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#91 - Bad Connection (Season 4)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Jean-Rémi François & Bruno Merle
First aired in France on 3 November 2007 (France 3)

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Official summary
Odd’s parents come by for a visit. The youth grouses about his family to his friends (who are stunned at how nice, in fact, Odd’s parents are), preferring to be in conflict with them like every other “normal” teenager. Meanwhile, Xana attacks, using mobile phone to make their owners particularly aggressive, thus fulfilling Odd’s wish: his parents, victims of the possessed phones, are now looking to kill their son.

Detailed summary
Odd wants to change a slightly special thing in his life…
Locked in his room, he refuses to open the door to Ulrich, who has just come back from a shower. The boy ends up giving in when Jeremy threatens not to give him his meatballs. His friends believe he’s upset about his short film screening later on. Odd corrects them: it’s linked to the screening, but it’s something else…his parents are in town and want to come for the event. When Ulrich asks him if they had a fight, Odd responds no, and he explains his relationship troubles:
All teenagers have problems with their parents, except for him, because his parents are perfect! He’s very unhappy about this situation and would love to have an argument with them, but knows that their calm and pragmatic demeanour makes it impossible.
While Ulrich dreams of nicer parents, Yumi, Aelita and Jeremy say ironically that they completely understand Odd’s problem… The blond feels misunderstood…

When his parents arrive, the reality is obvious, they worship their son and more than graciously praise him in front of the principal. Even his bad notes are accredited to modesty… The principal tries to soften some of their complements, but doesn’t manage to get Mr and Mrs Della Robbia to listen… On this note, Odd’s parents leave Mr Delmas’ office. The man tries to return to his penguin video game when Sissi enters to complain to her father, as usual. This time, her phone has broken… Mr Delmas tries to repair it and ends up breaking it more.

Everyone meets in the hall for Odd’s short film screening. Jeremy decides to turn his laptop off so as not to interrupt the screening, thinking that an attack during the 3 minutes the film will last would be incredibly bad luck. The screening is ready to start but Odd is still hiding from his parents… Ulrich leaves to find him and brings him back to the room where everyone is waiting patiently.

At that same instant, XANA makes a move! Tower activated in the Mountain Sector! The attack is aimed at the entire school telephone network.
Back in the hall, XANAfied by his mobile phone, Odd’s father becomes very aggressive and infects his wife! Soon all the phones start to ring and their owners fall into XANA’s clutches, in the same state as the Della Robbia parents. The gang sneaks out, except for Odd up on the stage!
He tries in vain to escape, blocked at the exit by Jim who then releases him by accident. Sissi is the only one not under the virus’ control, not having a phone to be infected with!

The entire school is chasing after Odd as he flees through the park. The rest of the group rushes to the factory…while Odd struggles to escape the XANAfied students and teachers, and finds himself stuck in the cafeteria, surrounded! Though he does find a way to occupy himself with some meatballs and gravy…

Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita are in the Mountain Sector but find themselves faced with a gigantic problem! The tower is high up on an enormous mountain, them on a path far below it. XANA has planned its attack well: impossible for Jeremy to virtualise them up on the mountain, a bug stopping him from programming what he wants! Also impossible to virtualise the Overbike and Overboard, only the Overwing is available, driven by Yumi with Ulrich as her passenger. As soon as the complications arise in the form of Mantas… One of the two monsters hits the vehicle with a laser which throws Ulrich towards the Digital Sea, then Yumi! His reflexes saving them, Ulrich embeds his sabre in the mountain while in freefall and grabs Yumi just in time. The Mantas start attacking again to try and make them fall, Aelita arrives and destroys one of them…

Odd finds himself still in the cafeteria under a table, with a pot full of meatballs and gravy, when Herb and Nicolas, XANAfied like the others, enter the room. Once found by Nicolas, Odd arms himself and launches the pot of meatballs at Nicolas, KO-ing him. Sissi arrives and knocks Herb out before he can hit Odd with a dustpan. The two quickly decide to try and escape XANA’s school army.

Ulrich and Yumi are still hanging from the sabre on the mountain above the void at the mercy of monsters! Some acrobatics allow them to dodge attacks but they can’t last for long and Jeremy still can’t virtualise a vehicle, only the Overboard is available but it will take too long to get there. Ulrich slips and the two fall, until Aelita saves them by creating a small rocky platform beneath them.
Odd and Sissi are in the park trying to hide in the shed, but are quickly thrown out by the gardener, who then chases them through the park.
On Lyoko they’re trying to get up the mountain from their platform when a Krabe opens fire from up high on the mountain.
Sissi and Odd come face-to-face with all the students, teachers and school employees, and Odd’s parents. Surrounded, they fall into the trap.
Aelita flies up higher to try and destroy a Krabe, but is unsuccessful, and Yumi jumps to the lower path they arrived on and throws a fan, which throws a Krabe off its perch. The Krabe shoots a final laser at Yumi before perishing, and Jeremy warns the girl that she’s close to devirtualisation. She doesn’t have time to return to combat, as a Kankrelat devirtualises her with a surprise attack. Ulrich is all alone on his rock, powerless, and Aelita still hasn’t finished with the Krabe. Finally the Overboard arrives for Ulrich, who doesn’t do very well on the vehicle because of his vertigo…
The XANAfied troop has brought Odd and Sissi to the top of the school science building and is encouraging them to jump. They try to buy time.
Ulrich struggles to manoeuvre his new vehicle but makes it up to where the Krabe is. Aelita fights with the Krabe, but is hit by a laser and falls to the ground, close to the activated tower! The Krabe arrives in front of her and gets ready to stab her with its leg, but Ulrich arrives just in time, throwing his final sabre straight into the Krabe before being devirtualised by it. The path clear, Aelita enters the tower and deactivates it.
Odd and Sissi are about to die when everyone is de-XANAfied thanks to Aelita, then the Return to the Past brings everyone back to earlier in the day…

Odd’s screening goes well, met with laughter even though the film makes fun of people at the school, and the boy gives a small wink of thanks to Sissi!

- Attack: Take control of everyone on Kadic campus, including Odd's parents, using mobile phones.
- Virtualisations: Aelita/Yumi/Ulrich
- Visited Sector: Mountain
- Enemies met: Mantas (2); Krabes (2); Kankrelat (1)


About the characters

- First appearance of Odd's parents.
- First time Ulrich has vertigo on Lyoko, he rides the Overwing, and he rides the Overboard solo.
- Fourth season 4 episode in which William is absent.

About errors

- The principal's eyebrows are grey in five shots.
- The door to Odd and Ulrich's room often changes colour (brown, blue and grey)
- The "I love you" cushion in Sissi's room has a dot above the I, while this shouldn't be the case.
- When Jeremy says they mustn't answer their phones if they ring, Yumi's eyebrows are blonde.
- Ms Della Robbia's earrings change position when her husband flies off the handle.
- As Yumi and Ulrich are falling, Ulrich still has his two sabres on his back while one of them is being used on the wall to stop the kids from falling.
- When Jeremy knocks on Odd and Ulrich's door, it's not his arm we see but Ulrich's.
- When we see a reflection of the game the principal is playing in his glasses, the words “Game Over” are written as they normally would be, but since it's a reflection, they should be written backwards.

About the series

- French title: Mauvaises ondes

- Final appearance of Krabes and Kankrelats
- Third time the principal and Jim are XANAfied, second time for Nicolas, Herb, Rosa, Ms Hertz, Milly, Tamiya, Michel Rouiller and the students in Yumi's class, and the first time for all the other students.
- Odd's new short film is Mandibles and Purple Mauve!
- Mr Delmas is playing the same game on his computer as in episode 67 “Double Take”.
- Sissi: “Odd has made fun of me in every single one of his films.”
Sissi alludes to episode 50 “Contact” when Odd showed a short film in which Sissi played a giant with strange speech.


Jeremy (in a deep voice): Stern, what do you think you’re doing walking around half naked?!
Ulrich (in nothing but a towel): Ha ha, very funny. That’s a pretty awful imitation of Delmas!
Jeremy: It wasn’t Delmas, it was Jim!

Odd: It’s not the first time that a film of mine will be screened for an audience of ignoramuses!

Ulrich: Cheer up, with a little luck, they’ll hate your film!
Odd: Yeah, that would be too good to be true!

Mr Della Robbia: It’s true, he is intelligence. You know, when he was barely two years old, he managed to completely take apart his uncle’s stereo!
Ms Della Robbia: And I’m sure that if he’d been four at the time, he would’ve been able to put it back together again!
Principal: Is that so? I happen to be quite an electronics buff myself, and uh, well I, uh…ahem! Anyway, as I was saying, your son has many fine qualities, but-
Ms Della Robbia: Oh, you needn’t tell us that! He’s got qualities coming out of his ears! He eats well, he has a wonderful sense of humour, he loves a good joke!
Mr Della Robbia: Even when it’s not funny!
Ms Della Robbia: He’s a daredevil on a skateboard, and he has an excellent ear for music too!
Principal: Yes, undoubtedly…no doubt about it. Though, uh, however…
Mr Della Robbia: If he wanted to, Odd could be at the head of his class! But he’s just too modest for that.
Ms Della Robbia: You were saying, mister Delmas?
Principal: No, nothing…

Principal (repairing Sissi’s phone): When I was your age, my nickname was “mister circuitbreaker” uh, “fixer” that is… (his tool breaks the phone) Hm…is this thing still under warranty?

Aelita: At any rate, there’s not much chance that XANA would launch an attack during the three minutes that the film lasts!

Mr Chardin (talking about Odd’s short film): Please do forgive me for not having seen this work yet, I understand however, that the film cleverly combines fiction with documentary. Truth, in short, but, in the end, what is truth?

Jim (XANAfied voice): Hey, it’s not very polite to sneak off like a thief of the night, y’know!

Odd: There’s no need to get all worked up, I’ll give each of you an autograph!

Odd (chased by an angry mob): What’s wrong with everyone, is it something they ate?

Odd (throwing the pot at Nicolas): That is really awful wasting perfectly good food on a vegetable like him!

Odd (as the film plays): And here we have a splendid specimen of a dung beetle!
(Jim is shown pushing a soccer ball with his hands but not going anywhere, Jim himself laughs)
Odd: And now we have a magnificent field grasshopper!
(Mr Delmas is shown dropping a ball on his foot and hopping around in pain, Delmas himself looks annoyed. The clip then shows a bundle of sheets on Sissi’s bed, like a cocoon)
Sissi: No, he’s saving the worst for last!
Odd: But what could this strange creature be? A spring roll? No, no! It’s an enormous larva!
(Everyone is laughing except Sissi. The clip shows Sissi climbing out of the sheets and stretching)
Odd: A caterpillar! Metamorphosising into a lovely butterfly!
(Odd winks at Sissi, who cringes)


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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