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#53 - Straight to Heart (Season 3)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Françoise Charpiat
First aired in France on 9 September 2006 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 4 October 2006 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
A new school year begins. Back from their relatively quiet summer vacation, our heroes quickly find themselves back at odds with XANA. The diabolical artificial intelligence has raised the stakes with a new strategy of attack: wipe Lyoko off the digital map by destroying a sphere located in a yet undiscovered chamber in Sector 5. In effect, to rip out the heart of the virtual world itself! Meanwhile, Odd finds to his dismay that he is not in the same class as Jeremy, Ulrich and Aelita. What a disaster! But Odd also stumbles across a little-known tidbit of historical information from Jim’s past that might help him out: Jim once starred in a disco dance film… and the gym teacher doesn’t want the students at Kadic Academy to find out. Armed with this secret, Odd decides to blackmail Jim to get himself reassigned into his friends’ class…

Detailed summary
The summer holidays end with no sign of XANA. Ulrich and Odd return from their holidays and arrive at the lab… Jeremy has already implemented his new invention: a Superscan to localise XANA on the global network! But unfortunately he hasn’t figured out how to fight XANA effectively on the network itself… Yumi doesn’t seem bothered by any of this as she has something important to say to Ulrich, but hasn’t found the time, nor the right opportunity…

When the five heroes return to the school for the beginning of the school year, Odd discovers that he’s not in any of his friends’ classes! Outraged, he decides to see Mr Delmas in person… Yumi is constantly interrupted and can’t talk to Ulrich in peace… During this time, the new Superscan finds XANA in the USA and Jeremy heads for the factory with Aelita to learn more.

Odd learns from the principal that he’s not in Ulrich, Jeremy and Aelita’s class because Jim was clearly opposed to it…so the young man goes to find the teacher. He enters his room while the teacher’s not there and chances upon a photo of the teacher in a picturesque outfit while disco dancing! Launching an online search, he finds a film where Jim performs a series of ridiculous dance steps. He burns the clip onto a CD, having decided to blackmail Jim so that he can get back into his friends’ class. The sport teacher tries to snatch the CD away from him and Odd flees to join the others at the factory via the manhole in the park.

Among the trees, Yumi and Ulrich find themselves alone at last…Yumi explains to Ulrich that she’s tired of all the ups and downs they go through in their relationship and, therefore, they should remain friends and nothing more…Ulrich remains mostly silent, only murmuring a sequence of words “ok…fantastic…” …in turn, the kids join the others at the factory; Jeremy has spotted activity by XANA!

No tower is activated but a large number of monsters have amassed in Sector 5 and they have to find out why… The heroes reach Sector 5 and activate the key without difficulty; the monsters are seemingly absent from Lyoko! Jeremy remarks that there’s a room in Sector 5 they haven’t visited nor noticed yet…doing a bit of research, he finds this room at the south pole of the dome. The Lyoko Warriors, once having left the interior of Sector 5, discover the entrance, more difficult to access than previously thought… “Valves” open and close nonstop over the hole, resembling a mouth. To make things even easier, it’s being guarded by Mantas.

Driven by experience, the virtual fighters perform great feats, destroying all the Mantas and meeting up in front of a button, which activates a staircase…at the top of the staircase is an enormous room, resembling the inside of a tower: cylindrical, a vast space in the middle and a large spiral staircase on the walls…

But most importantly is the sphere situated in the middle of the room, seemingly floating in midair, being shot at by Creepers and Mantas. Jeremy identifies it: it’s the Core of Lyoko, where they find all the data for the virtual world; it’s what generates everything. It’s also towards which the four data streams leading from the Sectors converge; its destruction would mean the end of Lyoko, the world which now represents an obvious danger for XANA! The Core possesses two protective shields in the shape of cubes. Only one of two remain, the first having fallen victim to the monsters.

Yumi, Odd and Ulrich engage in battle against the Mantas and Creepers to protect the sphere, all while moving towards the top… All three are devirtualised, while, in the room, only one Creeper remains. Aelita faces it, and encouraged by Jeremy, she reveals her now power: she generates a pink ball of energy, throws it at the Creeper and devirtualises it. It shoots at the same time to devirtualise Aelita…but, to everyone’s surprise, she rematerialises in the scanners. Now that she’s regained her memories of her life on Earth, she’s completely human! The monsters therefore don’t represent a danger of killing her, she’s now a fully-fledged fighter!

Seeing reason, Odd gives the CD to Jim, apologising for trying to blackmail him. Touched by his gesture, Jim promises to see what he can do for the boy and his class problem…after all, he was also young once, but he’d rather not talk about it…

- Attack: Try and destroy the Core of Lyoko (no tower activation).
- Virtualisations: Aelita/Yumi/Ulrich/Odd
- Visited Sectors: Ice; Sector 5
- Enemies met: Mantas (4); Creepers (7)

- XANA is now on the global computer network.
- Jeremy has bettered the Superscan, to detect XANA on the network anywhere in the world.
- Although absent from the virtual world, XANA can still send monsters to Lyoko.
- Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich and Odd are now in year 9 and Yumi in year 10.
- There’s a room in Sector 5 where the Core of Lyoko can be found, which XANA wants to destroy to get rid of the virtual world.
- Human again, Aelita no longer has a need for Code Earth to come back through the scanners.
- Aelita has developed a new power: she can create and project balls of pink energy (energy fields); we don't know how but she can now fight like her friends.
- Yumi has declared to Ulrich that they’re remaining just friends because of problems with their relationship, bouts of jealousy and running around in circles.
- Discovery of Jim’s film “Paco, the King of Disco”!
- Discovery of the key to the Core Chamber.


About the characters

- First appearance of Johnny who will be a prominent character in episode 58, “The Pretender.”
- First time Odd rides a Manta.
- Hiroki is now at Kadic.
- Johnny finds Yumi attractive.
- The principal has a framed photo of his daughter.
- Ulrich and Odd left for two weeks on holiday.
- Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich and Odd are now in year 9 and Yumi in year 10.
- Yumi states that XANA hadn’t launched an attack during the summer holidays.
- Aelita hit the key in Sector 5, used her new power and was devirtualised for the first time; a great record!
- Jim insisted that Odd be separated from Ulrich, Jeremy and Aelita in class (for unknown reasons), he used to play pro basketball, he was thin and had blond, curly hair as a child and finally, he played a singer/disco dancer known as Paco. He made a film called Paco, the King of Disco!

About errors

- The factory computer microphone changes often (wired or wireless)
- Jim’s smile in the photo changes from when Odd spots it and when he picks it up.
- The door of Jim’s room is green when Odd enters but becomes blue in a later shot.
- The marks under Sissi’s eyes are absent when she kisses Odd on the nose and in her dad’s photo.
- In Sector 5, Odd inflicts pain on a Manta by digging his claws into its back, but on Lyoko, one doesn’t normally feel pain…this is a new opportunity to ask where the frontier is between Earth and Lyoko…

About the series

- French title: Straight to Heart

- It’s the beginning of the school year, therefore the episode takes place in September.
- The year 9 students don’t have class Saturday morning.
- First episode with a white tower on the title screen.
- First mention of the Core Chamber.
- First mention of the phrase “We’re just good friends, that’s all” which will be recurring in season 4.
- This episode marks the beginning of a long line of setbacks for Odd which lasts six episodes; “Pick on Odd Week” (separated from Jeremy, Ulrich and Aelita in class; not enough to eat; lost his tamagotchi; victim of severe plantar perspiration; believes he’s on Lyoko when he’s really on Earth and vice-versa; ends up with two clones of himself).
- In the English dub, a lot of fans believed that Jeremy’s voice actor changed in this episode, the supposed new voice actor voicing him in seasons 3 and 4. In actual fact his voice actress remains the same (Sharon Mann); she just decided to try something different with his voice this season.


Aelita: Welcome back campers!
Ulrich: Two weeks without us, not too long?
Odd: Did you miss me a little, ladies?

Ulrich: No news is good news, right?
Jeremy: That’s what you think. I trust XANA as far as I can throw him!

Yumi: Ulrich, wait a second. You know, I did a lot of thinking during the summer, and I have something important to tell you.
Ulrich: Tell me, I’m listening.
Odd: Yeah, come on!
Yumi: Be right there! I’ll tell you later, ok?

Odd: Something important to tell you? Like what?
Ulrich: I have no idea.
Odd: You think maybe she wants you to ask her to marry her?
Ulrich: Yeah, right. I was going to ask you to be my maid of honour, Odd…

Sissi: Hello Ulrich! You know we’re in the same class again? Cool, huh?
Ulrich: Yeah…cool…
Odd: If “cool” means “our worst nightmare,” then you’re right, being in the same class is really cool.

Sissi: Have yourself a good laugh Odd, enjoy it! Get it out of your system because in a few seconds you’re going to be crying!
(Sissi kisses Odd on the nose)
Odd: Ewww! Did you just see that?!
(Yumi, Jeremy and Aelita look disappointed)
Odd: Hey, why so sad?
Jeremy: You’re not in the same class as we are…
Odd: I’m not?!

Ulrich: Hang on! What was it you wanted to tell me?
Yumi: I wanted to say that, uh…
William: Hey Yumi! It’s really great to see you again. Did you have a good vacation?
Yumi (to Ulrich): I’ll tell you later, ok?

Ms Weber: I’m sorry, Odd. Mr Delmas is not seeing any students this morning.
Odd: I’m not here as a student, I’m…here as a friend!
Ms Weber: A friend?
Odd: Uh, yes! I mean as a friend of Sissi’s!

Ulrich: Jim wants to start up a basketball team this year. Seems he played pro ball…
Aelita, Yumi and Jeremy: But he would rather not talk about it!
Ulrich: Well, what did you want to tell me?
Hiroki: Hello!

Principal: So it seems my Elisabeth has a problem?
Odd: Well sir, when she found out that we weren’t in the same class this year, she just flipped!

Principal: And in addition, Mr Morales was quite clear when he requested that Stern, Belpois and you be separated.
Odd: Jim?! But why?!
Principal: I have no idea, why not ask him?

Yumi: Ok…what I wanted to say was that…well, during all last year I…see-
Sissi: Ulriiiiich!
Ulrich: Grr!
Sissi: I just got here and you’re leaving? How come?
Ulrich: GUESS! (he knocks the tray out of her hands)

Odd: Hm…pretty funky there, Jim!

Ulrich: Go on, I’m listening.
Yumi: Right. I think we’ve both been running around in circles.
Ulrich: We have?
Yumi: One day we’re together, the next we’re not, one day you’re jealous, the next day I am, and that’s why I think we’ve gotta clear up our relationship. We can be friends, but that’s all.

Aelita: He’s probably mad that we found him.

Ulrich: But…what’s that supposed to mean, just friends, that’s all?
Yumi: Isn’t it clear?
Ulrich: Uh…(his phone rings) yeah, ok…friends and that’s all…fantastic…that’s just great. Jeremy…ok, fantastic, that’s just great…

Odd: Jim Morales, disco film, enter! Haha! Bingo! Hahaha!

Odd: Now I see why you’d rather not talk about it, Mr Morales!

Odd: I guess you’d know all about the film. Paco, the King of Disco.
Jim (obviously lying): Uh…uh, no! Never heard of it!
Odd: Oh no? It’s a fantastic film! I was going to submit it to Gustave Chardin for his film club!
Jim: Uhh…I’m not sure that dud is worth showing at a film club.
Odd: Oh! So then you have seen it, Jim?
Jim: Uh…yeah! No! I mean I-I’d rather not talk about it!
Odd: Sure, no problem. You know, I got really interested in the film club because…I’m pretty lonesome now that all my friends are in a different class, if you get what I’m driving at!

Jeremy: Hey, you guys…what’s the matter, huh? Is there a problem?
Ulrich: Nope, no problem at all. We’re the best of friends…
Jeremy: Great, that’s a relief.

Odd: It’s easy! I decided to blackmail Jim!
Aelita: Blackmail Jim? But with what?
Odd: I know a secret he’s rather not talk about…and that he doesn’t want anyone else to talk about either!
Ulrich: You know what? I think blackmail’s really lame!
Odd: Whoa! Since when did you get so high and mighty? The end justifies the means, doesn’t it?
Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita: No!

Odd: Key in sight!

Odd: I thought I had my A game going!

Ulrich: Looks like you’ve got your Z game going today!
Odd: Lay off, will you? …did you talk to her?
Ulrich: Lay off, will you?

Odd: Hey, maybe that’s the place where XANA has his annual monster’s ball!

Ulrich: Get real man, that was me who got him.

Ulrich (seeing Odd riding the Manta): Nutcase!

Odd: Hi! How are you ladies?
Aelita: A little impatient!

Ulrich: They’re firing at some sort of blue ball!

Odd: Ok, then it’s down with the Creepers!

Jeremy: Whatever you do, you’ve got to stop the Creepers from destroying the sphere!
Ulrich: Why?
Jeremy: Because that is the heart of Lyoko! The direct access to all the core programs of the virtual world! If the monsters destroy it, it’s game over for good for Lyoko!

Jeremy: Aelita, it’s your turn now.
Odd: Her turn for what? She can’t do anything!
Jeremy: Watch!
(Aelita fires an energy ball at the Creeper)

Jeremy: Aelita developed some new powers during the vacation! She’s perfectly capable of fighting like you can!
Yumi: Jeremy! Look at that!
Jeremy: Oh no! She’s been devirtualised!
Odd: Are you saying that…
Jeremy: That’s right…dah…I can’t believe it!

Jeremy (to Aelita in the scanner): Hey, you realise you almost gave me a heart attack?!
(Aelita jumps into Jeremy’s arms)
Ulrich: Would someone tell me what happened?
Odd: Well it seems that even if Aelita loses all her life points she won’t disappear forever!
Ulrich: She won’t? How come?
Jeremy: Of course! I was too dumb to think of it before. Ever since you recovered your human memory, you’re exactly the same as us! We don’t need Code Earth anymore to bring you in!
Aelita: That’ll really help now that XANA is determined to destroy Lyoko to keep us from finding him on the net.
Yumi: That’s great, Aelita. You’re a full-fledged Lyoko Warrior from now on!

Odd: Just friends? And that’s all?!
Ulrich: Yup.
Odd: Oh, and what did you say?
Ulrich: I said, “ok, fantastic.”
Odd: “Ok, fantastic?” What’s the matter with you guys?!

Odd: Here. Blackmail isn’t really my thing. I’m very sorry, Jim.
Jim: Odd? Do you mean you did it just to be with your pals?
Odd: Well…boarding school is tough enough, but without your friends…

Jim: Well, after all I was young once too!
Odd: No kidding! I wonder what you were like!
Jim: I had blond, curly hair and…um…uh…and I would rather not talk about it.


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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