately Sissi has succeeded in convincing the director to give her a role in the film.

Once on set, the two teens are forced to sleep on site, without phones and thus cut off from the outside world, under orders by the paranoid Finson. The proud director will not tolerate leaks on set, lest someone else steal his ideas. The main character of the film is an alien with sharp teeth and the ability to spit threads of glue.

At nightfall, as everyone’s sleeping, Ulrich gets up quietly and goes to the lab, without noticing Sissi following him intently. At the same time, one of XANA’s spectres appears, emerging from an outlet. It enters the green monster marionette with fangs, brining it to life. The alien escapes its cage, senses alert.
Ulrich is talking to Jeremy and doesn’t hear Sissi enter the lab, incredibly suspicious. But before a long conversation can begin, the alien makes a sensational entry to the room. Ulrich warns Jeremy about the danger before fleeing, taking Sissi with him. He locks them in the lift and heads up to the main floor. Supple and agile, the monster clings onto the lift and begins to attack the floor, which yields to its battering.
At the school, Jeremy warns his comrades, while Aelita begins to hear pulsations. Yumi, Odd and Jeremy meet up at the factory, at the moment when Finson discovers the disappearance of the alien and the two students, on which his suspicions immediately fall. The same two students are caught by the alien who imprisons them in strands of glue, but strangely doesn’t do any harm to them, and slips away.

The factory is on high alert; an alien lurking about, and Finson’s team want to find it. Odd and Jeremy enter the lab. Yumi finds Sissi and Ulrich and frees them from the glue. But just as they’re saved from their sticky situation, the students are caught by a furious Finson!

Odd is sent to the Ice Sector where the activated tower is. Just as he arrives, Hornets begin to attack. The battle is intense.
The friends are detained by Finson who demands they tell him where the alien is. But the response reveals itself: the monster bursts into the room, and after taking care of its creator, it rushes to pursue the heroes again.
Odd fights heroically against the Hornets, while Aelita has a problem: there seem to be two activated towers side by side; XANA has created an illusion. Trusting her instinct, she enters one of the towers and punches in the Code Lyoko. Her choice proves correct, the alien stops right in the middle of strangling Yumi and Ulrich. After a Return to the Past, Ulrich meets Finson again and uses a different strategy, letting him know that another director has already filmed in the factory. Finson then lets go of the idea of shooting his own film there…

- Attack: Possess a plastic alien to track down the heroes and destroy them.
- Virtualisation: Odd
- Visited Sector: Ice
- Enemies met: Hornets (5)

- Discovery of Hornets.
- Only episode in which XANA creates an illusion of the activated tower.


About the characters

- First time Odd uses the phrase “Geronimo”.
- First episode in season 1 in which Jim doesn’t make an appearance.
- Second time Aelita slides (on her backside) in a tunnel in the Ice Sector.
- Sissi really likes Finson’s films, and dreams of being a star…and thinks herself very talented, she also discovers the factory and the lab for the second time before losing her memory of the event.

About errors

- The factory microphone changes twice (wireless).
- Ulrich’s shoe which the alien stole returns in one shot.
- The heart on Sissi’s t-shirt disappears at one point when she is glued to the wall.
- The marks under Nicolas’ eyes disappear when he and Herb watch Sissi.
- Finson’s pen becomes red after he offers Ulrich one of his signed photos.
- The phone crushed by the alien is not Yumi’s as it should have been, but Jeremy’s (black instead of red).
- At the moment when the RTTP is launched, we see it’s night time even though the episode took place in the morning.
- When Sissi and Ulrich arrive at the entrance to the factory, Finson’s guards are absent then reappear suddenly.
- The button on the lift disappears when Ulrich and Sissi enter and the ceiling (access) disappears when they are trying to escape the alien.
- Odd’s pants are entirely the darker shade of purple when he’s with Yumi and Jeremy watching Ulrich with Finson, and the colours are inversed when he enters the scanner and during his transfer.
- The buttons on Finson’s vest disappear when he declares that he likes dangerous shoots. His vest is open after having been thrown into the wall, and is closed again in the next frame.
- Behind Yumi, Julien Xao’s jumper changes colour after Yumi asks Odd why his teeth were chattering, then at the moment when the principal begins to talk, he is replaced by another student.
- At the moment when the alien sends two of Finson’s team members onto the wall, the woman is on the right of the man and in the following frame (when James joins them) their places are switched.
- In the Ice Sector, Odd says the place could use a little warmth (implying that it is cold), but one does not have a sense of touch on Lyoko, so one cannot feel temperature… (Humour on Odd’s part?)

- When the principal speaks in the hall, the students form a repeating pattern! It looks like there are many twins at Kadic! Also, the colours of Jeremy and Odd’s shirts are reversed (Odd with a blue one and Jeremy with purple).
An image to help support these points:

If you look in the row on the far left, Yumi appears twice! Sitting next to the second Yumi, the other warriors’ doubles have been slightly edited to make it look like there is only one of them, but the resemblance is noticeable.

About the series

- French title: Clap de fin

- Third of four episodes in which Sissi was voiced by Christine Flowers.
- The holomap can’t display the fake activated tower which appeared in this episode; it wasn’t on Jeremy’s screen.

About references

- The monster is an alien, resembling those in the Alien films.

- Ulrich: “Too bad about all that uranium they stored here for so many years and years…”
Uranium is a chemical element with the symbol U and the atomic number 92. It is extremely radioactive, hence Ulrich’s warning.


Jeremy: Totally ridiculous!
Ulrich: Wow! That was great!
Odd: I thought the special effects were pretty good, but…well, it wasn’t scary enough.
Yumi! You’re kidding! How come your teeth were chattering? For the sound effects?
(Yumi, Jeremy and Ulrich laugh, but not Odd)
Principal: Dear students, your attention please. I would like you all to give a warm welcome to the director of the film you’ve just seen, and which we all found very…interesting!

Finson: Ah, that’s right. And I’m also here to look for locations to shoot my new film! In fact, I heard there is an old factory around here that nobody uses anymore which I’m very interested in!
Jeremy: A factory? Oh no, not ours!

Sissi: Oh I’m so glad to meet you, mister Finson! I just love your films! I’m a big fan of yours!
Finson: Oh! Oh, really? Well I can’t argue with your taste! I like my films too. What’s your name?
Sissi: Um…why don’t you just write, “To Sissi, a rising star whom I’m going to give the leading role to in my next film.”
Finson: I think I’m going to write, “To Sissi, who’s got a lot of nerve!”
Sissi: And a lot of talent!
Finson: Well, I’m very sorry, Sissi, but the casting is over. The parts have all been distributed. So! Better luck next time, huh?

Finson: Fantastic, it’s even better than I thought!
Ulrich: Yeah, it looks alright, but the trouble is, it’s falling apart! Hopefully the ceiling won’t fall on our heads!
Finson: That’s great, I love a dangerous shoot! That’s what I always look for; an actor always works better under pressure!
Ulrich: Uh, mister Finson, you’d better watch out for your equipment! It’s crawling with rats here!
Finson: Rats? That’s lucky! I’ve got some big scenes to shoot with rats in them!
Odd (hiding): Conclusion: never trust Ulrich when he says there’s nothing to worry about!
Jeremy: Yeah, he tried to gross him out, instead he’s even more excited!

Ulrich: Too bad about all that uranium they stored here for so many years and years, maybe one day it won’t be radioactive anymore!
Finson: Mhm.

Ulrich: Well, there is an old rumour that this factory is haunted by ghosts! But I don’t believe a word of that…although…
Finson: Haha! This place just keeps getting better and better than I thought! And you seem to know every nook and cranny of it! I know! How would you like to work as a technical advisor on the film?
Odd, Yumi and Jeremy (fingers crossed): Yes, do it, say yes, say yes…
Ulrich: Are you serious?
Finson: ‘Course I am!
Odd, Yumi and Jeremy: YAAAAAY! O-shhhh!

Herb: Sissi, your father will never let Ulrich miss even one hour of school!
Sissi: Hm…we’ll see about that! Nothing can stop me from becoming a big movie star!

Finson: Wow, he said no, incredible! I even promised to put his name in the credits!

Jeremy: I don’t believe it! Sissi got a part in Finson’s film!
Ulrich: Yeah, in exchange for convincing her dad to let me skip school!
Odd: Ulrich and Sissi! Working together on a film…this could be the beginning of a great romance!
Ulrich: Yeah, right! She won’t leave me alone for one second!

Sissi: When I think that I’m about to become a big star, and that you, Ulrich honey, are lucky enough to witness the event live! Oh I envy you, I really do!

Sissi: Hello! Mister Finson is expecting us!
Secretary: Do you have cell phones, by any chance?
Sissi: Uh…cell phones? Uh, why of course! How could you think we didn’t?
Secretary: Confiscated, mister Finson’s orders!

Sissi: Cut off from the rest of the world! That’s so incredibly romantic! It’s almost like being alone on a desert island!
Ulrich: Oh man…fantastic, I can’t wait.
Sissi: Mister Finson! Um, I’m very anxious to get my script, if you don’t mind! I’d like to start working on my lines. You see we professionals are very serious!
Finson: Oh, why of course! One second, here it comes…there!
Sissi (unfolds the sheet of paper): Thank you! …AAAAAH?
Finson: You’ve got it, kid! You’ll be the alien’s first victim! 20 seconds on the screen! Yes, but 20 seconds of glory! Hahaha! Gory glory, too!

Jeremy: Hey, Ulrich…please tell me that wasn’t Sissi’s voice I just heard!
Ulrich: Uh, S-Sissi, listen! I can’t explain this to you, but uh, you can’t tell anyone about this or else-
Sissi: Or else what? A monster’s gonna squirt goopey goo all over my face huh, Ulrich?
(exactly that happens)

Employee: Who’s the moron that…oh! It’s you, boss, I’m sorry! Heh!

Sissi: Finson’s alien monster, it’s come alive! How can a machine made of plastic and rubber come alive?! I-mmph!

Odd (in the Ice Sector): Nice little place, but it could use a little heat!

Yumi (to Sissi and Ulrich, stuck in the goo): Whatever you go, don’t move a muscle!
Ulrich: Boy, aren’t you funny?
Sissi: Oh Yumi, I never thought I’d be saying this to you one day, but I’m actually very glad to see you for once!
Ulrich: You can kiss and make up later, we’ve gotta go, or XANA’s gonna get his way-

Odd: A little battle’s bound to keep me warm! Talk about a reception committee! Wow!

Odd (in the ice tunnel!): Hey I think I might just settle down and live here! Woohoo! By the way, Jeremy, what’s at the end of this?
Jeremy: Well, I uh…
Odd: Oh, I get the idea…Geronimo!

Sissi: For once I have a chance to show how talented I am and now that mechanical monster has to go nuts! What’s more, he decides to pick on me! I don’t understand! What did I ever do to that plastic piece of junk to deserve that huh?!
Yumi: Hey Ulrich, you think you could get her to keep still for a second?

Odd: Well Aelita, any sign of that tower yet?
Aelita: Yes, but I may be seeing double!
Odd: Jeremy! There are two towers!

Odd: I know what you’re going to tell me, “hurry up!” Well for your information, we’re not exactly having a tea party here!

Finson: No, no, I’ve given it some thought and I don’t think the factory’s a good idea. Besides, it wasn’t my idea in the first place! …what’s that? How dare you accuse me of lying to you?! I could find another producer, you know! I am not upset! (oh really?)


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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