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#52 - The Key (Season 2)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Sophie Decroisette & Bruno Regestre
First aired in France on 8 February 2006 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 9 December 2005 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Thanks to Franz Hopper’s journal, which they have finally deciphered, Jeremy understands what the virus tying Aelita to XANA is -- a “fragment” of Aelita herself that XANA has stolen. They must get it back at all costs if they want to finally pull the plug on the Super-computer and destroy XANA! But Aelita has been thrown into confusion by some of the revelations about herself in Franz Hopper’s journal. In a state, she risks her life by trying to switch off the Super-computer by herself. Jeremy comes to the rescue and manages to persuade her to take part in the final mission in Sector 5 to recover her missing fragment. The final combat against XANA is about to begin…

Detailed summary
Jeremy spent the night looking at Franz Hopper’s newly-decrypted journal. In it, he learns a number of things: Carthage was a military program Hopper participated in, without knowing it. When he learnt the project was designed to block enemy communications, he created Lyoko and XANA to destroy Carthage. But he realised that he was being watched and someone wanted him dead. Nonetheless, he was able to continue his work thanks to his discovery of the Return to the Past! The last fragment of the journal contains a video of Hopper announcing he’s going to live on Lyoko with his daughter Aelita, where they’ll reign supreme and both hold the Keys to this world…

The enigma is then solved: XANA wanted Aelita’s memory to get the Keys to Lyoko contained in her and escape the Supercomputer!
Upon returning to the school, Jeremy announces the good news to the group: Aelita never really had a virus, but XANA stole a fragment from her; a part of her! And he located that same fragment in Sector 5. They need to then go there to get it back, their final mission… But without explanation, Aelita gets angry, developing a complex about her humanity, her father who stole her life, and the risk she and her memory pose to the world; she then goes to the factory and willingly turns the Supercomputer off, putting her life in danger… Jeremy finds her in time and turns the machine back on, promising her while he hugs her tenderly to make her human again, then she’ll have her whole life ahead of her.

During this time, at Kadic, the end-of-year dance is in preparation and everyone must find a partner; Ulrich and Yumi become confused because of William and Sissi, the Japanese girl returning home, deciding not to go to the dance… Ulrich plucks up his courage and goes to her house, because he “came to tell you something”!
The result of an unfortunate accident, Jeremy chooses this moment to call Ulrich, and asks the group to convene at the factory for the final plunge. The confession of his feelings is once again postponed…

The friends go to Lyoko and make their way to Sector 5… Nothing seems to be able to stop them: neither the army of Creepers mobilised by XANA nor the key hit by Yumi after some brilliant gymnastics. This ask accomplished, a deep, hollow passage appears, plunging into the bowels of Sector 5. The foursome go down, unknowingly descending into hell…
Arriving at the bottom, they see their goal: Aelita’s missing fragment, at the end of a long bridge. Quickly, XANA sends another group of Creepers after them. In the struggle to get to the fragment, Odd and Yumi are heroically devirtualised…

XANA then uses the full extent of its power and brings the whole room down. All seems lost but Franz Hopper intervenes again: he saves the heroes from falling by taking control of XANA’s Mantas. Aelita is dropped in front of her fragment and takes it in her hands. But it’s just a ruse: the fragment disintegrates and the room begins to fall apart again…Ulrich and the Mantas are destroyed in an instant; Aelita is the only one left, isolated on the floating platform…
The Scyphozoa then arrives and finally finishes its mission: it steals Aelita’s memory as Jeremy watches on with tears in his eyes. The girl falls to the floor of Sector 5, unmoving and lifeless…

With a huge rumbling noise, XANA finally leaves the Supercomputer in a huge whirlwind of smoke above the factory… In its flight, we see Lyoko dying as all the towers are activated…

While the heroes mourn their loss, a new twist emerges: the towers become white one after the other, Lyoko lives once more… Franz Hopper, its creator, has given it life once again! In a white sphere the young Aelita’s eyes open again: she sees all the memories of her past, the fragment of her memory she was missing!

She sees herself growing up with Franz and her pink-haired mother, she sees her disappear with a scream, she sees the day the mysterious men in black came to her house, and when he father took her to the factory and sent them both to Lyoko… Then she is devirtualised.

Upon returning to Earth, our heroes meet in Jeremy’s room, discussing what had happened: One thing is prevalent: fighting XANA is their mission, and they will continue to do so, no matter what the AI does to try and stop them…
They form a circle of friendship, while Aelita rejoices about being fully human…

- Attack: None, just extreme defensive measures in Sector 5.
- Virtualisations: Ulrich/Odd/Yumi/Aelita
- Visited Sectors: Ice (passing through); Sector 5
- Enemies met: Creepers (18); Mantas (2, possessed by Franz Hopper); the Scyphozoa

- Aelita never had a virus, but a missing fragment which XANA stole from her which contains all her memories from her life on Earth.
- The Scyphozoa succeeds in stealing the Keys to Lyoko in Aelita’s memory, allowing XANA to leave the Supercomputer and let Lyoko die.
- We see summary images of Aelita’s childhood: her being given Mister Puck; the disappearance of her mother; the famous day on which she and her father fled to Lyoko.
- Franz brings Lyoko and Aelita back to life as well as returning Aelita’s missing fragment, making her fully human again.
- The heroes decide to continue to fight against XANA wherever it is, together.
- XANA, like Aelita, is no longer linked to the Supercomputer.
- First appearance of Anthea Hopper (in Aelita’s flashbacks).


About the characters

- First appearance of Anthea Hopper (in Aelita’s flashbacks).
- Aelita dies at one point in this episode before being saved by Hopper.
- Sissi believes she’s the most beautiful girl at Kadic.
- Ulrich and Yumi are confused about invitations to the dance, from Sissi and William; just before the final mission, Ulrich was about to declare his feelings for Yumi.
- Jim reminds us that chaotic behaviour, suggestive dances and messing around are severely reprimanded at the end-of-year dance.
- Aelita develops a complex about her humanity and tries to turn the Supercomputer off to save the world but Jeremy shows her reason again by saying they’ll save the world together.
- Odd, because of his reputation, is seen by most girls as a womaniser.

About errors

- The front door of Yumi’s house is blue instead of grey.
- Yumi’s outfit is reversed during two shots in the room with Aelita’s fragment in it.
- Aelita’s outfit is reversed during one shot.
- The right sleeve of William’s shirt is the same colour as his t-shirt at the moment when Yumi says she’s sorry.
- The girl Odd wanted to go to the dance with was said to be called Carla, but according to official documents, her name is Jeanne Le Bihan.
- When Yumi rejects William’s offer and glances over at Ulrich, wanting to go to the dance with him, Ulrich and Odd are shown standing with Magali, only a few minutes after she told Odd she never wanted to speak to him again.

About the series

- French title: Réminiscence
- Second episode in the season 2 finale.

- First mention of Project Carthage.
- First mention of the Keys to Lyoko and Aelita’s missing fragment.
- Second time two monsters devirtualise one another.
- The episode begins the day after the events of episode 51, “Revelation”.
- The dance is at the end of the year: the episode therefore takes place in June.
- The date of Aelita and Franz’ virtualisation was June 6 1994.
- Reappearance of the game Tetrix Annihilator played by Odd.
- Aelita wakes up as soon as Jeremy reactivates the Supercomputer. 26 episodes earlier, it took her an entire afternoon to wake.
- Magali: "I told you never to speak to me again!”
Allusion to episode 42, “A Fine Mess,” in which Magali slapped Odd (who was actually Yumi in Odd’s body) after declaring she knew he was going out with Claire Girard at the same time.

About references

- During the battle against Creepers in Sector 5, Ulrich and Odd high five like wrestlers when they change places during a match.


Franz Hopper (video): Project Carthage was a military program used to block enemy communications… So I built the Supercomputer, created Lyoko, and last of all XANA, to destroy Carthage… I wanted to destroy the Supercomputer, and destroy all evidence of my activities, that’s when I discovered one of its fascinating properties: returning to the past. It gave me all the time I could possibly need to perfect my great project! The only thing that would allow me to escape my enemies… The scanners and the virtualisation programs are ready. In a few hours, I will go to Lyoko with Aelita. Just like me, Aelita will hold the Keys to Lyoko. Together, we will be the absolute masters. We will live together, forever…

Jeremy: That’s what XANA wants to steal from Aelita’s memory!
Ulrich: But what could XANA do with them?
Aelita: Escape from the Supercomputer…and take over the world…

Jeremy: It turns out I’ve been wrong all along!
Ulrich: You have? Why?
Jeremy: I thought that XANA had given Aelita a virus, so I’ve been looking for an antivirus. But thanks to Franz Hopper’s diary, I finally understand: XANA didn’t give her anything at all. In fact, he took something from her.
Yumi: He did? But what?
Jeremy: I don’t really know yet. It’s a fragment that belongs to her. I’ve located it in Sector 5.
Odd: We could go and get it tonight, after the end-of-year dance!
Ulrich: Awesome! It’ll be our final mission! And then it’s time for a well-earned, real vacation!
Aelita (getting up): Out of the question!

Jeremy: Aelita! Wait! What’s the matter?
Aelita: I refuse to set foot on Lyoko ever again!
Jeremy: Why? What’s gotten into you?
Aelita: My father stole my life from me! He was a totally crazy second-rate magician. Because of him, I’m nothing…I’m no-one…

Jim: Right, for all you party animals with short memory spans, I’d like to remind you that, uh…what was I saying? Oh yeah! During the end-of-the-year dance, any overly suggestive dancing, wild behaviour or troublemaking will be severely punished! Uh, that’s all, enjoy yourselves.
Odd: So far, I don’t have anyone to take to the dance! Fortunately, I’ve got a way with women! Hi! Wanna go to the dance with me?
Magali (angry): I told you never to speak to me again!
Odd: Oh, sorry!

Yumi: Well…I was hoping to talk to you about it…
William: Hi, Yumi! Can I talk to you for a second? I…
Ulrich: Ok, I get the idea now…
Sissi: Yoohoo! What would you say to taking the prettiest girl in school to the dance?
Odd: Uh, you mean Anais Fiquet? No, she’s going with Christophe M’Bala.
Sissi: I meant me, stupid! Well?
Ulrich (seeing Yumi and William and thinking they’re going together): Uh…ok. I’ll go to the dance with you.
Sissi: Oh! Uh, r-really? Uh…well, uh, great! See you tonight!
Odd: I’d rather look like a big loser and go by myself than go with someone like…like her!

Sissi: Yoohoo, Ulrich! Here, for you!
Ulrich: What is it?
Sissi: A surprise! See you tonight!
Yumi: Ok, I get it.
Ulrich: What? You are going to the dance with William, aren’t you?!
Yumi: Is that a fact? Well, you really don’t get it, do you?
Odd: Hm…
Ulrich: One more of your stupid proverbs, and you are dead!
Odd: “Ulrich has lost his head, and should’ve stayed in bed!” Oh, wait, wait, wait, I’ve got another one! “Go with Sissi and your future’s gloomy ‘cause you’re gonna lose Yumi!”

Jeremy: Aelita! Answer me! Come on! Wake up!
Aelita: Uh…
Jeremy: You’re insane! Why did you do that?!
Aelita: To save the world…to save you all!
Jeremy: We’ll save it together! And then you’ll have your whole life in front of you! A brand new life!

Odd: You should get ready! Your girlfriend’s gonna be waiting for you!
Ulrich: Drop it, Odd!
Odd: Ok, I’m outta here! Who knows, maybe I’ll bump into a lonely heart!

Ulrich: Is Yumi home?
Yumi: Beat it, Hiroki! (Hiroki runs off laughing) Well then? You’re not at the dance with Sissi?
Ulrich: I don’t really like dancing…even less with Sissi!
Yumi: Why are you here?
Ulrich: I came to tell you something.
(Ulrich’s phone rings)
Yumi: Aren’t you going to get that?

Sissi: You…you haven’t seen Ulrich, have you?
Odd: No, and he promised to take me to the dance!

Odd: Hi! Wanna go to the dance with me?
Jeanne: Uh…alright! My name’s Carla!
Odd: I’m Odd!
Jeanne: Odd…Della Robbia?
Odd: The one and only!
Jeanne: Uh, I’m sorry, I’m already seeing someone!
Odd: Uh…oh…
(Odd’s phone rings)
Ulrich: Odd, you at the dance?
Odd: Uh, yeah, well…I mean, almost…
Ulrich: Right, urgent meeting. Come to the factory, we’re taking the plunge!
Odd: Oh man, just when I finally almost found a girl to go with!

Jeremy: This is the big one, guys! We’re going to recover Aelita’s fragment, and get rid of XANA once and for all!
Odd: Let’s go, then! I’ll lead the way!

Odd: Oh!
Ulrich: What’s wrong with you, you feel like throwing up as usual?
Odd: No, I don’t! That’s what I can’t understand!

Odd: Hi there Creepers! Still as ugly as ever, huh?

Odd: Wanna see how low you can go, huh guys?
Jeremy: I thought you were gonna lead the way! Go on!

Ulrich: Jeremy, it’s getting worse!
Jeremy: Oh no, it’s getting better!

Ulrich: You’re crazy! What’s going on?!
Jeremy: It’s Franz Hopper who’s controlling the Mantas!

Ulrich: There wasn’t anything I could do…

Jeremy: Aelita’s…de…dead…!

Yumi: What’s going on?
Jeremy: XA…XANA…got what he wanted. He has the Keys to Lyoko. He’ll be able to get out of the Supercomputer…

Aelita (young): Oh, he’s so cute! What should I call him?
Franz: What about Mister Puck? It means goblin.
Anthea: Do you like him?
Aelita (young): Oh thank you, Mummy!

Man in black: Alright, come out of there!
Aelita: Daddy! The men in black are here!
Franz: I know. Do you remember where Mister Puck is?
Aelita: Yes…
Franz: Come quickly!

Franz: Come on.
Aelita: Where?
Franz: To a world where we will be safe! You and I, forever!

Franz: See you in a minute, honey.
Aelita: See you in a minute, Daddy.

Ulrich: What’s going on, Jeremy?!
Jeremy: It’s Franz Hopper…he’s bringing Lyoko back to life!
(Sector 5 lights up again and the red towers become white)
Yumi: Look, it’s incredible!
Jeremy: Franz Hopper is saving his daughter!

Jeremy: To the scanner room! Quick!

Odd: Right…would…someone please say something funny before I have a heart attack?
Aelita: Oh…my father sacrificed himself for me…and we don’t even know if he’s still on Lyoko!
Odd: Fine. Excuse me while I have my heart attack.

Ulrich: Now you’re free, Aelita! But unfortunately, so is XANA…
Yumi: Shutting the Supercomputer down is not going to kill XANA anymore…what’re we gonna do?
Jeremy: Same as always, we’ll fight! XANA may have become more powerful, but I don’t think he’s invincible! If he attacks, we’ll counter-attack! We’ll find a way to get rid of XANA for good!

Aelita: You’re right. The fight has to go on! After all…fighting XANA is my job.
Jeremy: No, Aelita, it’s our job!


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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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