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#72 - Crash Course (Season 4)
Screenplay: Bruno Regeste - Synopsis: Élise Ollier-Gelbert
First aired in France on 20 August 2007 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 17 July 2007 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
For some time now, Xana has been targeting either Jeremy or Aelita in his attacks. This worries Jeremy: if ever the two of them become incapacitated, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd would never be able to use the Supercomputer on their own. While Aelita goes to the final round of auditions held by the Subdigitals, Jeremy tutors his—reluctant—friends how to run the computer. But suddenly, an attack from Xana knocks Jeremy unconscious. With Aelita also absent, Ulrich, Yumi and Odd have no choice but to manage on their own…

Detailed summary
The episode commences under the arches, near the new rec’ room, where Ulrich is waiting for Odd so they can play foosball. The blond doesn’t show up, but for a good reason: he’s busy moving on from Melanie, talking to a young redhead from Kadic.

When the heroes meet in the rec’ room, Odd arrives with his head in the clouds, praising his new catch. Aelita, Yumi and Ulrich aren’t very convinced… To Odd, all his conquests are funny, sensitive and really cool. But Camille has something more: she likes dogs. Odd now has big plans for tonight: go to see the film “Petals of Desire”…

The group then leaves to find Jeremy. He’s in his room and informs his friends of something that’s worrying him. He asks them if they can recall XANA’s previous attacks. Odd then talks about the “swimming pool attack”. Jeremy and Aelita are perplexed but Ulrich and Yumi seem embarrassed. They ask Odd not to talk about it.
Jeremy then shares his worries. The past few times, in a recurring manner, XANA’s attacks have been directed at the same targets: him and Aelita. Evidently, the AI is trying to get to the two members of the group who are able to use the Supercomputer. Jeremy then insists that his friends receive a crash course on the machine.
The Lyoko Warriors object, but Jeremy doesn’t relent. Instead of pencak silat training, a test to study for or even “Petals of Desire” this afternoon, it’s a computer class with professor Belpois!
Only Aelita gets permission to stay away: she has a meeting for a selection audition with the Subdigitals.

In the lab, the theory course begins: Jeremy gets out three booklets of photocopied notes to give to the others. Long explanations follow. Only Yumi seems to follow even a little. Odd sleeps.
Yumi states the obvious: in order to actually learn, they need to familiarise themselves with the rudimentary functions such as programming the vehicles or virtualisation. Jeremy gives in and explains it to them.

Aelita arrives at the audition building, finding the entire Subdigitals group and two challengers waiting for her. The candidates take turns to mix. Aelita awaits her turn…

At the factory, Ulrich tries to virtualise Odd and manages to do a decent job: the virtual catboy arrives in the Ice Sector in one piece.
Jeremy nitpicks slightly, indicating that Ulrich hesitated and he wasn’t under the same stress as in a XANA attack. A tower then activates. Jeremy only has time to pinpoint the tower in the Mountain Sector before a polymorphic spectre appears, in the appearance of a secret agent dressed in black… It throws Ulrich away and electric shocks Jeremy with the use of an electric cable. Yumi gets ready to fight, but the clone disappears into the wires overhead.
Yumi and Ulrich become concerned… It probably left to take care of Aelita. Yumi tries to call her but doesn’t get a response: Aelita has just started to mix at the audition. The Japanese girl heads for the factory, leaving Ulrich alone at the controls.

He tries several things on the Supercomputer while on the Ice Sector, three Bloks attack Odd. He charges, then runs. He manages to destroy one of his enemies with a well-aimed laser arrow.
Ulrich then thinks to materialise the Overboard, but ends up sending the Overbike instead…behind the Bloks. Odd makes do. He charges again, destroys another Blok, jumps onto the motorbike and drives off to look for the Ice Sector Way Tower.
Ulrich tries to find it, without any success…

The audition finishes and Aelita discovers the SMS Yumi left her. She hurries off without even waiting to hear the result of the audition. She runs into the man in black and tries to escape it. Yumi, arriving at her aid, rams the spectre in front of a car. The two Lyoko Warriors get a head start but it doesn’t last long. The clone steals a car and pursues them.

Ulrich calls Yumi, who passes the phone to Aelita. She asks Ulrich what it says at the top of the window and Ulrich tells her: he has launched a delayed virtualisation into the Mountain Sector. Not asking any more questions, Ulrich goes to the scanner room. In the Mountains, he arrives and finds the activated tower, three Krabes and…an old friend decked in black.

Aelita and Yumi reach the factory, the clone on their heels. However it doesn’t worry them just yet and Yumi virtualises Aelita, after the pinkette gives Odd directions.

Aelita virtualises just behind Ulrich and Odd joins them. The trio readies to charge XANA’s army of four… Unfortunately, at the factory, the clone reappears and violently attacks Yumi. Odd asks to be devirtualised to go help her, and to motivate Ulrich to do it, he reminds him of the “swimming pool attack”.
With zero remorse, Ulrich sends him back to the scanner. He then climbs onto the Overbike with Aelita and charges at the enemy. The girl takes flight at the halfway point with one sole objective: the tower. Ulrich takes care of the Krabes and annihilates one right off the bat. He charges at the two others.
William changes into smoke and gets between Aelita and the tower. Blocking an energy field, he throws his sword and knocks Aelita to the ground. Ulrich realises what happened after planting his two sabres in the eye of the second Krabe. He can’t help his friend however: the third virtual crustacean won’t let him through.

On Earth, Yumi receives a nasty blow. Odd electrocutes the clone using the same wire it used to get Jeremy. Taking advantage of the creature disappearing, he virtualises Yumi.

The virtual geisha manages to slice William’s hand with her fan just as he’s approaching Aelita. The XANA Warrior then faces the two Lyoko Warriors.
Yumi doubles her effort to try and get him, but it doesn’t work: her fans can’t match William’s zweihander as he blocks them easily. He rushes at Yumi, blocking her last fan. In a final hope, the Japanese girl jumps and attempts an aerial attack… With no result, the heavy sword slices right through her.
William then approaches Aelita and throws his sword at her. Ulrich, who has just finished off the last Krabe, then intervenes, Supersprinting and jumping, deflects the powerful throw and falls back down, throwing his two sabres into William, clearing the way for Aelita.

Aelita enters the tower and deactivates it just in time, before Odd is badly injured by the spectre.

The heroes are devirtualised and wake Jeremy up. Later at Kadic, he seems content to know that his friends can cope a little without him.
On Odd’s end, the mood is more gloomy. He broke up with Camille after “Petals of Desire”. The romanticism left the boy decisive about preferring action… Like during the “swimming pool attack”! As Yumi and Ulrich blush, Aelita then insists to know what happened. Odd says that the attack resembles the “attack in the gymnasium”. Jeremy reminds Odd, irritated, that he agreed not to talk about that attack anymore.
Ulrich tries to find out what happened during this “attack in the gym”… Jeremy and Aelita blush and insist that nothing happened!

- Attack: Create a polymorphic clone to attack Jeremy, then Aelita
- Visited Sectors: Ice; Mountain
- Virtualisations: Odd; Ulrich; Aelita; Yumi
- Enemies met: Krabs (3); Bloks (3); William

- The Sector towers connect with each other, except for the Way Towers that connect, of course, between the surface Sectors.


About the characters

- First appearance of Chris' partners: Ben and Nico, as well as Sophie, their manager. Sophie will be XANAfied in episode 89 “Music to Soothe the Savage Beast”.
- Second time Odd uses the Overbike.
- Third time Odd is hit in the tail.

- First time Ulrich defeats William.
- Odd has a new crush: Camille! He knows she loves dogs.
- Jeremy and Aelita use codenames…used to name applications on the Supercomputer (example: Big Fat Cheesehead).

About errors

- Yumi talks about materialisation onto Lyoko. It's virtualisation…
- The door to Jeremy's room often changes colour (dark blue, dark grey instead of grey).
- After sending the Overbike to Odd, the factory computer still shows three Bloks despite Odd having already destroyed one.
- When the group arrives in the lab, the Holomap is activated, but we can only distinguish Sector 5 and not any of the reconstructed surface Sectors!

About the series

- French title: Leçon de choses

- This episode continues on from events in episode 68 “Opening Act”: Aelita was chosen for an audition with the Subdigitals.
- Only time Ulrich virtualises himself.
- First time the Overbike enters a tower.
- First time one of the heroes (Odd) travels through a tunnel between towers that aren't Way Towers.
- The car the polymorphic clone steals is the same model that Yumi's parents own.
- We see the photo booth Jeremy and Aelita used in episode 26 “False Start” when Aelita and Yumi are in the town.
- The music mixed by Mehdi, one of Aeltia's challengers at the Subdigitals audition, is the same that Sissi was listening to in her room in episode 1 “Teddygozilla”, and the one Aelita mixed at the dance in episode 33 “Final Mix” and at the audition with Chris in episode 68 “Opening Act”.
- Odd (talking about XANA attacks) “The one with the trees or at the swimming pool?”
The attack with the trees was probably the one in episode 61 “Sabotage”.
- Once again, characters from previous seasons make brief reappearances: just before Aelita arrives at the Subdigitals studio, we see James Finson's secretary from episode 8 “End of Take”. During the sequences taking place by the road, when Aelita is running away from the clone, we notably see the psychologist from episode 11 “Plagued”, James Finson and his team from episode 8 “End of Take” then the photographer from episode 34 “Missing Link”.
- Chris introduces the other Subdigitals as Nic and Bentoit, though they are more commonly known as Nico and Ben. All three of the Subdigitals members' names most likely come from the names of three of the producers: Nicolas Atlan (Nico), Benoît di Sabatino (Ben/Benoît), and Christophe di Sabatino (Chris). The characters even look a lot like the producers!
Also, their manager Sophie is probably based on the writing director Sophie Decroisette.

About references

Odd: “Speaking of which, any sign of Spectre Gadget?”
Reference to Inspector Gadget, a fictional cartoon character who, after an accident, became a cyborg who can produce many gadgets from his person to help him solve crime.


Ulrich: Hey, Odd oughta be here already. We were supposed to play foosball!
Yumi: You know Odd, something probably came up at the last second.
Ulrich: I’ll bet he’s afraid to show up! If I know Odd, he’s hiding somewhere ‘cause he knows I’ll beat him!
Aelita: If you ask me, it might just be that redhead with braids!
(Shot of Odd sitting on a bench with a girl)
Ulrich: Well what do you know? Our ladies’ man is at it again!

Aelita: I didn’t know you split up with Melanie, Odd.
Odd: Who’s she? Oh yeah, Melanie, right…well uh…she wasn’t very…uh, she was just a little too…well, actually a lot more, well…you see what I mean?
Aelita: No.

Odd: Believe me, Camille, she’s it. She’s the one! She’s so funny, sensitive, and really cool too!
Ulrich: Yeah, just like all the girls you fall for.
Odd: Maybe, but Camille has something special the others don’t. Well, she’s crazy about dogs!
(Ulrich chokes on his soft drink while Yumi and Aelita laugh)
Odd: What’s so funny?
Yumi: And that makes all the difference in the world?

Odd: We’re going to see something real romantic and intellectual. The picture’s called “Petals of Desire”.
(The three others laugh)
Odd: The problem with you guys is that you have no sense of romance and no intellect!

Jeremy: The only problem I have is our friend XANA. You remember the last few times he attacked?
Odd: Which time? The one with the trees or at the swimming pool?
Ulrich: Odd! We agreed not to bring up that day at the pool, right?
Aelita: Why? What happened at the swimming pool, huh?
(Yumi and Ulrich blush and look away)
Ulrich: Nothing.
Yumi: Uh…nothing at all.

Jeremy: Which is why I’m giving all of you a crash course on using the Supercomputer this afternoon.

Yumi: But you know, some days it isn’t easy being heroes.

Aelita: Uh, Jeremy? I…I can’t make it this afternoon.
Jeremy: Huh? Why not?
Aelita: Um, I’ve got my audition with the Subdigitals. You know, for the concert…today’s the final round of try-outs.

Odd: How am I going to tell Camille that “Petals of Desire” is out for today?
Ulrich: Think about it, Odd, you’re better off! You don’t have to pay all that money to sleep through two hours of a film!
Odd: It’s a lot better than sleeping through a class given by our friend Einstein!

Jeremy: Before I can trust you with the controls, I wanna be sure you know this thing inside-out! (the others look at their papers sceptically) Will you all relax? You’ll see, guys, the theoretical stuff is actually a lot of fun!
Ulrich: Right, it’s gonna be a million laughs!

(Shot of Yumi, Ulrich and Odd sitting against a wall seeming totally lost, Odd asleep)
Jeremy: And so if we export the virtual memory from the B block into inertial matrix, you can reconfigure the transfer files! This will let you delay the alignment of the quantum qubits. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this, any questions?

Jeremy: Ok fine, I guess we may as well get to the practical end.
(Odd wakes up)
Odd: A-are we there yet?

Odd: Make sure you hit the right button! I’m ready, Ulrich. But I don’t wanna end up there with four arms and three legs!

Odd: AAAH! You turned me into a garden gnome!
Ulrich: Oh no!
Odd: Relax, just kidding! Everything’s cool here!

Yumi: Um…a Way Tower…oh, I know! To find a Way Tower, you have to bring up a radar window with these two keys!
Odd: Hey! What’re you doing?! Get it right!
Ulrich: Stop it! Hurry up!

Odd: Speaking of which, any sign of Spectre Gadget?
Yumi: Yeah, how come he disappeared like that?
Ulrich: Guess he had another date…
Yumi: Oh! Aelita!

Ulrich: Hold on! You’re not gonna leave me alone like this?!
Yumi: You’re doing great, Ulrich. Just keep it up!

Ulrich: Odd? You’ve got some thingamajigs…heading your way.
Odd: Huh? You’re making progress Ulrich, but those “thingamajigs” are Bloks, and they don’t look too friendly!

Chris: Aelita has got to be our choice.
Simon: Oh yeah, no doubt about that.

Odd: Hey, where’s my ride? Are you sending it over or not?

Ulrich: Materialisation Overboard!
Odd: Ulrich! Y-you just sent me the Overbike!

Odd: You were supposed to send it to ME, not to them! Dummy!
(Shot of the Overbike just behind the Bloks)
Odd: Well I guess it’s up to me to un-Blok the situation!

Aelita: Ulrich! It’s Aelita. Is there anything written above the window?
Ulrich: Uh…yeah, it says big fat cheese head…

Yumi: Big fat cheese head?
Aelita (blushing): It’s a…a…private joke between Jeremy and me…

Odd: This Ice floe sure is deserted…

Aelita: Yoohoo, guess who!
(Ulrich jumps, draws his sabres and almost slices Aelita)
Aelita: Whoa! What’s on the menu?
Ulrich: Usual stuff. A whole seafood platter over there, and William’s the lemon.

Ulrich: You sure took your time.
Odd: Yeah, but at least I got here. And no thanks to you!

Odd: Transmission problems?
Aelita: No, I think it’s worse. I’m pretty sure that the spectre’s in the computer lab.

Odd: What’s more, that’s exactly what we did during the swimming pool attack!
Ulrich: I don’t ever wanna hear about the swimming pool attack again!
(He unsheathes his sabres and devirtualises Odd)
Ulrich: That’ll teach ya, huh.

Yumi: I…I didn’t realise you were back…
Odd: Neither did he, but he sure knows now!

Odd: Relax, I’m a computer whiz, you know that!

Yumi: What’s this, William? Another girl catch your eye?

Odd: Thank you, thank you, that was just a taste of my talent! Einstein would be so-
(The spectre reforms)
Odd: Uh, that’s funny, I could’ve sworn you were taller…

Ulrich: Later, ‘gator!

Odd: Hey, look up there!
(The trick doesn’t work and the spectre grabs Odd)
Odd: It works most of the time…!

XANA-William: You’re finished, Yumi!
Yumi: We’ll see about that!

Jeremy: Aelita…the spectre…the tower…did you…did you do it?
Aelita: Me? I didn’t do anything!

Aelita: The Subdigitals chose me to be the opening act for their concert!

Ulrich: By the way, Odd, how was “Petals of Desire”?
Odd: Well it was lame. What’s more, I broke up with Camille. I’m over all that romantic stuff. You know, I’m more into action, like the day of the swimming pool attack for instance.
Yumi: Mm…Odd, don’t talk about the swimming pool, ok?
Aelita: Hey, don’t tell me you’re never gonna tell us what happened at the pool, huh…
Ulrich: Well…
Odd: Well it’s simple really, uh, let’s see now…you remember the attack in the gymnasium?
Jeremy: Odd, we told you never to bring up the attack in the gym, right?
Ulrich: Why? What happened in the gym?
(Aelita and Jeremy blush)
Jeremy: Oh, nothing.
Aelita: Nothing at all!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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