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#28 - Unchartered Territory (Season 2)
Screenplay: Bruno Regeste - Synopsis: Bruno Regeste & Sophie Decroissette
First aired in France on 7 September 2005 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 20 September 2005 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
While investigating the Hermitage, the house where Aelita has had visions, Jeremy discovers that it once belonged to a Mr. Franz Hopper, a former teacher at Kadic Academy. Even more interesting is the fact that there may be a connection between him, the factory and the Super-computer. Back at school, the other pupils are giving Aelita a hard time. In despair, she decides to run back to Lyoko – what a golden opportunity for X.A.N.A. to kidnap her! While the gang is looking for Aelita, they discover that X.A.N.A. has taken her to unknown sector -- Sector 5! The episode ends with our heroes saving Aelita from the grips of a new monster as it was trying to steal her memory! So who is Franz Hopper really? What will they find out in Sector 5? Why does X.A.N.A. want Aelita’s memory? Our heroes must get to the bottom of these new mysteries!

Detailed summary
Aelita wakes screaming in her room at Kadic after having the same dream as in “New Order”. Meanwhile Odd and Ulrich are in their room talking about something strange Jeremy found on the Internet. In fact, the brainiac has discovered that the old owner of the Hermitage from the previous episode was an old science teacher at Kadic, Franz Hopper.

Aelita is subjected to Sissi’s pranks and sent to an empty bathroom, which is in fact the boy’s room. Luckily, Odd and Ulrich are the only ones inside.
Jeremy wants to find out more about Franz Hopper and decides to go with Odd and Ulrich to look in the school archives. He finds the same signature as in the document he found on the Internet. He wants to go take another look at the Hermitage, but he finds nothing special aside from a history book on the Punic Wars, which he takes. Meanwhile Aelita has some trouble choosing what she wants from the school canteen menu and the people in line behind her become impatient. She tries to talk to Yumi but she goes to eat with William. She leaves the cafeteria feeling sad and having eaten nothing. Sissi bullies her once more and Aelita runs to the factory, deciding to virtualise herself alone without telling anyone.

It’s in Ms Hertz’ class that Jeremy and the group notice Aelita’s disappearance. Sissi tells them what Aelita told her: that she’s returned to Canada because she feels at home there. Jeremy asks to go to the infirmary and Ulrich and Odd join him. Jeremy thinks that Aelita has returned to Lyoko, so they go to the factory. Our brainiac was right, Aelita is on Lyoko but she’s not alone: Bloks are chasing her. Jeremy virtualises Ulrich, Odd and Yumi (who came from the pool). Aelita escapes the Bloks while the rest of the group is held back by two Krabes.
Meanwhile, Aelita has fallen into a trap. A white sphere with a blue eye of XANA on it appears behind her. It carries Aelita away. Jeremy searches Lyoko and finds a weak signal as well as the phrase “Welcome to Carthage”. Jeremy needs to enter a password to go any further and thinks about the book he picked up from the Hermitage; it talks about the Punic Wars and Carthage. He tries a few names but nothing works.
Meanwhile the team faces off against Hornets, aided by their vehicles. Jeremy rereads the enigma “Welcome to Carthage” and realises that to go into Carthage, you need to cross the city walls. He then remembers that it was Scipio who destroyed the city and types “Scipio”. The sphere comes back and carries our friends to a fifth sector where Aelita is, and has been exploring. Jeremy discovers that there’s only one minute and twelve seconds to leave Sector 5 before it closes up. In the meantime Aelita runs into a new monster resembling a jellyfish while has the power to steal her memory with its tentacles. It captures Aelita and begins to do its job, but luckily Odd, Ulrich and Yumi arrive just in time and free Aelita by attacking the monster. Then they run to the exit while the doors begin to close one after the other behind them. Odd is the last to get out, barely making it.

Jeremy retypes the code Scipio and the sphere takes them back to the Forest Sector outside a tower. Aelita enters to be materialised while Jeremy sends the others back as they are, as they have no need for Code Earth.
In Jeremy’s room, the group talks about their adventure on Lyoko. Jeremy says that the giant Scyphozoa must have been looking for something Aelita knows. Ulrich and Yumi tell Jeremy they’d like to explore the new Sector. But Jeremy opposes, saying that he needs to study it more, given that it’s completely new to them, and therefore dangerous. Aelita asks if the group if they’re angry at her for going to Lyoko without saying anything. Jeremy responds that they’re not and promises to spend more time with her. Then Odd suggests that he give her lessons on talking back to Sissi. While talking about her, she arrives at the door…but at the moment when Odd wants to get violent, Aelita butts in and takes a jab at her herself. The episode finishes on the gang laughing!

- Attack: None on Earth. Force Aelita into Sector 5 where the Scyphozoa is waiting for her…
- No activated tower but first trip to Sector 5.
- Virtualisations: Aelita; Ulrich/Odd/Yumi
- Visited Sectors: Forest; Sector 5
- Enemies met: Bloks (2); Krabes (2); Hornets (12); Creepers (4); the Scyphozoa

- Franz Hopper was the owner of the Hermitage, and also an ex-science teacher at Kadic.
- XANA can use its new Schyphozoa to steal Aelita’s memory.
- First appearance of Mister Pück (in Aeltia’s visions)
- Discovery of Ulrich’s Supersprint power.
- Discovery of Creepers and the Schyphozoa.
- Discovery of the Transporter, Code Scipio, Sector 5 and its ability to change rooms.


About the characters

- According to Ulrich, Sissi takes three showers a day.
- Sissi’s real first name is Elisabeth, but she doesn’t like it…
- Odd eats eggs at breakfast.
- Ulrich is terrible at history.
- First mention of Mr Chardin.

About errors

- Aelita’s outfit is reversed at the moment when she arrives in the room with Creepers in it.
- Odd has a blue towel and Ulrich green. When Aelita enters the boy’s bathroom, during one shot, their towel colours are reversed.
- The colours of Odd’s pants are inversed when Ulrich tells him “Oh shoot” and they become entirely the darker shade of purple when he closes the lift door.
- The factory microphone disappears from Jeremy’s ear in two shots, also the microphone keeps changing (wired or wireless).
- At the end before and after Aelita says to Sissi “You might just sprout a brain” and the following shot shows the heroes laughing, it’s daytime outside Jeremy’s window though the action took place at night.
- We notice Jean-Baptiste Pujol in front of Aelita in the line to the girl’s room even though he’s a boy. He was also shown near the front of the line in an earlier shot in his regular clothes minus his jacket, then teleported to the back of the line in his pyjamas and holding a toiletries bag.
- When Sissi tells Aelita about the empty shower room upstairs (which should be downstairs), her hair disappears below her arm.
- When Aelita leaves the line to go to the boy’s showers, her sleeves are the same colour as her skin.

About the series

- French title: Terre inconnue

- Some confusion has arisen about the spelling of this episode's title. “Unchartered territory” denotes an area that is lawless, irregular or unauthorised, whereas “uncharted territory” means an area that hasn't been recorded on some kind of map. With regards to Sector 5, both words are applicable.
- First allusion to Franz Hopper.
- First use of the delayed virtualisation program.
- First episode starting with Aelita’s dream.
- Allusion to the previous episode about the discovery of the Hermitage.
- Jeremy devirtualises the heroes for the first time without them losing life points or a return to the past.
- Odd: “Sissi’s such a brat! And to think you guys actually kissed once!”
Allusion to episode 19, “Frontier” in which Ulrich kissed Sissi so she’d get Yumi out of her father’s office.

About references

- The code Scipio refers to General Scipio Africanus, a Roman officer who led the troops in a final assault against Carthage. He landed in Africa and allied with the Numidian king to crush the Carthaginian forces in the battle of Zama in 222. Carthage was razed and the area was salted so that nothing would grow there.

- Jeremy : “Physics text books; Frank, Heisenberg, Schrodinger…”
All three of these people were physicists.
Frederick Charles Frank is best known for his work on crystal dislocations and the idea of the Frank-Read Source of dislocations. Proposed the cyclol reaction in the mid-1930s.
Werner Karl Heisenberg was the founder of quantum mechanics, won a Nobel Prize in 1932.
Erwin Schrodinger developed a number of results in quantum theory, which formed the basis of wave mechanics. Well-known for the Schrodinger’s cat paradox that criticised the conventional Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics.

- Scyphozoa is a class within the phylum Cnidaria, which refers to a type of jellyfish. The name comes from the Greek word skyphos, denoting a kind of drinking cup which the organism resembles.


Jeremy: Odd, you’re a real walking stomach, you know that?
Odd: And you’re a walking brain! You see? We complement each other!
(Jeremy glares at him)

Sissi: What can I say? Ulrich sweetie, she’s gonna have to adapt, isn’t she? It’s a jungle out there!
Odd: You can say that again! I’m looking at a big baboon right now!
(Odd and Ulrich laugh)

Odd: Sissi’s such a brat! And to think you guys actually kissed once!
Ulrich: Hey, cool it, huh? That’s ancient history.

Yumi: So you think the owner of the Hermitage and the science teacher are the same person?
Ulrich: Well, let’s face it, huh? Finding two guys called Franz Hopper in a radius of less than half a mile would sure be a real coincidence.

Yumi: Are you alright, Aelita?
Aelita: Uh…I can’t get used to living here…I had another nightmare last night. The same one.
Yumi: You haven’t even been here for a week yet. You’ll see, you’ll feel better in no time.

Ulrich: Oh, shoot!
(Odd and Ulrich smile stupidly at Ms Weber)
Ms Weber: Shouldn’t you be in class? Well, children?
Ulrich: We’re looking for um…uh, a teacher!
Ms Weber: Oh, really? Which one?
Ulrich (at the same time as Odd): Ms Meyer!
Odd (at the same time as Ulrich): Mr Chardin!

Ms Weber (off then in): Uh, come to think of it, at this time of day if you can’t find your teachers it probably means they’re in class.
Jeremy: It’s ok, guys! I found Ms Hertz! (to Ms Weber) Ma’am!
(Ms Weber rolls her eyes)

Sissi: So! Going back to the great white north?
Aelita: Why not? At least I feel at home there!

Ulrich: Still looks as creepy as ever…what are we looking for?
Jeremy: How should I know?

Ulrich: The Tunic Wars? What’s that?
Jeremy: Punic, not Tunic! The war between the Romans and the Carthaginians. We studied it last year, don’t you remember anything?
Ulrich: No.

Sissi: Well I do, ma’am! She went back to Canada!
Jeremy: Canada?!
Sissi: Yeah, that’s what she told me! She even said “At least I feel at home there”!

Jeremy: Ma’am…uh…I don’t feel very well. Can I please go to the infirmary?
Ms Hertz: Of course, Jeremy.
Odd and Ulrich: Can we take him?
Ms Hertz: Well…oh…oh… (the three boys get up without looking at the teacher) …alright then. But don’t dilly-dally!

Ulrich: Where are you doing?
Jeremy: To the factory!
Odd: You think Aelita’s there?
Jeremy: She told Sissi she was going back to Canada. I think she meant “I’m going back to the place I came from,” which means Lyoko!

Odd: Go ahead, Ulrich! With your speed you’ll get there first!
Ulrich: You’re right…
Yumi: Too late!

Ulrich: Your move, Odd!
Odd: I love this!

Odd: What are you waiting for? Call us a taxi!
Jeremy: It’s on the way!

Odd: What? She’s already gone? She must really be mad at us!
Jeremy: This is no time for jokes, Odd! I’ve lost Aelita from my screens!
Yumi: You…you mean…she’s…
Jeremy (panicked): No! I…I doubt it. I think she’s just…disappeared from the screens as if…

Jeremy: Hey, that’s strange…Aelita’s not in this Sector anymore. She’s not in any Sector, actually!
Ulrich: W-wait, can you explain that a little better?
Jeremy: No, not really! Let’s just say she’s in a Sector…that doesn’t exist…a fifth Sector!
Odd: Huh? A fifth Sector? Have you gone bananas or what?
Jeremy: No…

Odd: Uh-oh, now things are really starting to buzz!

Ulrich: Jeremy, what are we doing?
Jeremy: Wait, I’ve got a little problem!
Odd: That’s no biggie! As long as it’s not a biggie…
Jeremy: I need a password…something to do with Carthage I think!
Ulrich: This is no time for a history lesson!
Jeremy: A history lesson! That’s exactly what I need!
(He takes the Punic Wars book from his bag)

Ulrich: Hey Jeremy…any day now!

Odd: Whenever you’re ready Einstein!
Jeremy: Hey, you guys, I’m doing my best!

Jeremy: I’m going around in circles! “Welcome to Carthage”! Let’s see…you’ve gotta go into Carthage…you have to defeat Carthage! Who defeated the Carthaginians? …Scipio!

Yumi: Hey, the Hornets are calling it quits!
Odd: Come back, you cowards!
Ulrich (seeing the Transporter): What’s that ball doing there?

Ulrich: How did you do that, Jeremy?
Jeremy: Let’s just say I got a little help from Franz Hopper! Welcome to Sector 5, everyone.

Jeremy: I think Aelita’s being attacked, and time is almost up!
Yumi: Can you guide us?
Jeremy: Take the footbridge behind you, hurry up! This is no time for sight-seeing!

Ulrich (seeing the Scyphozoa): Uh…Jeremy…there’s this…thing in here…

Odd: We’ve got your ticket out of here, Aelita!

Odd: You should’ve seen it, Jeremy! There were all these creepy things, and in the middle this kind of huge jellyfish holding Aelita!
(Kiwi growls)
Aelita: Can you imagine that thing was stealing my memory?

Ulrich: I can’t wait to go back to the fifth Sector. There’s so much to explore there!
Yumi: I’ll go with you. It’ll be totally awesome.
Jeremy: Whoa, not so fast! I have to study it first! For now, it’s unchartered territory! Which means it can be totally dangerous!

Odd: And if you want, I’ll teach you plenty of ways to tell Sissi to go to-
Sissi: Odd!
Odd: Huh?
Sissi: Do you know what your filthy mutt did in the shower? Oh! (seeing Aelita back) What a pretty picture! So you finally found Mrs Einstein!
Ulrich: Yeah, while you were taking your third shower of the day!
Sissi: Hmph, well you know, Ulrich dear, a beautiful flower like me needs to be watered often!
Odd (angry): You-
Aelita: Yes, you never know; you might just sprout a brain!
(Odd, Yumi, Ulrich and Jeremy laugh)
Sissi: Morons!
Ulrich: I think you can give Odd lessons, Aelita!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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