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#49 - Franz Hopper (Season 2)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Frédéric Lenoir & Alain Serluppus
First aired in France on 1 February 2006 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 31 October 2005 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
A strange man turns up at the computer lab claiming to be… Franz Hopper. Our heroes can’t believe their eyes. But in truth, the man is just another of XANA’s spectres which has taken on a human appearance. He cleverly, yet relentlessly sows dissension in the gang so he can wipe out our heroes and lure Aelita to Lyoko so that the Scyphozoa can steal her memory.

Detailed summary
XANA unleashes an attack: 5 towers are activated simultaneously. The five friends go to the factory as soon as possible, pressed by terrible thoughts of what could happen… But they’re surprised when they see, sitting in Jeremy’s seat, the piano-playing man in Aelita’s visions, simply saying “I’ve been expecting you!” The amazement continues as the mysterious man deactivates the towers one by one with no difficulty, from the terminal… When our heroes ask who he is he responds “I’m Franz Hopper.” He then explains that he created Lyoko, then XANA – which escaped his control – as well as Aelita… Now, he’s there to turn the Supercomputer off, after finding Aelita’s antivirus…in other words, he’s there to help!
Our heroes return to the school, happy to have found such a skilled ally.

The next day is Jeremy’s birthday: a day that begins on a positive note… But it doesn’t last long; when Jeremy informs Hopper they used the scanners frequently to fight XANA, he responds that the scanners were only prototypes and weren’t ready to handle something as complicated as human beings yet. An analysis then reveals progressing cellular degeneration in Yumi, which will lead to certain death… The rest of the day is tense, because Ulrich, Odd and especially Yumi are having a go at Jeremy, who is supported by only Aelita. The blond goes to bed filled with remorse and an insatiable desire to help his friend.

The next day, the group is called to the factory by Franz to go look for Aelita’s antivirus: their final mission! Faced with the blame when Franz accuses him, among other things, of playing the sorcerer’s apprentice and letting his journal be destroyed by XANA, the blond gets upset and leaves, disappointed of being accused of all the wrongs and remembering an offer to attend a school for the gifted…

On Lyoko, the three fighters arrive straight into Sector 5 and are given new, powerful weapons by Franz. They truly massacre the Creepers sent to stop them… Franz waits until they’ve cleaned up before sending Aelita in and getting the code he needs…

In his room, Jeremy reflects on what Franz said to him and realises something wrong… Franz Hopper’s journal was indeed destroyed by XANA, but how could he know that? Only Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, Yumi and himself knew about it… The only other person might know about it is the one who committed the crime…XANA!

The turnaround is obvious: the false Hopper sends Aelita directly onto an isolated platform in the Desert Sector where the Scyphozoa steals her memory, then destroys the fighters’ weapons leaving them at the Creepers’ mercy. The devirtualisation program is also sabotaged, meaning certain death if they run out of life points!

While they beg Hopper to save them, they see something which reveals the truth: an activated Tower in Sector 5! It’s what’s generating the false Hopper and the Superscan couldn’t detect it… Jeremy, having returned, can’t do anything against XANA’s spectre, which mocks, him, telling him to accept his defeat…

Jeremy then reveals his trump card: in reality, the Aelita on Lyoko is just a ruse; the real Aelita is still in the scanner room, warned by Jeremy just in time…

The false Hopper turns to smoke and Jeremy takes the controls, returning his friends’ weapons and sending Aelita in to deactivate the Tower in Sector 5, which she does just at the moment when the spectre is about to suffocate Jeremy…
The friends reconcile and after an analysis find out that Yumi doesn’t show any signs of cellular degeneration: XANA really tricked them this time…

- Attack: Generate a false image of Franz Hopper to gain the heroes’ trust, then divide the group by excluding Jeremy. Once this is done, send the fighters in to Sector 5 before taking their weapons away and sending Aelita to the Scyphozoa.
- Virtualisations: Ulrich/Yumi/Odd; Aelita
- Visited Sectors: Sector 5; Desert; Ice
- Enemies met: Creepers (16); Manta (1); the Scyphozoa

- We discover that Franz Hopper created Lyoko and XANA, which went out of control. We’re also led to believe that Franz created Aelita.
At the end of the episode, we don’t know if Franz is still alive or not.
- We learn that direct access to Sector 5 is possible.
- Discovery of the tower in Sector 5.


About the characters

- First appearance of Jeremy’s dad, Michael.
- It’s Jeremy’s birthday.
- Only episode in which the heroes confront the monsters with their bare hands.

About errors

- How can Jeremy communicate with Yumi and Odd without the microphone?
- When Jeremy stands the photo frame of the group up again, it’s night outside the window when it’s daytime.
- The handle on the door to Jeremy’s room is on the right instead of the left before Aelita leaves and when his dad enters.
- When the fake Franz devirtualises the heroes’ weapons, we see Ulrich’s sabre in its sheath during several scenes and his sheath disappears when he’s shot by a Creeper, after which he and his sabre are devirtualised while fighting a Creeper.
- Why has XANA never activated the tower in Sector 5, when the heroes and Aelita can’t access it? It could’ve launched unstoppable attacks on Earth or against the heroes.

About the series

- French title: Franz Hopper

- Six towers are activated at the same time at the start of the episode.
- New allusion to Dr Schrank.
- First episode in which we see weapons being devirtualised.
- First mention of direct access to Sector 5.
- Jeremy’s flashbacks are from episode 31, “Mister Puck”.
- The Superscan can’t localise the tower in Sector 5, which appeared only in this episode.
- The school for the gifted Jeremy wanted to go to at one point was undoubtedly the same one as mentioned in episode 11, “Plagued”.
- Franz Hopper: “And you’re the one who let XANA destroy my diary!”
Allusion to episode 31, “Mister Puck,” in which Jeremy was XANAfied and destroyed the CDs in the journal.

About references

- The posture Odd takes when he fights the Creeper with his bare hands and the bell that sounds are both from a typical boxing match.


Jeremy: This one looks like big trouble!
Yumi (over the phone): Why?
Jeremy: Because believe it or not, there are five activated towers!

Man: Ah, there you are! I’ve been expecting you!

Man: That XANA…locks the door, but leaves the window wide open…
Jeremy: Uh, uh, bu-but I mean…wha…what are you doing here?
Man: I’m deactivating the towers!
Jeremy: Without going to Lyoko?!
Man: Of course!
Aelita: Buh uh…who are you?
Man: What? Haven’t you understood yet? I’m Franz Hopper.

Aelita: Well…what about me?
Franz: Eh? I created you to be the guardian of Lyoko. But I never thought I’d see you one day in flesh and blood.

Aelita: He’s very fatherly. Actually, in a way, he is my father! He’s the one who created me.
Jeremy: That’s true. I adore my own dad, but…he’s sure no genius! This Franz Hopper is a real live genius!

(Jeremy’s phone rings)
Mr Belpois: Jeremy? It’s me.
Jeremy: Franz?
Mr Belpois: No, Michael, your father! You know why I’m calling? Happy birthday, big guy!
(Jeremy turns to see his friends and Kiwi in front of him, huge smiles on their faces)
Ulrich, Odd, Aelita and Yumi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EINSTEIN!!!
Mr Belpois: By the way, your mother’s worried about you. You should call us more often! Now, have you thought about that school for gifted children? Jeremy?
(Jeremy tries to listen to his father…but his friends are congratulating him with laughs, kisses and pats)

Odd: Here, a present!
Ulrich: What are you waiting for? Go on, open it!
Jeremy: Wow! It’s great!
Odd: Yeah! And I drew it from memory!
Ulrich: So you can imagine how much effort it took!

Franz: It’s a very dangerous procedure, with serious side-effects…
Yumi: Such as?
Franz: Cellular degeneration…

Franz: Odd seems ok. Ulrich too. But Yumi…
Jeremy (horrified): No…it can’t be…!

Yumi: I can’t believe it…what a nightmare!
Odd: Nice one, Einstein! Doctor Schrank transplants animal limbs onto human beings, but compared to you, he’s small time!

Yumi: I need to be by myself. Coming, Ulrich?

Jeremy: I’m sure there’s a way to cure Yumi!
Odd: We don’t even know exactly what’s wrong with her!
Jeremy: I’ll work it out, I promise I will!
Ulrich: I think you’ve done enough damage as it is.
Jeremy: What do you mean by that? That everything’s been my fault right from the start?!
Ulrich: You’re the brains in this outfit, Einstein!
(Jeremy leaves the table)
Aelita (standing up): You know, Ulrich, if it weren’t for the scanners, I wouldn’t be here!

Ms Ishiyama (seeing Yumi not eating): Yumi, are you ok?
Yumi: I’m…not very hungry tonight.
Hiroki: Ahahaha! Ohh Ulrich, I looooooooooooove yoooooooooooou!
Ms Ishiyama: Hiroki! Shh!
Yumi: I’m going to bed.
Ms Ishiyama: Sigh…that’s it then, we’re in the thick of it now!
Mr Ishiyama: Of what?
Ms Ishiyama: A teenage crisis!

Odd: It’ll be our final mission!

Franz: If I were you, I’d stay out of the way.
Jeremy: It’s not fair! Everyone blames me for everything! And after all, we all turned the Supercomputer back on together! (At the very beginning? No, that was you alone)
Franz: Perhaps, but you were the one who played the sorcerer’s apprentice. You’re the one who put your friends’ lives at risk. And you’re the one who let XANA destroy my diary!

Mr Belpois: Hello?
Jeremy: Dad, it’s me.
Mr Belpois: Jeremy?
Jeremy: You know that school for gifted children that you were talking about?
Mr Belpois: Yes?
Jeremy: I wanna go. Can you come get me?
Mr Belpois: When?
Jeremy: As soon as possible.
Mr Belpois: Ok, I’ll be there tomorrow.
Jeremy: Oh, right, um…alright then.

Ulrich: Hey, we’ve arrived directly in Sector 5!
Franz: Of course! There’s a direct access. The Transporter’s a little…outdated.

Franz (Jeremy’s flashback): And you’re the one who let XANA destroy my diary!
Jeremy (thinking): Franz Hopper’s diary…but how could he know the diary was destroyed?
Franz : And you’re the one who let XANA destroy my diary!
Jeremy (looking at the damaged CDs): How could Franz Hopper know that?
Franz: And you’re the one who let XANA destroy my diary!
Jeremy: XANA…!

Odd: Uh, Franz? I don’t mind cleaning up, but we’re gonna need some industrial strength detergent!
Franz: No problem, I’ve programmed you each some new weapons!
Odd: Uh…I don’t see what’s new about this! …Waahoooo! Homing darts!

Odd: It’s almost too easy! I want more Creepers!
Franz: Don’t worry, Odd, it’s not over yet…I’ve got more surprises in store for you…

Franz: Jeremy. What are you doing here?
Jeremy: I just came to see how you’re managing…XANA!
XANA-Franz: You’re very clever, Jeremy, but you’re too late!

Odd: Hey, wanna make this a contest? Whoever gets the most wins!

Yumi: I get the feeling, we’ve been double-crossed!

XANA-Franz: Haha, your friends are in a little trouble! I’ve fixed things so they can never rematerialise! No more life points, and it’s bye-bye!

Ulrich: What now?
Odd: Well, there’s only one thing to do. Franz! We need help!!!
Yumi: No, not Franz…XANA!

Odd : Rrraaaaarrrrarrrrr! Hm!

(Ulrich jumps and knocks the Creeper to the ground, saving Odd, then kicks the Creeper off the edge)
Odd : Ciao!

XANA-Franz: Admit you’re defeated, Jeremy!
Jeremy: No, not this time!

XANA-Franz: What’s the meaning of this?!
Jeremy: A decoy!

Yumi: I’ve often wondered how this would all end…now I know…this is it…
(Ulrich is devirtualised)
Odd: It can’t be!
Jeremy: Come on, don’t be so pessimistic, Odd!
Yumi: Jeremy?!
Jeremy: Yes! I’m back! Come on, let’s start over!

Odd: Hahaha, nothing like my trust old gear!

Ulrich: Jeremy?! What’s going on? What can I do?

Aelita: Hurry! Jeremy’s in trouble!

Jeremy: That false Franz Hopper! The real one is still somewhere on Lyoko.

Odd: Hey, what’s going on here? Where were you going?
Jeremy: Nowhere!
Aelita: Your father seems like a really nice guy!
Jeremy: Yeah, I love him. He’s great!
Ulrich: Like father, like son!


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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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