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#55 - Tidal Wave (Season 3)
Screenplay: Laurent Turner - Synopsis: Sophie Decroisette
First aired in France on 23 September 2006 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 6 October 2006 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
XANA has found a way to raise the level of the digital sea, thus “flooding” Lyoko. The result: our heroes access to Sector 5 is blocked… Naturally, XANA takes advantage of the situation to launch a potentially fatal attack on the Heart of Lyoko. Jeremy had better figure out something fast! Meanwhile back at the academy, it’s “Nutritional Awareness” day. In order to guarantee the students well-balanced meals, Rosa Littlejohn has to create a whole new, “light-and-healthy” menu in the cafeteria. This new regimen hardly passes muster regarding Odd’s appetite, much less his taste… and the famished teen finds himself trying to get by on an empty stomach (an equally difficult task on Lyoko and at the academy)! A disaster in the making for such a voracious eater…

Detailed summary
The heroes are at the factory looking at newly-recovered information from Sector 5! Jeremy launches a program while Odd realises with horror that he’ll need to go to PE class without going to the cafeteria first… Luckily for him, class is cancelled for a lecture by Yolanda on a balanced diet…

The group makes their way to the cafeteria and Odd gets upset: Rosa’s more consistent meals have been replaced by plates of steamed vegetables and fish… Jeremy and Aelita then go to the factory and discover that XANA has woken up, a tower is activated in the Mountain Sector! They warn Yumi who was in the middle of being hit on by William in Italian – she leaves class – then call Ulrich and Odd…

The two boys are in the middle of trying to rustle up some better food in the cafeteria. They then come across Jim who had the same idea as them and the three argue until they’re interrupted; all the food in the cafeteria starts to levitate and smash through the windows. Food from every group in the pyramid starts to form a giant, visibly aggressive mass…
The food giant chases the trio through the park and knocks Jim out. Odd makes it to the factory while Ulrich distracts the monster and Yumi and Aelita land on the Overwing in the Mountains…

On Lyoko, the girls approach the infected tower but three Krabes attack them. Thanks to Yumi’s dexterity and Aelita’s new power, they don’t present any significant danger. On the other hand, a strange and worrying event begins on Lyoko: the Digital Sea is rising dangerously fast, submerging the three surface Sectors… An army of monsters has arrived at the Core of Lyoko. XANA wants to keep the heroes away from the tower as well as stop them from protecting the Core…its strategy is merciless…
The tower is already inaccessible: Yumi and Aelita need to work fast to get to the edge of the Sector and get picked up by the Transporter to Sector 5… However, Hornets sent by XANA don’t let them through!

Odd arrives at the factory while Ulrich is chased through the sewers. He lands on his Overboard just as a Hornet knocks Yumi off her vehicle with a well-aimed shot. Aelita throws an energy field at her and devirtualises her, preventing her friend from falling into the Digital Sea.

Odd destroys the remaining monsters and takes the Transporter with Aelita. They arrive quickly in the Celestial Dome after a quick key activation. Aelita searches for data to debug the Digital Sea. Odd hurries to the Core Chamber and destroys the three Mantas attacking the shields after one of the short rodeos he likes so much. Aelita finds the data in question and sends them to Jeremy after killing a Creeper!

On Earth, Yumi comes face-to-face with the mountain of food as she exits the lift; she and Ulrich need to run for it…

On Lyoko, the situation improves: the program works, the Digital Sea descends and the Sectors reappear again. The two virtual warriors leave Sector 5 and make it to the tower. Odd sends Ulrich’s Overbike into the two Tarantulas to allow Aelita to enter the Code Lyoko!

On Earth, Ulrich and Yumi pop up from the mountain of food.
Jeremy launches the Return to the Past to erase Jim’s memory. As the white light washes over the world, Odd's scream is heard: “I’M SO HUNGRY!”

- Attack: Take control of all the food in the cafeteria to create a giant made out of food and track down the heroes. On Lyoko, raise the level of the Digital Sea to submerge the surface Sectors, cutting off access to the activated tower and the Transporter, and take advantage of this to destroy the Core of Lyoko.
- Virtualisations: Yumi/Aelita; Odd
- Visited Sectors: Mountain; Sector 5
- Enemies met: Krabes (3); Hornets (3); Creeper (1); Mantas (3); Tarantulas (2)

- Return to the past to erase Jim’s memory.
- William continues to hit on Yumi, while Ulrich also tries to tell her about his feelings…
- The shields on the Core of Lyoko regenerate between attacks.


About the characters

- First appearance of Odd on a vehicle other than the Overboard: the Overbike.
- Second time Odd rides a Manta.
- William makes more poetic advances on Yumi and finds that Italian makes him want to talk about love.

About errors

- The manhole cover in the park is entirely brown instead of green-brown when Ulrich removes it.
- The antenna on Odd’s phone is on the right instead of the left when he talks to Ulrich about the news concerning Lyoko.
- During Mr Caggiat’s class, Emmanuel Maillard is behind William then he’s replaced by another student when William talks to Yumi.
- After Yumi sees the giant food monster, the lift door is closed while that shouldn’t be the case.

About the series

- French title: Raz de marée

- Final appearance of Mr Caggiat.
- First appearance of Krabes in the Mountain Sector.
- First time Odd’s stomach grumbles on Lyoko.
- Only episode in which we see Creepers being created.
- In this episode, the key is activated without us seeing it happen, this is the first time.
- First of two episodes along with 57 “Aelita” in which the episode title screen doesn’t picture a tower, but a Holomap with the Forest Sector absent after its destruction was in the previous episode, “Lyoko Minus One”.

About references

- In Italian class, the teacher comments on the photo of an ancient sculpture.
It’s a Lupa Capitolina (Capitoline Wolf) from Roman mythology. It represents the wolf who raised and nurtures Romulus and Remus, the two brothers behind the mythical founding of Rome.


Ulrich: Better forget about it, Odd. We can’t be late for gym.
Odd: Huh? But we haven’t had breakfast yet!

Aelita: Your stomach is almost as talkative as you are!

Jim: Hey, I know you kids are going to be disappointed, but it looks like I’m gonna have to cancel today’s shotput competition.
Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy and Aelita: Yeeeeah! Way to go!

Jim: So for those of you who can’t wait until you wolf down your next junk food meal, had better think twice before you do! Because junk food is your worst enemy!
Ulrich: Unless your name is Odd, his worst enemy is whoever gets between him and his food!

Odd: What is she talking about anyway? If I eat mashed potatoes and lamb, there’s no reason to wait for dinner! I can have steak and fries for dessert!
Ulrich: You’d better hope we don’t get a test on what she said, because you’d get a zero for sure, Odd!

Jim: Don’t forget that a head of lettuce can save your life! And remember: the better you eat, the better you live! Look at me! Haha! I’m an example of what good food can do, I’m in perfect shape!
(Jim makes several ridiculous acrobatic movements)
Jim: Yow! I just pulled something! Yolanda, help! I can’t move!

Rosa: Odd…I didn’t want to, but they said I had to cook healthy and well-balanced meals from now on…
Odd (seeing the dishes): What? Grated carrots and cucumbers? Steamed vegetables, a-and fish?!
Rosa: Not even fried or breaded…!

Ulrich: Great, I love broccoli!
Odd: Say that again and you’re dead fish!

William: Italian’s such a beautiful and romantic language, isn’t it?
Yumi (bored): I guess…

Mr Caggiat: Uh, what seems to be the trouble William?
William: Well, uh…t-to tell you the truth, I don’t really know…

William: I guess uh, you wanted us to be alone, that’s why you said I was sick, huh? (Yumi doesn’t listen) Me too. Whenever I see you, I…I mean I, um…maybe I oughta tell you this in Italian…Yumi, Yu… (seeing she’s disappeared) Where’d she go?

Odd: I can’t believe it! I’m going to be eaten by a mountain of food and I’m starving to death!
Ulrich: Some guys are born to lose…

Odd: Let’s just say we’ve got indigestion big time without having eaten anything!

Odd: Want the latest news, Ulrich?
Ulrich: Is it good?
Odd: Not really!
Ulrich: Then no!

Odd: SOS service here, what’s the trouble, sir?
Jeremy: Odd, get into the scanner room, hurry! Where’s Ulrich?
Odd: Oh, he’s got some game going on in the sewer.

Odd: You can relax now, Princess! Your knight in shining armour is here!
Jeremy: Ok Odd, play the hero later!

Yumi: By the way, Ulrich, thanks for saving my life!
Ulrich: What wouldn’t I do for you?

Ulrich: It looks like the monster’s gone…
Yumi (seeing an apple fall): I-I think maybe you spoke too soon…!

Ulrich: Not distracted too easily, is it?

Ulrich: Bon appetit, Odd! (he takes a bite of an apple)

Jeremy: Return to the past now!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

Comment from William_fan - Posted on 22-07-2011 à 10:48

Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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