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#1 - Teddygozilla (Season 1)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Frédéric Lenoir
First aired in France on 3 September 2003 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 19 April 2004 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
The XANA super-calculator has mounted another attack against our planet. This time, it has taken control of little Milly's teddy bear. Milly is a student at the same junior high school our heroes. Not only does the teddy bear come to life and become very aggressive, but he grows to be as big as a building before our very eyes. The safety of the whole city is in jeopardy. While Ulrich rushes off to help Yumi, Odd will have to fight on Lyokô alone -- with Jeremy acting as his moral support and guide -- so that their virtual friend Aelita can foil the XANA's attack. In the meantime, Yumi and Ulrich, with Milly in tow, will have to pull off something pretty amazing if they want to escape the giant teddy bear's terrible grips.

Detailed summary
The first episode of Code Lyoko begins through the camera of Milly and Tamiya, the two year 6 student journalists, who are filming a news story in the hall about a prom organised by the school for the year 8/9 students. When the two underage girls interview the principal’s daughter about the night and the election of Beauty Queen, the teen responds maliciously. Her aversion to the little pest throws Milly off; in a desperate move she asks if Ulrich would like to take her to the prom. Caught bewildered by the question the boy explains that he had already invited Yumi. The year 6 student leaves the hall in tears…

Jeremy is in his room: he is communicating with Aelita about XANA as well as her materialisation, which would permit the virtual humanoid to come live on Earth.

Milly wishes that the entire world, and especially adults, would treat her and other kids better, and confides in her teddy bear in the shed…she leaves it there and quickly departs with her journalist colleague. But XANA, who activates a tower in the virtual world, goes on the attack, and smoke surreptitiously enters the teddy bear. The possessed object goes to take vengeance on Sissi and wrecks her whole room, causing Sissi to run terrified without having seen the threat.

The gossip spreads throughout the school and the five heroes ask themselves if XANA is behind this rather fishy affair! But Jeremy attributes it to a power surge which caused a short circuit. Milly, returning to the shed, is unable to find her teddy bear and is reprimanded by Jim because access to the shed is prohibited for students.

Later in the afternoon, the teacher leaves the gymnasium and is attacked by the bear, which has now reached the size of a large tree. The PE teacher ends up in the infirmary, and draws a picture of his attacker to give to the principal who worries about the teacher’s mental welfare! But Odd retrieves the picture of the giant bear and alerts Ulrich and Jeremy, Yumi having left for her house.
While the brunet stays on Earth to take care of the bear, the two blonds head for the factory to verify if XANA is involved! Odd virtualises into the Desert Sector and finds Aelita, while on his side Ulrich discovers with dread a giant bear footprint embedded in the tar; the monster is headed for Yumi! Its size seems to increase in parallel with its fury.

Following the pulsations, Odd finds himself in danger on Lyoko; Kankrelats, XANA’s monsters, approach. A battle ensues near a crater in the Desert, but the catboy manages to hold an advantage.

On Earth, Ulrich beats the bear to Yumi, grabs her arm and leads her throughout the city streets, pursued by the furious plush toy, which could now stand up to Godzilla. The duo rushes to the Kadic school hall and crash the dance with intent to raise the alarm.

On Lyoko, Odd, thanks to one of his flash visions, saves Aelita from a fall in the crater. The two Lyoko Warriors, chased by Kankrelats, enter an underground passage leading to the tower. A Megatank stands between the edifice and the heroes. After several shots from its powerful elliptic laser, Odd triumphs, lodging a laser arrow in its eye. Aelita heads to the activated tower.
Ulrich doesn’t have much success; the bear arrives in the hall before he’s finished raising the alarm. Just at the moment the bear is about to crush him, Aelita enters the Code Lyoko. And it’s in a relieved Yumi’s arms that Ulrich sees the intense white light, characteristic of the Return to the Past, extend all over the world.
Reliving the scene at the beginning of the episode, Ulrich inflicts shame in Sissi by accepting Milly’s invitation to the prom…Yumi will go to the prom with Odd!

- Attack: Control a teddy bear and increase its size to crush the heroes.
- Virtualisation: Odd
- Visited Sector: Desert
- Enemies met: Kankrelats (7); Megatank (1)

- Discovery of the relationships between Yumi/Ulrich and Jeremie/Aelita…
- Discovery of the Desert Sector, Kankrelats and Megatanks.
- Discovery of Odd’s Lyoko form and his power of anticipation (Future Flash).
- Discovery of Lyoko and of the heroes’ fight against XANA, the idea of virtual combat and tower deactivation, materialisation/virtualisation, the Digital Sea, returns to the past, and much more! (See the start of the History section)


About the characters

- First time a XANA monster falls into the Digital Sea.
- First time Aelita almost falls into the Digital Sea.
- Sissi was elected Beauty Queen of Kadic the year before.
- Odd uses his two arrow launchers simultaneously, which only happens twice in season 1.
- Jim has mastered a martial arts style in which he is a black belt.

About errors

- The towers in the Desert don’t have a coloured glow.
- The manhole cover on the bridge is completely removed when Jeremy and Odd climb out.
- The buttons on Milly’s vest disappear in three shots.
- The marks under Nicolas’ eyes disappear in two shots.
- Herb’s hair is entirely black when Ulrich accepts Milly’s invitation.
- The door to Milly and Tamiya’s room changes colour in two shots (grey then green).
- After the return to the past, Milly’s t-shirt is the same colour as her skirt in two shots.
- The microphone cord on Jeremy’s computer disappears when he tells Aelita that he’s made more progress on the materialisation program.
- The factory computer microphone changes often (wired or wireless) and is in Jeremy's right ear during Odd’s transfer.
- When Jeremy makes the selection for the virtualisation, all the cards show Odd’s virtual avatar.
- Milly’s pants and boots are the same colour as her skirt during one shot in her room with Tamiya.
- Sissi’s epilator disappears in two shots from her vanity and the tissue box turns red when the shelf collapses.
- We see Emilie without her glasses when viewed from behind and in the following shot she is behind Milly and Tamiya and her glasses reappear.
- The lights at Yumi’s house are off and the door open when she and Ulrich escape the giant bear while they were already turned on, and the door handle is on the left instead of the right.
- When Sissi is putting her make-up on in her room with white cream on her face, it disappears when everything starts falling (one would assume she removed it in that time). On the other hand, when she leaves her room next to her father, she has more cream applied.
- Odd’s pants are the same shade of purple when he asks “Is something wrong, Milly?”, when he talks to the principal, when he retrieves the drawing of the bear from the rubbish bin, when Jeremy says “Always there when you least expect him,” and when Ulrich says he’ll stay at Kadic, then the colours of Odd’s pants are reversed when he enters the scanner.
- Odd’s purple hair splotch isn’t there when Nicolas and Herb cringe at the thought of taking Milly to the dance.

About the series

- French title: Teddygozilla

- In the US, criticism erupted that the scenes of Yumi and Sissi appear too revealing.
- In the opening, this episode is the only one that credits the scriptwriter as “Fred Lenoir” rather than “Frédéric Lenoir.”
- First of two episodes in which Odd was voiced by Christophe Caballero.
- First of three episodes in which Sissi was voiced by Christine Flowers.

About references

- Teddy is a name commonly given to teddy bears.

- Odd exclaims at one point “Houston, we’ve got a problem,” in reference to the film Apollo 13 by Rob Howard in which the heroes say that phrase when faced with a problem.

- The allusion by Sissi to King Kong relates to the famous giant ape film from 1933 directed by Ernest B. Shoedsack and Merian C. Cooper, with remakes in 1976 by John Guillermin and most recently by Peter Jackson in 2005.

- Teddygozilla's name derives from the famous Godzilla, the dinosaur from the Japanese film directed by Ishiro Hondo in 1954 and remade in the US in 1998 by Roland Emmerich.


Milly: Well, Sissi, how about a few words for our TV audience before the big night?
Sissi: Sorry munchkins, I only talk to real, pro reporters. I have no time to waste on a couple of nerds!
Milly: But it’s for the school news programme! What about freedom of the press?
Sissi: Oh, Milly! Little dipsticks your age don’t have any freedom, understand?

Milly: Uh...uh...Ulrich? Would you be my date tonight?
Ulrich: Uh...I’m sorry, wouldn’t be a very good idea...I’m too old for you.

Sissi: But don’t worry, Milly, I’m sure you’ll find a boy for the sandbox dance!

Aelita: The key to materialisation? You’ve finally found it at last?
Jeremie: Uh, well no...not yet, but I’m working on it!

Tamiya: It’s true Ulrich could’ve been a little nicer...

Yumi: Don’t look so gloomy, Ulrich. Is it because of Milly? You could’ve said yes. You know, me...and the prom...
Odd: Even if I was your date?
Ulrich: Sissi really did come on strong. If meanness is one of the qualities of a beauty queen, she’ll get re-elected, alright.
Jeremie: That’s true. But try to get Miss World to see that!
Odd: Haha! Miss World, huh? Miss In-Her-Own World is more like it!

Milly: At least you don’t care how old I am, do you? We understand each other. We’re not like those dumb older kids who always want to run things...they think because we’re young we don’t count at all. If for once, we were older...a lot older than them...they wouldn’t laugh at us, would they?

Sissi: Hey, I hope you two aren’t going to follow me around all day long. As far as I know, you’re not beauticians. So stop sticking to me like glue! I don’t need you, understand? So scat!
Herb: Uh...Sissi...we-we thought-
Sissi: Take this advice; don’t think, it doesn’t suit you!

Sissi: And that other freak who had the nerve to invite Ulrich! Can’t believe it! If anybody’s going out with Ulrich, it absolutely has to be me. I am the star, the diva of the school!

Odd: What do you say we take a look to make sure our old friend XANA isn’t behind this?

Ulrich: What do you think?
Jeremie: A simple short-circuit. Too many appliances plugged in at the same time.
Yumi: Yeah, the highlights, lady shaver, curling iron...all together, what do you expect to happen?
Odd: Not to mention the brain stimulator! Although she probably never figured out how to use it!

Jim: Now listen here, huh? I would change the way I talk if I were you, little girl.
Milly: Little girl?! Ok, I’m young, so what?! It’s only big kids who can say what they think, huh?

Odd: Ah, who would’ve believed it? Soon she’ll be playing with dolls!

Jim: You’d better watch out! I-I’m a black belt!

Jeremie: I’m not so sure...and you know just what I mean.
Yumi: Anyway, let’s play it real cool. Walls have ears, y’know? Well...I’ve gotta go now and get ready for the prom tonight. Sometimes being a day student can be a total drag!
Ulrich: Don’t complain! No-one wakes you at 6AM, you have hot water, and you don’t have to sleep next to smelly Odd...

Ulrich: XANA? In a teddy bear?
Odd: Yeah, I’m pretty sure.
Jeremie: He’s always there when you least expect him...

Odd: I volunteer!
Jeremie: What did I just say, huh?

Ulrich: Say hi to you-know-who for me!

Aelita: If it’s under XANA’s control, it’ll only become much madder. It’ll go for anybody that’s around, especially his mortal enemies. Like you!

Odd: Phew! Oh, we can’t leave you alone for one second, huh?

Jeremie: Odd, hurry up. Teddy’s getting real angry.

Odd: Uh-oh...(seeing the Megatank) Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Odd: Just give me a minute to say hello to an old buddy of mine!
Jeremie: Cut the courtesy, you only have 50 life points left!

Odd: Now that’s what I call a really warm welcome!

Ulrich: Stop! Listen to what I have to say! You have all got to get out of here! We have to evacuate the gym. Now, keep calm...
(Long silence, everyone stares at Ulrich)
Ulrich: I’m not joking, this is serious. We are about to be attacked by a gigantic teddy bear!
(Everyone laughs)
Jim: Ha! I knew it! I saw it too! I saw the giant teddy bear too!
Sissi: Quiet, quiet! Shut up, all of you! You bunch of idiots! Can’t you see what he’s trying to do?! It’s a trick, I tell you, a trick to keep me from winning again this year! A gigantic teddy bear, come on! Why not King Kong while you’re at it?
(The wall of the hall behind the stage crumbles and the XANAfied bear is on the other side)

Ulrich: Ready for a trip into the past, Yumi?

Milly: Ulrich? Would you, uh...would you...would you be my date?
Ulrich: Be glad to, Milly. I’ll see you here at 8.
Milly: Really?!
Ulrich: Well sure! You’re not too mad at me are you, Yumi?
Yumi: Not at all! Anyway, my secret admirer will take me tonight. Right, Odd?
Sissi: What?! But...Ulrich! You’re gonna...go with that...that silly baby?!
Ulrich: That’s right, I sure am. But don’t worry, when your brain gets another neuron or two, maybe I’ll go out with you too.


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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